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But I do have the latest Edward Dowd presentation

2022-12-08 AddingDr. Ryan Cole, MD, Pathologist, Page with most all of his video, substack, blogs, etc. Presently getting links connected



The Absurdity of Masks, According to Stephen Petty - Videos to be posted soon proving that these blue cheap masks block nothing but hot smoke expelled by those who couldn't make it in medical school.

Note - Because essentially most of the arguments against taking these "vaccines" which technically they are not, have been posted by various sources. We are going to begin providing information via publications as regards the statistical results of these "vaccines" by various authorities such as Ed Dowd, Steve Kirsch, and others. Trends of the consequences of taking this goo, redefined as a ''vaccine'' to obfuscate the truth,

[To deliberately make more confusing in order to conceal the truth.To make so confused or opaque as to be difficult to perceive or understand. To alter code while preserving its behavior but conceal its structure and intent. To render indistinct or dim; darken.To darken; to obscure; to becloud. The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition. From the Latin > to darken.]

will be posted as they become available. For instance, if emerging patterns continue  on their present trajectory - then the economic models of such industries as Long Term Nursing Care Insurance will be threatened with possible financial collapse and extinction. This is also true with the general Division of Labor - which would be adversely affected if the rate of increase of all cause mortality continues on its present path. But at this time, 2022, any conclusion would really an admixture of speculation and interpretation of the data that is emerging.

Who is Edward Dowd?    

Here's a summary of Edward Dowd's CV, available history online, and thoughts on the COVID-19 crisis. Dowd, who was a successful fund manager at BlackRock for 10 years, is sounding the alarm over the dangers of the Moderna and Pfizer injections. 

''I was very leery of taking the vaccine initially only because I knew two things…Operation Warp Anything seems like a disaster to me just from [an] understanding of how things work; things get rushed…corners cut,''  Dowd said in an interview with Naomi Wolf (second to bottom). And then I also [knew] from my experience on Wall Street that vaccines take usually seven to 10 years of safety data before they're launched on the populace.''


Unlike physicians like Dr. Peter McCullough or lawyers like Tom Renz, however, Dowd had, and still has, special, in-depth insight into the financial underpinnings—and catalysts for—the COVID-19 "pandemic." Dowd, who's now a consultant, and founder and partner at Symphonic Capital, LLC according to his LinkedIn profile, worked as a fund manager at BlackRock—an American multinational investment management corporation with more than $10 trillion under management—for 10 years. There, he was able to grow the portfolio he managed from $2 billion to $14 billion by being a "lead steer" for determining the future of the market.

Something to think about while reading the Book of Lamentations in your spare moments.

The postings of the items just following have not been complete but will be as time allows.

At 4m54s Dr. Kelly Victory, M.D. makes a very good point concerning how we look at statistics. Often, we can twirl them to make them look as we wish.  ''When I say that there is a 300% increase for instance in cancer, this wasn't an

Who is Steve Kirsch?

When you think of Steve Kirsch you must think of this critter first: What will follow is an image of a mouse.

Steve Kirsch, MS Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, MIT 1980, was the inventor of the optical mouse. Then CEO of a number of Silicon Valley high tech companies. He chose to retire from CEO of one of those companies and use his considerable resources to do philanthropic work as relates to medicine and issues involving the Covid-19 drama and the ''vaccine'' that generated from this drama. His work has included providing considerable help to those medical doctors who have been unjustly fired or stifled for speaking out and expressing their professional concern involving the taking of a quickly put together "vaccine" without any long-term trials and objective evaluations of risks associated with these ''vaccines.''



Guest Judy Mikovits, Ph.D., joins for an eye-opening conversation on the symptoms of vaccine injury in the unvaccinated. In this episode of "Good Morning CHD," Dr. Mikovits shares with viewers not only why this phenomenon is taking place but also what to do about it. She speaks to parents and pregnant mothers, explaining why it is critical for us to be protected, informed, and have faith in these times. Don't miss this!



Note: 2022-09-10 transcripts just off the computer press and not corrected for their foibles.  Please interpolate to the best of your ability - corrections - and we will adjust the syntax later.


My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, Hosea 4:6






Posted 2022-05-11 - 14 (Original broadcast 2022-05-05 The Highwire with Del Bigtree


Dr. GEERT VANDEN BOSSCHE, Ph.D (Microbiology & Virology) DVM

'MY FINAL CALL'- Episode 266 - The HighWire with Del Bigtree

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche predicts catastrophic outcome for much of the worlds countries due to massive vaccination in the middle of an epidemic.  Provided here is extensive video breakdowns into short segments to allow you to study and retain the information and perhaps clarify or share similar or different opinion.  All videos are downloadable, free, and no "registration" or prior conditions to acces this vital material.





Posted May 9, 2022, Victory Day Over Nazi German, World War II. Celebrated by the people of the Russian Federation in Rememberance of the Great Patriotic War and the sacrifice of over 20 to 30 million Soviet Union soldiers and citizen. 

What follows are video highlights of the yearly May 9 victory parade over German Aggression and Atrocities committed by them and their Nazi Ideology and their belief that the German Race was a super race and the Russians and Slavic peoples throughout the world were sub-hyman, Untermenchen. 

Visit: Russia, A Magnificant Culture and Astonishing History




2022-05-01 Colonel Richard Black (Marine Corp) - The United States is Leading the World to Nuclear War

Col. Black served 31 years in the U.S. Marines and U.S. Army.  Former Chief of the Army Criminal Law Division, Office of the Judge Advocate General.      1hr 10min

Posted 2022-05-04  Col Black discusses the Real Possibility of Global Thermonuclar War initiated by the U.S. against Russia in the U.S. latest attempt to reassert its world wide military and economic dominance. Standing in the way is Russia and China. And the U.S. drools with its desire to see the collapse of the Russian society in order to occupy and dominate Russia and disolve its states in the name of turing Russia into a democratic state.  Col. Black points out that the real goal is control and possession of the tremendous, almost unlimited assets held by Russia including massive stores of rare minerals, agriculture, unlimited timber and much more.  As Col. Black ponts out - if the U.S. can defeat Russia then hundreds of America's Oligarch class will become trillionaires and the U.S. alone will achieve it greatest ambition of becoming effectively the world's ONE CENTERALIZED GOVERNMENT effectively controlling the world.  This is the prelude to the GREAT RESET.  Destroy Russia and shackle China {make them impotent} then the door is open to force the great reset on the world.

This is a recent 1h 10m interview with Colonel Richard Black (Marine Corp) who served combat duty in Vietan and has served in Marine Corp since that time. He is blunt and lays out the very real risks confronting every citizen of the United States if its ruling class, the finance, military and industrial power brokers take control of the counry using a war with Russia, even a limited war, as the necessary pretext to carry out the subterfuge on a nation wide scale. Lockdowns will return and this time martial law enacted to control the unruly and non-conforming citizens and the arrest on suspician - those having "defeatist" thoughts and speach will become wide spread throughout the land.

An initial transcript is provided for you, generated by computer. You can download the transcript in Microsoft Word or PDF or Ascii Text.  A page is being created tomorrow where you can read the entire transcript on line and it will be edited to correct for typcial computer errors in such transcripts. 

This video and transcript comes to you via

Andrei Martyanov and his free blog,
Andrei Martyanov is also the author of three books dealing with the economic and military situation with the United States and the possible outcomes if war, which seems closer and closer each day, explodes into a nuclear war. Go to Amazon and put in the search window his last name, Martyanov. Andrei is also working on his fourth book which deals with the crisis today.

Also, if you want to get an honest and current everyday assessment of the economic and military mess the world is heading toward - you would do well to visit The Duran where Andrei Martyanov is a regular contributer. You can also get an expanded experience from the Duran Locals.


Ascii Text version on this server     Full transcript and video

2022-05-1 Mike Billington with Executive Intelligence Review interviews Col. Richard Black (ret.). Transcript

MS DOCX .......... PDF ..........  TEXT

Colonel Richard Black (Marine Corp


Posted 2022-04-25     -  India Today interviews Russian Federation Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on the conflict in Ukraine; what brought it about and what the situation is today.  Interview is 56 minutes and is extemporaneous and in excellent English.

IndiaToday Interview Video Copy/Save

According to Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov, the current situation in Ukraine is a direct result of the US and West's desire to rule and dominate the world.

In an exclusive interview with India Today, he said, "The current events are rooted in the US and West's desire to rule the world. They wanted to show the world there would be no multipolarity, only unipolarity, and created a springboard [Ukraine] against us [Russia] at our borders. They pumped arms into Ukraine."

He added, "The real reason [for the war] is the complacency of most countries after World War II. They violated their promises to Russian leadership and started moving Nato eastward after the Soviet Union disappeared. They said it's a defensive alliance and not a threat to Russian security."

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Posted 2022-05-02

Rheumatologist Robert Jackson: 40% of my 3,000 vaccinated patients report a significant vaccine injury

Video, Watch & Save

Rheumatologist Robert Jackson: 40% of my 3,000 vaccinated patients report a significant vaccine injury
People who claim VAERS is unreliable are wrong. We see evidence all the time from the direct observation of doctors who are paying attention of absurdly high rates of adverse events.

Steve Kirsch

May 2

Robert Jackson has been a doctor for 35 years. In his practice there are over 5,000 patients, around 3,000 got vaccinated with the COVID vaccines.

What makes him unusual is that he is not afraid to speak out about what he is seeing in his patients. This is because he's too valuable to fire. He's never seen anything like this in his career.

The results are stunning: 40% reported a vaccine injury; 5% are still injured.

Nobody can argue his numbers are anecdotes because they were confirmed in the EULAR database and published in the BMJ: 37% had adverse events and 4.4% of patients had a flare up of their disease after vaccination.

Also, he's had 12 deaths following the jab. Normally in his patient base he'll see 1 or 2 deaths a year. So if there is a question of whether all-cause mortality goes up or down after the jabs rolled out, his numbers make it crystal clear. This is aggregated data over dozens of doctors: a .33% excess mortality rate among his patients after the vaccines rolled out (i.e., the vaccines likely killed 1 in 300 people in his patient base). However, this is likely an undercount because he's not the primary care physician.

This suggests a kill rate many times higher than the .2% we estimated from VAERS. However, these are deaths in rheumatology patients, so this may account for the higher estimate. But we are in the same ballpark as the death estimate from VAERS.

Of course, there COULD be an "unknown" thing that killed all these people. It would have to be massive and injected into all these patients to cause the symptoms observed. Wonder what else fits that description? Nobody will tell us.

Naturally, the CDC doesn't want you to know any of this and they would prefer it if you didn't watch the video.





Posted 2022-04-17 Methylene Blue & Possible Future Treatments for Urinary Track Infection, Dementia, Brain Aging and Veterinary Treatments for Animals. Presented by Francisco Gonzalez-Lima, Ph.D, in Discussion with Joseph Mercola, DO, Board Certified in Family Medicine.

Note: This is for information only.  Use of Methylene Blue for veterinary and human use is still in research stage.    1hr 45 min

JMP here for video and trascription and warning on use.





Posted 2022-04-17, Sunday

The Steve Kirsch Newsletter, Published 2022-04-06

The More You Vax, the Weaker Your Imune Sysem Becomes by Steve Kirsch

Independent data from the UK and New Zealand show the same thing: the more you vaccinate, the greater your chance of getting infected. It was supposed to be the other way around, wasn't it? Solution:

It doesn't get any more insane than this: the more you vaccinate, the greater your chance of getting COVID. Vaccinate 3 times and your risk of getting COVID is 3 times worse than an unvaccinated person.
Government data from Australia, New Zealand, the UK, shows that the more you vaccinate, the more likely you are to being infected:
1. The Covid-19 Scam & Vaccines (see section entitled "Fully-vaccinated infected at twice the rate of the un-vaccinated" for the UK data)

2. NZ Ministry of Health data shows Triple Vaccinated are now more Vulnerable to Covid Infection and Hospitalisation than the Unvaccinated
3. Record breaking wave of Covid-19 across Australia sees deaths 1700% higher than the start of the Pandemic; & the Fully Vaccinated account for 4 in every 5 of them
4. UK Government COVID-19 vaccine surveillance reports: Look for Table 13 or 14 entitled: "Unadjusted rates of COVID-19 infection, hospitalisation and death in vaccinated and unvaccinated populations." For Weeks 4 and beyond, look at the first two columns. You'll see that the numbers get worse and worse and worse over time. There is no way to explain this effect other than the vaccine is making people more and more susceptible to infection over time, likely by destroying our natural immunity.
Here are the ascii links to the four above numbered paragraphs:

Here is the most recent table (from Week 13). The complete table is not shown here:

Continue on Steve Kirsch Newsletter article:




Posted 2022-04-16, Saturday

2022-04-14 Zuroff - There is neo-Nazism in Ukraine. Claims that 'Azov' and other neo-Nazi units are not Russian misinformation

AMERICANIZED: In other words, claims by such outlets as and IS NOT Russian disinformation as is alleged by so many Western outlets who have a vested interest in making make such allegations. 

Ephraim Zuroff, director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Israel, condemned the Canadian military for training neo-Nazi fighters in Ukraine, saying it was Ottawa's responsibility to ensure that such things did not happen. However, the Canadian army has denied any obligation to check the participants in the training, reports "Rasha Tudej".

"The Canadian government has not paid due attention," Ephraim Zuroff told the Ottawa Citizen.

'There is no doubt that there are neo-Nazis in Ukraine in various forms, whether they are in the Azov regiment or in other organizations', he added.

Moreover, according to the mentioned media, the Canadian army actually made a report in 2017 stating that "several members of Azov described themselves as Nazis."

A report by Radio Canada revealed that back in November 2020, Canadian troops were photographed training members of the Azov Regiment, including a soldier with the insignia of the SS Galichina Division, which was a Ukrainian unit that fought on the side of the Nazis in the Second world war.

However, the Canadian military has denied having an obligation to check those who train.

"Ukraine is responsible for checking its own staff," said Captain Veronica Saburin.

All members of the Canadian army who train Ukrainian troops have been informed on how to recognize features "associated with right-wing extremism", and if they suspect such connections or "racist attitudes", participants should be removed from the training. However, as they explain, it is not up to the Canadian army to gather facts that would prove those suspicions.

Western governments and the media often point out that claims that "Azov" and other units of the Ukrainian army are neo-Nazi represent "Russian disinformation".

"It's not Russian propaganda, far from it. These people are neo-Nazis. "There is an element of the ultra-right in Ukraine, and it is absurd to ignore that," Zuroff said.

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Зуроф: У Украјини постоји неонацизам

Тврдње да су "Азов" и друге јединице неонацистичке нису руска дезинформација
Ефраим Зуроф (EPA-EFE/Frocke Strangmann)

Ефраим Зуроф, директор Центра "Симон Визентал" у Израелу, осудио је канадску војску због обуке неонацистичких бораца у Украјини, рекавши да је одговорност Отаве да осигура да се такве ствари не дешавају. Канадска војска је, међутим, негирала било какву обавезу да проверава полазнике обуке, јавља "Раша тудеј".

"Канадска влада није обратила дужну пажњу", рекао је Ефраим Зуроф за "Отава ситизен".

Нема сумње да у Украјини постоје неонацисти у различитим облицима, било да су у пуку "Азов" или у другим организацијама, додао је он.

Штавише, како наводи поменути медиј, канадска војска је заправо 2017. године направила извештај у којем се наводи да је "више припадника Азова себе описало као нацисте".

Извештај Радио Канаде обелоданио је да су још у новембру 2020. године канадске трупе фотографисане како обучавају припаднике пука "Азов", међу којима и једног војника с обележјима СС дивизије "Галичина", што је била украјинска јединица која се борила на страни нациста у Другом светском рату.

Међутим, канадска војска је негирала да има обавезу да провери оне које обучавају.

"Украјина је одговорна за проверу сопственог особља", изјавио је капетан Вероник Сабурин.

Сви припадници канадске војске који обучавају украјинске трупе обавештени су о томе како да препознају обележја "повезана с десничарским екстремизмом", а ако посумњају у такве везе или "расистичке ставове", полазници би требало да буду уклоњени с обуке. Међутим, како објашњавају, није на канадској војсци да прикупља чињенице које би те сумње доказале.

Западне владе и медији често указују да тврдње да су "Азов" и друге јединице украјинске војске неонацистичке представљају "руску дезинформацију".

"То није руска пропаганда, далеко од тога. Ти људи су неонацисти. У Украјини постоји елемент ултрадеснице и апсурдно је то игнорисати", рекао је Зуроф.


Подели ову вест




2022-04-09 Steve Kirsch Presents,

On_Topic in The World of the Coronavirus

How Adventist Health Glendale Hospital treated a vaccine injured patient (

"How Adventist Health Glendale Hospital treated a vaccine injured patient"

Published April 9, 2022 by Steve Kirsch, Medical philanthropist. .

Video, 36 min of Testimony by two victims of the covid JAB

This young woman above is a covid vaccine JAB victim. During an apparent attack brought on by the JAB (confirmed only by her testimony) she was rushed to Adventist Health Glendale Hospital in Glendale, California.

Vax injured person gets appalling care at Glendale Adventist Hospital

Vax injured person gets appalling care at Glendale Adventist Hospital (

Amanda Damian is vaccine injured. She is also one of the key people organizing the Defeat the Mandates rally in Los Angeles. Here's what happened early this morning that you should know. Go to link for entire Steve Kirsch publication.



Initial posting 2022-03-06 On a Biden trip to Poland


(from main topic)

But a war will kill many more innocent victims and enemy combatants than will any pathogen since the Black Plague killed an estimated 1/2 of the EU during the 14th century, 1343AD to 1353AD. Russia lost, it is estimated by many authorities in different fields, to have been between 20 and 30 million people. But how to you count so many. Marshall Stalin once said, it is said, that One mans death is a tragedy, a million is a statistic."

A single death?  A million Deaths?  It seems to me that Joey is gambling on many more lives being destroyed (lets not use the gentle sounding "lost" bs. They are destroyed! by war. Here now is another famous poet besides Joey. and this man put death in more poetical terms but nice but to reality when it comes to war on a great scale.

For Whom The Bell Tolls by John Donne (The quoted section below is actually a rather small part of the entire poem. You can justifyably say that this well known section is taken out of context. But is is still beautiful and of great wisdom.

No man is an island, Entire of itself. Each is a piece of the continent, A part of the main. If a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less. As well as if a promontory were. As well as if a manner of thine own Or of thine friend's were. Each man's death diminishes me, For I am involved in mankind.

Listen to the whole poem by John Dunne.

Even though and google-grad are caught up in the cancel culture epidemic - you have to give credit to youtube for providing a source for so much culture availablilty - whether it be literature, music, theatre, learning how to solve differential equations or how they got to the moon - it is all there and so much more - for free. Just a plug worth giving.

In some ways I think the man below is well intentioned. I am sure he was in the past and may have been more of an FDR democrat than anyone still alive who may have held to the FDR ideology as I do but with adjustments that more align with reality. He operated with a purpose and he contributed much in his long career to legislation that benefited those who would otherwise have been ignored by his typical rival, the Republicans.

I think he has no more actual dementia as that which besets many of us as we burrow into old age. His main problem seems to me to be low, if that is the question, low fuel levels in the mitochondria. It happens to all of us in our golden retreiver years. For some of us - "senior moments" are not something that bends or torques us out of shape. It is only a moment of time which does pass and should not be allowed to twist us and act as a tort, to be tortuous when it doesn't have to be.


!FLASH FLASH" A prominant reporter from The New Phoney Times who was onsite when the Pres. gave his apparent sermon, instead of his normal crushing political speech. The reporter, one Hsalf Gordon from Palestine said that there were rumors in the Kremlin that strange noises appeared after the VP had given his address .... .... wait, we have new information, possibly Russian miss information, as in missed its target .... The text has just been deciphered:


Pushkins Email Deciphered.

Mikhail Kutuzov- alias Pushkin to Agent Get Smart - Deciphered email follows: Go:

I (Pushkin) heard on the grapevine before I pulled some of the grapes and swallowed them, that a secret Cuban agent of ours was sent to Poland to emplant ...

[Emplant is a small device that we have which gives us the ability to turn the language of plants into music or at least figure out what they are saying if anything. Emplant does this by capturing the signals that come from two small electrodes that we attached to the leaves of the daffodils and the signal is then modulated and transferred to the listening devices and then we, if we get away with it, demodulate the sounds]

I planted this device in daffodil flower, our national plant, directly behind the podium where Presumptive presidente, following the successful coup, was to deliver a sermon of damnation aimed at us Russians with a few Poles sprinkled in to make it look authentic.

There was some opposition in Moscow that the device would be found. Then we would have to listen to that American chief bureaucrat, - alias Blow Fish Blinkish boy diplomat. But our special agent Vlad, the Unexpected One argued FOR the intrusion anyway - into the flower's private life. Vlad felt the organs of the daffodil - would not be able to distinguish between the sounds of their own internal music and that of surrounding noise. In this case a sermon by the Great Sermonizer himself, Blightn.

To all of our surprises the daffodil enjoyed the whole affair so much that it sung a song and the Emplant recorded every word [translated from daffy-dilly to Ancient Russian] on our KGB demodulator. The song went thus:

I wandered lonely as a cloud That floats on high over vales and hills, When all at once I saw a crowd, A host, of golden daffodils; Beside the lake, beneath the trees, Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

Continuous as the stars that shine And twinkle on the milky way, They stretched in never-ending line Along the margin of a bay:

Ten thousand saw I at a glance, Tossing their heads in sprightly dance. The waves beside them danced; but they
Out-did the sparkling waves in glee:

A poet could not but be trans-gay,  In such a jocund company:

I gazed--and gazed--but little thought What wealth the show to me had brought:

For oft, when on my couch I lie In vacant or in pensive mood, They flash upon that inward eye Which is the bliss of solitude;

And then my heart with pleasure fills, And dances with the daffodils.

Vlad then turned to me and smirked and said, "Only the British limey would come up with crap like that; the Americans are too smart for it. I did not respond.

To those without an ear to Ancient Russian - it sounded very much like sheep bleating. That appears to have been how Blightn's sermon sounded to the daffodils and one must surmise therefore that is how it sounded to Mother Nature. It's not smart to fool with Mother Nature.

I, agent Pushkin hope the authenticity of all this is established and may be fruitful to our efforts at establishing peace, if not with the Americans - then at least with the fruit flies who dominate their country the way the locus use to do before being erradicated by the boy Diplomat Blinkish.





The Commander of Bleats


"We  Stand With  You"

Note: 2022-04-01  The Biden epitaph will be continued shortly. 2am is no decent hour to be writing political polemics.


2022-03-09 Wed. email to Roxan in reply, outlining problem with country and needing repeal of 17th amendment.

2022-03-09, Wed. I will not mind your posting your election sign on my house property. And I am sure I can help you in developing a webpage and connecting you with the processes to get it on to the internet. Meanwhile, although you will be aligned with the Republicans,

I am a die-hard FDR democrat but consider the two greatest presidents of the 20th century to be FDR and Ike.

The problem with the current democrat party is as President Reagan summed it up in saying, "I didn't leave the democratic party, they left me." Republicans such as Marx Levin make a serious mistake in trying to equate the current democrats such as Pelosi, Cortez, etc., as being "Marxists." They are not. They are not. The are unchained democrats. Democrats who have gone rogue.

Any one who has seriously studied Marx, particularly his Grundrisse – which was written rapidly and was essentially his core thoughts written extemporaneously in the same manner as I am writing this note to you – will know that Marx early writings expressed his underlining humanitarian nature and his objections to the way the common man, the worker if you will, was being treated (at that time); and his Communist Manifesto mostly written by Engels (in my opinion based on style), was more of a repudiation of the existing capitalist system in 1848 and how the working class was exploited and mistreated – at that time. His solutions to the problem were muddled and lacked an appreciation of the GOOD side of capitalism. I want to call it "domesticated capitalism" as opposed to what many now feel is the main attribute of capitalism by naming it "vulture capitalism" which it has become and has destroyed our middle class.

But Marx Levin attacks these democrats, Pelosi, Cortez, etc. because he is a true die-hard vulture capitalist supporting capitalist who would rather see the hungry beg for food and then feed them with worms and grubs than to support even a dimes worth of increase taxes to alleviate the sufferings of others. He lacks empathy for the suffering of others as this empathy might intrude on the maximization of profits for the very few at the expense of the many. This is my opinion.

We are seeing now in 2022 the result of putting maximizing profits for the few at the expense of the overall health of society and its people, defined in the older term as "the working man." And I would add that globalization is destructive to this country and look at what it has reaped. Just consider the millions that are now homeless.

A nation that thrives on prosperity for the very few at the top at the expense of the society and its people at large will not survive. Only nations that strive for the common good and common prosperity of all its people will survive and prosper in the new 21th century.

What has gone wrong that has led this country to its current decay and possible economic and society collapse in the near future? We cannot point the finger and blame the democrats. Neither can we blame the republicans. Each in our two party system is necessary to express the positive qualities that each of the parties bring. The democrats lean toward helping the common working man and providing aid for the most needy. This is good and being a voice for the down trodden and supporting programs that help the most disadvantaged is one of the aspects that has made this country great.

But the seesaw of our two party system requires that there be a restraining element to control the passions of those who would put a chicken in everyone's pot, to build a mansion for all. The qualities expressed by the old time republican party are as important to the country as the greatest ambitions of FDR to feed the hungry masses, cloth them, provide housing for all, etc. etc. etc. As with a child's seesaw there MUST BE A BALANCE, equilibrium, homeostasis if you will. This condition, social homeostasis can only be maintained through a self-regulating process. It is the FAILURE of this self-regulating process that is the cause, the etiology if you will, of the present situation in our society and country.

Clearly our society is OUT OF BALANCE and all of its people, rich and poor, will at some time suffer personally when their world collapses due to uncontrolled instability.

What has happened to create this growing instability which may well lead to the collapse of our society at some future time not too far off.

What is missing that the founding fathers inserted in the original constitution that allowed and provided a mechanism for correction to unwise policy and legislation; what in engineering is known as a feedback loop or system of control where both positive and negative signals control stability; or in the simple case of controlling excess blood sugar levels (such as with diabetes) where the bodies pancreas provides signals to both increase and decrease blood sugar level. A control system. The founding fathers incorporated such a control system in the original design of the constitution. It is missing now.

I am a constitutional fundamentalist as was Nixon. I think the underlining root cause of our present instability and decay of our society was the introduction of the 17th amendment. Because of it - senators serve those who fund their campaigns, big money, etc. Also, it goes against the underlining intent of the founding fathers in their design of the political system.

Let me explain.

It was the intent of the founders that all power reside in "the people" i.e., "We the People..." How was this to be accomplished? The power of the people was to originate at the COUNTY LEVEL. As stipulated in the original constitution – the legislators of each state selected the senators. And how were these legislators selected? At the COUNTY level, or the local level if you will. Just as the framers set the House congressmen to be elected at the local level, though often larger than just the county level, those selections of House members were chosen by The People. By this same process the two senators served and represented the wishes of the people THROUGH the people's election of their state legislators. You cannot get closer to the "grass roots" than that. The founders intended that all power originate at "the grass roots level." That cannot happen with the 17th amendment acting as a bar to the people's wishes. Instead, now we have BIG MONEY, BIG CORRUPTION, big malfeasance which actually decides what will and won't be done. A good example today is the apparent willingness of the power elite and their senate lackeys to consider going to war over the interest of another country that are none of this nations business – while millions are unemployed, millions are homeless, the educational system is bankrupt as is the nation. And the people have NO SAY IN THE MATTER. That is the direct product on enacting the 17th amendment. You shall reap what you sow and America is indeed reaping what it has sown.

By enacting the 17th amendment, we have corrupted the original intent of the founding fathers of this country. With the current method of selecting the state senators - whom truly do these senators serve? They serve themselves and those that fund their re-election. Thus, it becomes BIG MONEY that decides who will legislate. And it is BIG MONEY that the senators actually serve – though indeed they will deny it. They will say, "Election of senators by all the PEOPLE of the state is the most DEMOCRATIC!" But where was it written by the founders that we were to be a democracy? It was intended that this country be a strict representative form of government. By enacting the 17th amendment, the voice of the people through their representatives at the most personal and closest level – the state legislators – has been taken away. Look at what it has given us. In the most current situation, you have senators who proudly represent the interest of Ukraine and vote large amounts of money for their interests and ignore or evade the actual needs of their own state. How long would these senators – such as blow-fish like Lindsey Graham last if the state legislators were deciding who represented the people at the senate level.

Washington DC is a den of corruption brought about in large measure by the impotency of the senators to first consider their state's interest (and thus its people) and instead, in unison, both democrats and republicans singing the tunes of BIG MONEY and executive power to support the interests of other governments thousands of miles away; often giving away billions of dollars of the people's money to other nations while ignoring the needs of their own people in their own states. How long would that last if the 17th amendment was repealed and the state legislators selected the senators again? Do you think you we would see the same senator serving 30 or 40 years non-stop? How does that happen? BIG MONEY BUYS THEIR ELECTION FOR THEM in return for quid pro quo [both in legal and illegal form and illegal only when they get caught but even then, nothing is done. BIG MONEY buys power every time in the present system].

I end this diatribe with that note, discordant though it may sound to some or to many! I don't care. These are my extemporaneous thoughts quickly written down – and as Marx described his Grundrisse as being a piece of sh*t perhaps many if not most - if not all - our illustrious and ethical senators in Washington may well call what I have written and call me too - the same thing. Because often times the truth is threatening.

Best regards to you and I hope you win election for whatever cause you decide to undertake.

Nenad Cuic
Ps: Please forgive spelling errors and any sentence fragments and feel free to correct said fragments if you

Note: 2022-04-01 This is not an April Fool's day letter.  I hope to tidy it up a bit and do some research on the 17th Amendment.


2922-03-31, 2022 Thursday.



More material coming

Prevention is Always More to Be Desired the Cure   .

Posted 2022-03-27, Sunday (USA)


See Russia Today

Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian leader from 2008 to 2012 and currently the deputy chairman of the National Security Council, spoke exclusively to RT about the ongoing operation in Ukraine, Russian sanctions, relations with the West, and other issues.

We have our own history, but our history is just as European as theirs – Russian ex-president
RT Published March 26, 2022 1,025 Views

Go to Rumble to watch this interview with Russia'a previous president.

Note: provided this interview. Because of irrational prejudce against all things Russian much of the formerly western civilized countries such as Great Britain (they preach freedom of expression and speech but in their hearts they are hypocrites), France (being that the world owes France the concepts of liberty, justice, representative governance {remember that guy who lost his head but then went to a kings castle in the sky?  What a way to go).  You will still get the fight in them as their compatriots showed in the Resistance, in WW-2 where Gen. D. Eisenhower publically stated "without the French Resistance  [A]  [B]     we would not have won D-day. Trample on French rights in their liberty and you will see a boomerange reaction that such action would be quickly ended. 

The Limies still think they have a "kingdom" and rule the seven seas.  All they have is a bath tube full of river water to try and wash away their sins; as their attempt unsuccessfully to provoke a war with Russia and China (later) has failed. Next they will go after Serbia (them damn Serbs). They are a little nato {not even worth capitalizing}, a short haired lacky Chihuahua which has a ferocious bark and lunges out for the nearest heal - but quickly turns around and looks up to its MASTER, the United States Hound Dogs running the country today.

The Germany of today is another little effeminate nato warrior class. German Engineering took a downward spiral when they designed this fighting dog.

That's it. The rest of the nato club are nano nato dogs. The only strength they have is to try a snap at your privates - but invariably they land up rubbing their heads at that critical place.  Seriously, they're all show, these little NATOS.  Just what is Lichenstein or Montenagro going to do to challenge Russia or even China. Poop on their rugs is about all I see that the nano nato particles can muster as an offensive challenge. If its an oriental rug you better skip that tactic and try something less offensive.

Hail General  Charles de Gaulle. Joe, tell the French what you will do if they don't lick your nasty feet and see what is meant by French "blow back." They fight!  If France even cuts off its wine supply to the the now enfeebled America - America will whine I surrender. Only France still has the guts and courage and ability to "just say NO" to Boy Diplomat Blinken. But one day soon the hounds of the white house kennel will be flushed out and away and true American Patriots will remember what American stood for and will one day return - a great nation under God. [2]  [3]

Part 1 VIDEO 25m 40s    Part 2 VIDEO 22m 23s

Part 1 AUDIO (mp3)         Part 2 AUDIO (mp3)

Part 1 text ascii format     Part 2 text ascii format

We will be putting this onto the appropriate page and that page will include MS Word docx  and PDF text outputs.




Posted 2022-03-18 Speech Given by President Vladimir Putin on the Current Situation in Ukraine Conflict. Full Video and complete official English translation provided in Word docx, pdf, text, and html. All can be downloaded.

 Link to Speech by Pres. Putin, 2022-03-16      Russian National Anthem

Posted 2022-03-18 Transcript in English of Pres. Vladimir Putin Most Recent Speech

President of Russia Vladimir Putin Speech (3-16-22)

Transcript (English Translation):    Click on Putin_Speech

Pray for the peace in Ukraine and Russia to come soon.

Posted 2022-03-23 & 24




In War there are no "Victors" only victims on both sides of the battle - victims for generations to come. Each person in each generation asks the question, "What was it all about" & "Was it worth it?"






To hear Yuriy Yurchuk sing the Ukrainian Nation Hymn you will have to copy and paste the URL (the internet address below which I have put in red color. This will take you to the Classic FM page. The Photo above will display after about 10 seconds and then an arrow in the middle of the picure.  Click on that arrow and you can hear his marvelous and inspiring voice.

Copy the URL above and then paste me (but not like Mike Tyson likes to do) into your internet address window.

There will be more information coming soon. There are only 26 hours to a day. For you mathematicians, the extra two hours are when you have already worked 24 hours and gone ahead and put in another 2 hours before going to rest. It is rare for me but very typcial of health care people such as our nurses and medical doctors.    Copy and Paste this link to go to twatter site and see this protest. Twatter does not allow hyperlinks to their servers.  As to this video, whether it is true or not is hard to say. There is so much propaganda swirling around.  It is "information."  These "fact checkers" have as much veracity as Joseph Gobbels did - if you know who that was.


Pray for the peace in Ukraine and Russia to come soon.

Ukraine on Fire - Russian Aggression or American Interference?  You Decide in this Cinema Libre Video

Rumble Link; 

Direct on local server: UKRAINE ON FIRE VIDEO   Documentary from 2016 providing more background as to what is now happening.

Posted 2022-03-26

Latest Ukraine - Russia Conflict Visit  This link provides extensive updates and information on the Russia_Ukraine ongoing conflict. Probably the most honest unbiased reporting site and I would include The Duran  or their website on Locals Feed

This map of the situation in Ukraine on March 24 is provided by the French Ministry of Defense.

For more information on Ukraine I have created a webpage within  Its purpose is to provide information regarding the conflict that I find interesting. If you want really detailed information I would go to the links above.  Allso  has been around since mid 1990s and is biased in that it is opposed to war. 

Posted 2022-03-26

First things first, the National Anthem of all Deplorables in America

This guy, Tovarishch Andrei Martyanov is a true Red Blooded Russian  [*] {замечательный!] who also has engineering university degrees from the old Soviet Union and was a former military officeer in Soviet Union. He is also author of three books regarding the slow, but now more rapid, decline and perhaps soon fall of the American Empire. They are really excellent books and you will get information that you had never thought of or read anywhere else.  He is also an American citizen loyal to Flag of the U.S.A. as am I. Go to Amazon and you will find his books.  I'm not plugging his books because anybody who drinks vodka when there is a war going on with   Russia  [Land of the unexpectedand Ones & Great Culture*  knows full well that the National Booze in the U.S.A. is Kentuck Bourbon - Wild Turkey - ought to be sanctioned. But then we would miss out on his dry wit.  [The meaning of WIT is the ability to relate seemingly disparate things so as to illuminate or amuse.]


Posted 2021-06-21

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, Attorney at Law [Licensed to Practice Law in California and Germany] Interviews
Dr. Peter McCullough, M.D

Next is part of very long transcript extracted from the video (included) Transcript is time stamped with extensive hyperlinked references for the reader.

We know that this is bio-terrorism. We know that this is phase two of bioterrorism, and we know we don't know who's behind it, but we know that they want a needle in every arm to inject messenger RNA ( mRNA ) or Adeno Viral DNA into every human being.

They want every human being (to be vaccinated with the mRNA vaccine). Our goal is - we can't stop from everybody (from being vaccinated), but our goal is to get a large group that they cannot get to, that they can not vaccinate.

And, that would be COVID recovered (those who have had covid), suspected. COVID recovered those with immunity, children, pregnant women, childbearing women. We want a big block. And if we can get that big block and break them, if we can break the needle in every arm, then I think they will be exposed. And what is the plan for a needle in every arm?

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich (00:17:17):
You know, I'm sure glad that this is happening in the U.S right now, because it took some time for people to really get going there. We are in close touch and in close cooperation with the attorneys that you, ... you didn't mention any names, but I know, you know, Anna Garner and Tom Ahrens who are working on this TRO in Alabama. And of course, we're in close cooperation with CHD, Bobby Kennedy, and Mary Holland. And, we're also in close cooperation with these people and other attorneys in other countries. On the African continent, for example. And there are some really good things going on right now.

The tragic thing is though - that here in Germany, I think we have now a rate of vaccination where people have gotten their second vaccination. So-called vaccination of only 19%, but those who have those who got their first shot are up close to 50%

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich (00:18:21):
And whenever I'm in a cab, for example, talking to their cab drivers, it's very easy to talk with them because they seem to understand much more than many of the scientists and doctors who appear on mainstream media and these cab drivers spread the news, but it's more important, I think.

And that's what we're trying to do here in Germany. And internationally, it's more important to spread the word, to explain to the people, to get out the truth, to explain to them what these shots really do. And I saw an interview with you, which is almost mirrored by your colleagues in Canada.

stop, 2021-08-06 Friday, 11:20 pm

The entire inverview is transcribed. But after the stop point - the remaining is in the initial form and has not yet been hyperlinked, edited, etc., but will be.

Posted 2022-03-22, Monday




All the Speculation and Personal Opinion Worth Printing

Note 1: This is an editorial OPINION under construction. (start 2022-03-21, draft (drinking it is not permitted).

Note 2: Application of Caution to any and all readers of this website is advised. What follows and what has come before - is the sum of all speculations on, very broadly speaking, the Covid-19 Matter that I have come to since starting this project in Feb. 2020 - but becoming aware of possible nefarious (see below def.) activities being promoted and conducted by a large cabal [A conspiratorial group of plotters or intriguers. A secret scheme or plot.].

nefarious › nefarious
nefarious adjective So objectionable as to elicit despisal or deserve condemnation: abhorrent, abominable, antipathetic, contemptible, despicable, despisable, detestable, disgusting, filthy, foul, infamous, loathsome, lousy, low, mean, nasty, obnoxious, odious, repugnant, rotten, shabby, vile, wretched. The American Heritage® Roget's Thesaurus.


  In this website's opinion,, the so called "vaccine" itself is a speculation when it has been pronouced as "safe and effective" by "experts" who have life time membership in the PATERNAL ORDER OF MEDICAL HAS BEEN SCIENTISTS OF THE UNIFIED GROUP THINK CLUB.

Covid-19 and its family of variations and mutant has not gone away.  You cannot tamper with God's creation and His very BLUE PRINTS for the creation of living things on the Earth and not expect retribution to come.

"They sow the wind and reap the whirlwind. The stalk has no head; it will produce no flour. Were it to yield grain, foreigners would swallow it up.

New Living Translation "They have planted the wind and will harvest the whirlwind. The stalks of grain wither and produce nothing to eat. And even if there is any grain, foreigners will eat it.

If you follow the news on cable TV or the old Network TV you will remain blind to what is actaully happeing in the world.

"They sow the wind and reap the whirlwind. The stalk has no head; it will produce no flour. Were it to yield grain, foreigners would swallow it up."

New Living Translation:

"They have planted the wind and will harvest the whirlwind. The stalks of grain wither and produce nothing to eat. And even if there is any grain, foreigners will eat it.

The tsunami is coming. That tsunami is the consequences of various governments (primarily white Caucasian governments from prosperous countries, what is often called "Western Civilization" administering on a massive scale, without prior exhaustive examination of risk and benefit analysis - to virtually inject everyone above teenage with a "genetic altering goo" that is experimental.

Those responsible for fast swerving away from the usual required safety tests and evaluations of RISK vs BENEFIT, of the 'Goo' - and then pushing and shoving and shouting the "safe and effective" mantra and paying large sums of American dollars (their value rapidly withering away to "Madison Avenue" propaganda factories.   

Many "medical experts" both on CNN and in state governor campaign and pollster offices have followed the "science" of these opinion masters.

- to be contiued soon -



American Patriots Click Here      Audio for the Visually Impaired

Posted 2022-03-17, Thursday (U.S.A.)

Off _Topic

Current Events Political, Ukraine v Russia, Pg 1A

Ukraine on Fire, an Oliver Stone Documentary, 2016, HD, 1h 37min including Audio mp3

Also, links to you complete series, Roses Have Thorns (Part 1 thru 17 on concerning situation in Ukraine and background history of events.

2022-03-16 Steve Bannon WarRoom 14.51m war video showing bombing and devastation from a Russian assault. Ukrainian president gives address on situation in his country. Speech gives situation from Ukrainian president perspective. Posted on Rumble 2022-03-16

At 9:38 minutes Bannon comments on what he considers the stupidity of a freshman or possibly fresh woman - senator's  fetishism for wanting to have Vladimir Putin killed - but is gutless to bring his proposal before the U.S. Senate. He, Graham Negative - wants Vladimir The Terrible, or is it Vladimir the Impaler (he is confused which is which) murder to be Death by Proxy - Graham Negative doesn't have the "spine" to do it himself.  He was born without the C and T vertebrae and only has the five L, lumbar vertebrae to hold up his asshole from scrapping the ground from whence he crawls. 

Read this news flash which follows Steve Bannon analysis on above link. It is yellow copy Journalism for those who are color blind and cannot see what is going on.




Posted 2022-03-14 Edward Dowd & Steve Bannon short 7 minute video of current data regarding

2022-03-124 Ed Dowd - 'Millennial age group, 25 to 44 experienced an 84% increase in excess mortality'

"It's the worst-ever excess mortality, I think, in history." by Edward Dowd (in video)

Dowd_Bannon_7 min video


Posted 2022-03-12, Saturday

Steve Kirsch  American Patriot


2022-03-05 Saturday, Edward Dowd, Former Blackrock Portfolio Manager [giant multinational investment management corporation based in New York City]  Exposes Pfizer Fraud, as he sees it.  He argues that the U.S. and Europe and those countries which "vaccinated" on a mass scale using the mRNA type of "vaccines" are headed for economic calamity and the Big Phara companies such as Pfizer are headed also to financial disaster as the "truth" as he sees it - regarding these "vaccines" as being dangerous and death promoting becomes common knowledge throughout the populations. "Vaccines" are put in quote because these newly invented drugs are not vaccines as defined in all medical literature up until recently when the U.S. Government CDC changed the definition to accomidate the fact that these new drugs of the mRNA class DO NOT confer immunity - what is classically known as a vaccine. 

We have posted or are in the process of posting the following Edward Dowd videos.

Goto Edward Dowd Page

Glenn Beck God Bless America!

Posted 2022-03-01 Glenn Beck, Crime or Coverup

You are watching Glenn Beck in Action. Begin Right by Listening Here

Fauci and the rest of the doctors complicit in these crimes against humanity:

See the whole video in one piece on youtube:

[1] Part 1, 44m 28sec

[2] Part 2, First, Above All, Protect the Secret!

[3] Part 3, Controlling the Narrative - the Propaganda Campaign Begins

[4] Lamentations

To obtain the complete set of documentations go to:

Note: These documents are in Chinese. You might consider sending the documents to Chinese Embassy, Washington, D.C. and asking for English translation. Google translation as pertains to grammar is an unknown and to prevent a world war 3 it is better to request a correct translation.

Note: A new page will be created, Glenn_Beck_PG_1A.html and transcripts of each part will be provided and additional supporting material. You can go to this link to subscribe to Blazetv. It is worth it.

God Bless America  [Heard and Sung as it should be. God Bless true Patriots of America]


Posted 2022-02-26


Senator Ron Johnson, 5hr COVID-19: A Second Opinion  God Bless America

Senator Ron Johnson Published January 24, 2022 2,227,428 Views
Sen. Ron Johnson moderates a panel discussion, COVID-19: A Second Opinion. A group of world renowned doctors and medical experts provide a different perspective on the global pandemic response, the current state of knowledge of early and hospital treatment, vaccine efficacy and safety, what went right, what went wrong, what should be done now, and what needs to be addressed long term.
More at

Second Opinion Edited to 38 minutes Video

Note: We will be making a separate Senator Ron Johnson page which will have these videos on it plus much of the Covid related information Sen. Johnson has provided us.  In addition, the 5 hr presentation will be edited into 30 minute slices to make watching easier. Coming soon.

Posted 2022-02-26 Saturday

American Patriot

2022-02-22  Robert Malone and EcoHealth Whistleblower Andrew Huff Discuss Wuhan Lab Leak Theory, 21,790 views –





Dr._Robert_Malone_Page_5.html     Go to this link for the above youtube video with Dr. Robert Malone

Dr Robert Malone Comments on the Current Covid Crisis, July 17, 2021.html

Dr Robert Malone, Inventor of mRNA Vaccine Speaks Out and Issues Warning, Steve Deace Show, Blaze, TV, Radio, & Podcast.html

Dr Robert Malone_on_Liberty_Forum_&_Discussion_On_mRNA_Technology_etc.html



Posted 2022-02-25  Go to Dowd Gettr link:

The Vigilant Fox 🦊 @VigilantFox Feb 24, 2022

In Israel, One of the Most Vaccinated Nations in the World, Funeral Directors are Reporting More Than a Tenfold Increase In Deaths

Dr. Zelenko: "Why are Israelis dying from Omicron? Could it be that there's something wrong with their immune system?" Listen to Dr. Zelenko below to get the startling fact about what repeated "boosters" and "topping-off" jabs do to your health or what's left of it.

Speaker 1 (00:00):
What Things these can people can do for their, their health, to keep from getting sick.

Dr. Zelenko (00:04):
Well, first of all, don't get another shot. It seems to be cumulative. If you look at Israel, Israel has the most vaccinated population, especially from the perspective of having four shots or three shots, or even two shots. The funeral directors in Israel are reporting more than a 10 X increase in death; and they're being over overrun. They're not able to give everyone a proper burial. And according to Israeli officials, people are dying from Omnicron. The only problem with that analysis is no one else is dying from Omnicron. In other words, in South Africa where it started the doctors said it was easy to treat. In America no one's dying from Omnicron because it's easy to treat. Right, and from my direct experience - most of my patients get better immediately with treatments. Right. And the reason why is even though Omnicron is much more infectious than the other variants, it's more infectious than measles actually, but it only attacks the upper airway and not the lower airway. And so that's why the majority of people are not having complications now. So the, the question is why are the Israelis dying from Omnicron? Well, could it be that there's something wrong with their immune system, right? There are multiple peer reviewed papers that describe how these substances [the "vaccine" jab] that are being injected into people, they damage, the innate immune system, damage, your T cells, they damage your natural killer cells. They suppress tumor suppress their genes. So there's an immune deficiency here, right? So, yeah, for sure. If someone has an immune deficiency, they can die from a cold, they could die from Omicron. So in the most immunized country, in the world, Israel, you are seeing an amount of death that, no one else is seeing.


American Patriot

Click Me to Hear the Audio

Continue to Edward Dowd Pg 1A

Posted 2022-Feb-18, Friday Why Are Professional Athletes Collapsing on the Field   

Go to Athletes Collapsing on the Field Page

STORY AT-A-GLANCE (From article published on 2022-Feb-18)

• U.K. football legend and sports commentator, Matt Le Tissier, has been speaking out about the large number of athletes who have collapsed or died on the field, and has lost his job as a result
• Le Tissier says he has never seen anything like it in the 17 years he played football; he is calling for an investigation into the events and says ignoring it is a "massive dereliction of duty" by the officials
• Fact-checkers and government officials are trying to negate or discredit information that supports the theory that mRNA injections are behind the sudden onslaught of injury and death, and they are studiously ignoring investigating the allegations

With every passing day, the list of people suffering tragic consequences from the COVID mRNA shots grows longer. Data1 show 23,149 people have died after a COVID jab as of January 28, 2022. There also are 13,575 reports of people with Bell's palsy, 41,163 who are permanently disabled, 31,185 with myocarditis, 11,765 who have had heart attacks and 3,903 women who have lost their babies after getting the shots.
Many of these people and their stories have remained hidden from public view. YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms have censored the personal stories and videos of individuals documenting their injuries and permanent disabilities, so those who only read mainstream media are unaware of the overwhelming damage being done in the name of science.

Athletes Are Dying on the Field in Large Numbers

Red Voice Media asks in a headline, "400 Athletes Collapsing & Dying Just in the Last 6 Months?"4 then mentions "small stories coming out about perfectly healthy athletes mysteriously dying." During the interview, Le Tissier is asked about his thoughts on the surge of cardiac events in the sporting world, to which he responds:5

To continue with this story go to

Athletes_Dying_Large_Numbers_Page_1A.html, Dying_Athletes


Posted 2022-Jan-28. Added several Dr. Robert Malone videos. Jmp to Dr._Robert_Malone_Page_4.html

Added in Dr. Robert Malone Folder/Dr. Malone on the Spike Protein/"Before you Inject Your Child Listen to Me, 4min, 32sec  [Here is the Audio ]

Added in Dr. Robert Malone Folder/2022-jan-06 Drs.RobertMalone, Peter McCullough & Mathias Desmet, Mass Formation Psychos

Posted 2022-Jan-24, Monday David Icke does not believe that an actual virus exists that caused the virus-19 spread in the same way that Dr. Kary Banks Mullis, winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his discovery and implimentation of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test often said that there is not a single research paper that actually shows that there is a virus which causes AIDS. It is an assumption that is not backed up by any scientific research or published papers. Saying that the Covid-19 virus or the AIDS virus do not exist goes against virtually all medcial science findings. That doesn't mean it is not true. It won't be the first time, however, that a science researcher has gone against the main stream thought and be right. But you better not bet your final term paper that these deviants from the norm of thinking are correct. Even if they are correct - you will be graded as wrong.

Go to David Icke Page to watch the video.

Posted 2022-Jan-23, Sunday.

This hour and 21 minute video and audio posting is about how the so called "vaccines" may seriously suppress your immune system and the immune systems inabilitiy to fight new mutants that may emerge in the years to come - which is a typical behavior of the coronavirus family. In addition, the discussion which includes Dr. Joseph Mercola, DO, medical doctor, talks about some of the unanticipated side effects that may impact those particularly susceptable. Dr. Stephanie Seneff and Dr. Peter McCullough have pre-published a joint research article on these issues which goes into depth. Visit

Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D Page 1 

where you can download the complete research article and watch and download the video.

Posted 2022-Jan-22, Saturday

2022-Jan-22 Saturday, Will These People Be Charged With Genocide, mercola
Published 2022-January-22 by Dr. Joseph Mercola, DO (

To Read the information and see the video go to Dr. Fuellmich Page

Before reading this article I would strongly suggest that you read the article by Karl Denninger,   jmp_to_article_3731234. The indictment against such notables as you see below, highlighted in color red, rests heavily on the statistical probabilities of certain vial lot numbers resulting in high portions of deaths, which Karl Denninger concluded in his article of Nov. 11, 2021 that:

There is no reasobable explanation for this data that reduces to random chance

The original market-ticker article is linked above. I have also copy and pasted the exact same article into a page on this website for your convenience. It is essentially a photocopy. jmp_here_to_view


Household names are being taken to the International Criminal Court for taking part in the greatest genocidal hoax in history. With this new 'premeditation data,' there's now enough evidence to destroy the entire vaccine industry.

Key Web Pages & Documents

International_Court_of_Justice_Indictment_1.html  Lays out the case. Entire 48 page indictment with documents.

Transcript of Dr. Reiner Fuellmich Summary of his legal case, Crimes Against Humanity, Second Nuremberg Tribune. Rev.0  [This is a transcript of a 47 minute audio. The initial draft is computer generated. Pehaps later it can be fine tuned.


What follows is Dr. Mercola's overview of the case. Dr. Mercola is a licensed medical doctor in Florida with a health product company and publication,

STORY AT-A-GLANCE by Dr. Joseph Mercola, DO

• Seven applicants, on behalf of the British population, have filed a complaint with the International Criminal Court (ICC), accusing 16 individuals of genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and crimes of aggression
• The 16 defendants include
Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dr. Peter Daszak, Bill and Melinda Gates, the CEOs of Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson, U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson along with several other British authorities, as well as the presidents of the Rockefeller Foundation and the World Economic Forum
• According to the ICC complaint, the 16 defendants have violated the Nuremberg Code and Articles 6, 7, 8, 15, 21 and 53 of the Rome Statute
• The Nuremberg Code is a set of medical research ethics principles that grew out of the "Doctors Trial" in Nuremberg following World War II. The war crimes tribunal at Nuremberg established 10 standards to which doctors must conform when performing experiments on human subjects
• The ICC is a permanent, independent court that investigates crimes that concern the international community. Its activities are governed by an international treaty called the Rome Statute, which has been ratified by more than 120 countries, including the U.S. It can step in when a member state fails to take appropriate action to bring a criminal to justice. In theory, member states are supposed to cooperate with the court
According to The Desert Review, a slew of high-power figures in the COVID-19 pandemic and the push to mandate experimental COVID jabs have been accused of several crimes, including crimes against humanity, war crimes and crimes of aggression in the U.K.:1
"In a stunning 46-page legal filing2 to the International Criminal Court on December 6 [2021], an intrepid attorney and seven applicants accused Anthony Fauci, Peter Daszak, Melinda Gates, William Gates III, and twelve others of numerous violations of the Nuremberg Code. These included various crimes against humanity and war crimes as defined by the Rome Statutes, Articles 6, 7, 8, 15, 21, and 53."



Posted 2022-Jan-15, The Narrative is Crumbling - 16 Reasons Why by Project Veritas, 18 min

Posted 2022-Jan-15, Saturday. A Rumble video with Dr. Pierre Kory, MD, Pulomary Specialist and several other board certified specialties. (See below for short bio on Dr. Pierre. The Rumble posting is titled " Dr Pierre Kory, Huge Number of VAX deaths and its getting worse" Dr. Kory reviews the data from increasing number of commercial life insurance companies where the death rate and long term disability policy payouts has increased for 2021 by approximately 40& This is also the situation in Great Britain. That is an astonishing increase in deaths and disability claims for 2021. It lead to the single question, "What Happened in 2021 that DID NOT happen in 2020 and previus years." Dr. Kory explores this question.

Also in the video, Dr. Korey explains  at lengh the world wide success story in the use of Ivermectin to treat these coronavirus that are with us and lurking around to infect us later on.

Visit the audio and video of this presentation on Rumble by going to Dr. Kory Folder


Posted 2022-Jan-14, Friday. CDC has re-evaluated value and accruacy of PCR test.

Is the PCR test, widely used by the experts in the medical profession, who are known to "follow the science" - Is it legitimate to use this test to detect the presence of Covid-19 and then on the basis of that test to inflict major medical decisions on the person which may well infect, or should we say, affect that person for the rest of his life?  A fair question? 

Who better is there to answer that simple question than the Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry for his discovery and implimentation of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test, Dr. Kary Banks Mullis (1944 - 2019).

Lets follow along with Kary - the videos where he answers this very question - that we may be fully confident in our large flock of medical experts who of course "follow the science" in deciding issues of life and death.

GoTo PCR_test_AIDS_Kary_Mullis Page


Note: 2022-Jan-10 Page is being edited.

Note: 2022-jan-09 I see that some of the links don't connect. I will do my best to correct these errors this week. Also, I have more bio material for the others doctors below, such as Dr. Fleming, quite amazing accomplishments in medicine, Rabbi Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, a very impressive person and very courageous.

Menu of Principle Authors Posted on

To be arranged alphabetically at the close of the covid plandemic

Dr. Vernon Coleman, MD (British Medical Doctor, DSc) Page 1

Dr. Judy Mikovits Page_1  (Ph.D, Virologists, Microbiology, Extensive research      into AIDS.  

Dr. Judy Mikovits Page_2   

Dr. Joseph Mercola Page  (DO, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, Board Certified, Family Practice)

Dr. Peter McCullough Page 1  MD (Cardiology, Prof. of Medicine)

Dr. Peter McCullough Page 2  MD (Cardiology, Prof. of Medicine)

Dr. Peter McCullough Page 3 MD . This page includesinterview with Joe Rogan. Over 25 million viewers.

Dr. Michael Yeadon Page 1 (Ph.D (Pharmacology, Toxicology)

Dr. Michael Yeadon Page 2 (Ph.D (Pharmacology, Toxicology)

Dr. Richard Fleming Page

Bro. Lee Watts Page   

Dr. David Martin Page   

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko

Mikki Willis Documentaries   

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich Atty at Law, Calif & Germany, Legal Actions regarding Covid and 2nd Neurenberg Prosecutions

Testimony (transcript under development) of Dr. McCullough to the Dr. Reiner Fuellmich Committee investigating Crimes Against Humanity. An initial criminal indictment has been submitted to the International Court of Justice in Western Europe.  In addition, legal procedures are progressing in a number of countries now.

Steve Bannon War Room    

Dr. Elizabeth Eads Page    

Steve Kirsch Page (BS EE & MS EE, Electrical engineering and computer science; Medical philanthropist, sponsor and supporter of doctors who have been purged by government forces and hospitals, etc., for speaking out and exercising their Constitutional Right to free speech.

Dr. Pierre Kory Folder [Containing a series of individual video presentations]

Dr. Pierre Kory, M.D.  [Dr._Pierre_ Kory_Page_1.html ] (Board Certified Pulomoary Specialist in addition to other Board certifications.) Has testified before the U.S. Senate a number of times and is one of the founders of the FLCCC which is now a world wide organizaton. He and his organization are directly responsible for saving the lives of hundreds of thousands of Covid patients through the promotion of early treatment with "off the shelf" generic medications while overcoming the fierce opposition and interference of many established medical hospitals, clinics and schools of medicine.  This is due to the same mentality that Dr. Josep H. Lister, MD faced in the 19th century when he tried to incorporate antiseptics (from which we now have LISTERINE!) when doing surgery, facilitating child birth, and similar uses of antiseptics which today are incorporated as standard practice. The great German scientist and founder of the theory of Quantum Mechanics, Nobel Prize in Physics, Max Plank, is on record as having said that "the present generation must die off before new ideas and new methods are incorporated into the accepted teachings. 

The exact quote for those medical doctors with pure and sterile minds is:

A scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it. Max Plank.

Does this mean that medical pioneers such as Drs. Pierre Kory and Paul Marik,Drs. Paul McCullough and Robert Malone and other prominant medical professionals must wait until the current flock of stiff necked establishment doctors die off from feebleness or dementia due to brain atrophy from lack of use?  If the great Max Plank is right - I fear for humanity - but perhaps yes. Then again, perhaps no. People are NOT ostriches. They can and do pull their heads out of the sand when crisis comes. Let us hope they do it soon.

Dr. Pierre Kory Page 2 [Dr_Pierre_Kory__Page_2.html]

Ron Unz  Page 1 {}(MS Physics. Extensive material on whole covid issue beginning in January 2020)

Dr. Steven Quay, MD (Ph.D Biochemistry) Inventor of 87 U.S. medical and pharmacological patents. He was a postdoctoral fellow at MIT with Nobel Laureate H. Gobind Khorana, a resident at the Harvard-MGH Hospital, and was on the faculty of Stanford University School of Medicine. Quay has been cited 300+ contributions to medicine and referenced more than 9,000 times, placing him in the top 1% of scientists globally. See short Bio.

Dr. Robert Malone, MD Page-1  [2012-DEC-12 Dr. Malone - Before You Inject Your Child Listen to me 4m32s] [Listen/Watch this 7 minute segment with Dr. Robert Malone talking with Steve Bannon (The War Room) about this sudden emergence of the Omicron (letters also spell MORONIC).] [Dr. Robert Malone,'This is the Largest Experiment Performed on Human Beings in the History of the World.' Nov. 9, 2021]  [A Meeting of the GIANTS: Dr. Geert Vandeen Bossche, PhD, Virology & Microbiology, Certified Expert - Vaccinology Research and Development; DVM (Vet) in conversation with Dr. Robert Malone, MD, Board Certified Physician; Microbiologist and Virologists; Research & Development of vaccines; Inventor of the mRNA Technology while working with the Salk Research Institute and holder of nine patents associated with the mRNA and virology technology. ]  [[The Liberty Forum of Silicon Valley with Robert Malone, MD, Aug 10, 2021  In this presentation Dr. Malone is going to tell you what most likely WILL happen if the governments of the U.S. Canada, and Europe who are using the mRNA vaccine technology do not stop immediately the world wide vaccination project.]  [Dr Robert Malone Discusses the mRNA Technology, Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) and the Possible Dangers it Poses to Everyone and His Concurrence with Dr. Geert Vaden Bossche and Dr. Peter McCullough On the High Risk to Vast Populations if ADE Results in Production of Aggressive
Mutant Viruses - a real possibility with calamitous consequences to societies if (and when) it happens. ][ mRNA Technology Inventor & Expert Speaks Out on the COVID Crisis. Dr. Malone "There's a concept called Plato's noble lie, which says it's acceptable for public leaders to lie if the lie is made in the interest of the common good. In other words, the ends justify the means - in accordance with Marxist Leninist Stalinist Thought and Practice." Interview with Robert Malone, M.D., BIOTECHNOLOGY, VACCINES AND BIOLOGICS CONSULTANT & Consultant with the DOD (Department of Defense). ]

Dr. Robert Malone, MD Page-2  [ Dr. Robert Malone is questioned in a no-holds barred 3 hour interview with Joe Rogan and the Joe Rogan Experience, # 1757. By some estimates the number of viewers world wide is approaching 100 million. Compare this with top cable TV celebrity, Tucker Carlson who on a good night gets typically 6 million views. Twitter expelled Dr. Malone - exiled him to the internet abyss where Joe Rogan and the Rogan Experience revived him and introduced him to 100 million viewers - world wide - each eager to learn the truth about the Covid crisis.  And who better to learn from than the research doctor who discovered and developed the mRNA technonogy with its great possibilities. However, Dr. Malone, MD, at the news of the Wuhan virus leak and the subsequent rush to "get a vaccine out" went to the FDA urging caution and full safety trials by this agency, many of the people whom he personally new. It seems the FDA responded by telling him to "f*&% o$@#!", at least that is the scuttle-but but the FDA will neither confirm or deny the rumors. Insomuch as no investigation into the veracity of this rumor has been initiated by the FDA - it should be "put to bed" and classified as "mere gossip." But if  it is true - what does it tell you about the FDA?]

[The Joe Rogan Experience is three (3) hours long. We have segmented into approximately 20 minute sections of video, audio and transcript so that you may enjoy a vicarious experience with "The Joe Rogan Experience" All of the sections are completed now and hopefully this week we will get the work finished. New developments are happening so fast that is hard to keep up with all of it. But we will keep at it. ]

Dr. Robert Malone, MD Page-3 [Dr. Robert Malone, About Leaky Vaccines, the Vaccinated & Unvaccinated. Don't Universal Vaccinate 36m 15s]  [Dr. Robert Malone, Was the New Covid Variant, Omicron, Manufactured? There are Scientific Reasons to Believe it Was. 2021-dec-02. Bannon's War Room. 7 minutes][Dr. Robert Malone on the Spike Protein, the Lethal Part of the "Vaccine" 55 minutes][Dr. Robert Malone, "This is the largest medical experiment ever performed on human beings in history. We still don't know the outcome. The long term effects remain unknown." 1h 12m Nov 9, 2021.]

Dr. Robert Malone, MD Page-4  [2022-Jan-06 Drs. Robert Malone, Peter McCullough & Mathias Desmet, Discuss Mass Formation Psychosis for an explanation of the apparent madness circulating throughout the world and particlualry infecting such countries as Austraia and Australia where for instance in Australia, those caught not wearing masks outdoors are thrown into concentration camps and confined to small steel enclosures for many days; where they may also be periodically tortured. Austraia is not better, if not worse. It has returned to its 1930s roots and adopted the Hitler SS-Gestapo tactics - grabbing the unmasked off the street and putting them into unknown concentration camps where there are no reports of their fate. Presumably they have been exterminated as the Jews were for being "undesirables" for not wearing masks and getting the poison genetic altering jab. Because these two governments have put a black blanket over their handiwork there is no way to determine fact from fiction. Therefore it is probably better to assume that the rumors are fiction. , 2022-Jan-6 1h 11s VIDEO & AUDIO]

Dr. Robert Malone, MD Page-4  [Added in Dr. Robert Malone Folder/Dr. Malone on the Spike Protein/"Before you Inject Your Child Listen to Me, 4min, 32sec ]  [Dr. Robert Malone Folder/2022-jan-06 Drs.RobertMalone, Peter McCullough & Mathias Desmet, Mass Formation Psychos ]

Dr. Geert V. Bossche, Ph.D (Microbiology, Virology), DVM Page-1

 Dr. Geert V. Bossche Page

Dr. Peter Weinstein, Ph.D (Environmental Biology) Page-1


Visit Early Treaments you can do at home. Under development

Posted 2022-Jan-07 Video Presentation by Dr. Vernon Coleman, MD (British medical practicioner & DSc.) Video and Audio now available. Accurate transcript partially completed. Dr. Coleman alleges a grand conspiracy and that millions will die, including those that have not been vaccinated and those that have been vaccinated.

In the case of those that have been vaccinated and received multiple "boosters" and "topping off" doses - he explained that these people will experience a "horrible death." He has been practicing medicine for over 50 years, is established and is not a quack. I have carefully trasnscribed about half of the presentation and it is posted on the Dr. Vernon Coleman Page_1.

If you read the trascript - which I would do first - it is unsettling. What he says he based on the research and published works of Dr. Geert V. Bossche, PhD (virology, Microbiology) and DVM. So, when he, Dr. Coleman, explains what he thinks is just ahead for all of us - it is based on the findings and warnings of Dr. Bossche and I will add also the findings and works of Dr. Robert Malone (who discovered the mRNA technology at the Salk Research Institute and holds nine patents related to the technology) and Dr. Peter McCullough (world famous cardiologist. If you read what has so far been transcribed you might want to read a copy of Tolstoy's War and Peace as a form of tranquilizer. What Dr. Coleman has to say is unsettling.

Another way to put it is that Western Society and all of its past glory (and evil) is closing out. The restoration of the Middle Kingdom is nearing.  Remember, Asia, Russia and parts of Eastern Europe DID NOT take the genetic altering vaccines. Thus they will inherit a new world and a new beginning. The Western World with all of its past glory (and evil) will soon be Gone with the Wind, along with Scarlet O'Hara - I hope.


Posted 2022-jan-04 Posted on Steve Kirsch Page 18 minute video & audio of interview with Steve Bannon and his war room on January 3, 2022. Go to menu below & click on Steve Kirsch or click this link.

Posted 2022-Jan-08 Posted also on Dr. Bhakdi's page, Steve Kirsch substack posting regarding Dr. Bkakdi's research findings following autopsy of 15 victims who died of one of the "jabs"  It is at the bottom of Dr. Bhakdi's page.

Steve Kirsch Home Page   Steve Kirsch Substack

Posted 2022-Jan-01, Saturday,

Joe Rogan and Dr. Robert Malone, MD. in 3hr 6min discussion of the response to the Covid affair. This Rogan Podcast (video and audio) covers in significant detail many of the issues regarding health aspects, and corruption, to name just several.

Visit here, Robert Malone, MD Page-2 until I build the page for Joe Rogan Corona Affair Issues Page

Posted 2021-dec-28, Tuesday

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi Page 1 For transcript and other material

"Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, M.D., (Berlin University Medical School); Ph.D (Microbiology, Virolgoy); Awarded Germany's highest honor for his medical contributions as this to say in this very recent Video, a warning to everyone not to take the mRNA and J&J "vaccines" and DO NOT vaccinate young people.

"The mRNA "Vaccines" Are Killing Us" 16:37 min

Dr. Bhakdi Video "Vaccines Are Killing Us" at 40% Speed for Clarity

Dr. Bhakdi Video are normal speed.

Dr. Bhakdi Video without the English subtitles, but identical otherwise

This video also has English subtitles. Dr. Bhakdi is Tai - Indian and speaks with an accent. Although he has practiced medicine in many parts of the world, he has been primarily a medical researcher in Germany. Because he is outraged by what Dr. Arne Burkhart, M.D. and his research colleagues have recently discovered in their work - he is speaking rather fast, with emotion and a few explitives which have not been deleted. So, I have also included the same video as above but reduced in speed by 40%. This makes his every word very clear and thus you can grasp much easier the magnitude of what he says and what it means to all of us.

Dr. Arne Burkhart is also a medical doctor but specializes in pathology and is a professor of pathology, the study of the diseases of the organs and and what brings about the death of a person. Think of Dr. Quincy, Medical Examiner, in the old TV series who did in-depth autopsies to find out what has actually caused the death of a person. and professor of pathology and who is considered one of Germany's most experienced professors, and has established himself as Europe's leading pathologist.

Dr. Burkhart and his team examined the unexplained deaths of a number of people who had dies at home. This indepth examination and research led to the discovery that they had died as a direct result of the mRNA vaccines - which each person had taken, and where then death followed not too long afterwards.

Go to Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi Page 1 for transcript and other material now being processed.

Posted 2022-Jan-08 Posted also on Dr. Bhakdi's page, Steve Kirsch substack posting regarding Dr. Bkakdi's research findings following autopsy of 15 victims who died of one of the "jabs"  It is at the bottom of Dr. Bhakdi's page.

This posting addition includes the link to the original Sucharit Bhakdi, MD and Arne Burkhardt, MD research paper (in pdf) and download link. The paper is technical but well within a good 10th grade HS students ability to grasp.

Dr. Steven Quay Page-1

Proving that Sars-Covid-2 is Laboratory Derived, Interview with Dr. Steven Quay., thru BitChute. 202-107-14, 58 min

[Note: There is much more said in this interview than the title would indicate. Listen to it several times, read the transcript carefully, and I believe your thinking will be altered in ways you had not imagined. It is not for the light-hearted.]

Posted 2021-dec-25, Saturday

2021-dec-25 Australia politicians hear these doctors tell about the dangers of the vaccines

Dr. Geert V. Bossche, Ph.D (virology, microbiology) Dr. Robert Malone, MD, Virology; Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, M.D., General Practicioner.

Note: We will create a page, pictures, transcripts, etc. tomorrow, if all goes well.

Posted 2021-dec-25, Saturday

2021-dec-23 Second call to WHO - Please, don't vaccinate against Omicron, Dr. Geert V. Bossche 15m 15s  Especially, DO NOT VACCINATE CHILDREN. Here are the Reasons.

Video - by Dr. Bossche

Note: The above will be added to the Dr. Bossche Page tomorrow, if all goes well.


Posted 2021-Dec-24, Friday.

Santa Brings You the Truth - Now You Decide


Watch 16 minute video - then think it over.


This web article is being developed. Original content is from

Website is © The Truthseeker. There is a lot of additional information posted on their link. You should visit the website to getting better understanding of all the things to consider before taking the jab.  You should also visit the CDC website and get their view about the side effects and potential dangers of taking the Jab.

Note: The above will be moved to its own page as soon as convenient.


2021-DEC-2, Tuesday. Complete 2hr 45 min Joe Rogan interview with Dr. Peter A. McCullough on the present situation with Covid and its variants. Many things are discussed including alternate early treatments such as hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and Invervectin. For instance, did you know that the standard early treatment in Japan (no 3rd of 4th rate country) is IVERMECTIN! In Mexico IVM is sold over the counter and when first experimented with it in Mexico during a major epidemic in that city of 11 million - it "flattened the curve drastically" and has kept it minimal. In the U.S. the only curve that is flattened by government and media hysterical reactions to these covid viruses is the job and employment curve and their irrational and disproportional resposes have destroyed, by one estimate over 500,000 small busineses. All for what?

Dr. McCullough in this video reveals thata at least 80% of true covid deaths could have been avoided with early treatment with known and approed drugs. Why? Joe Rogan ask Dr. McCullough has and continues to be - life saveing drugs and treatments being denied to people sick with these winter cold like viruses?

Video Joe Rogan Dr. Peter McCullough Interview

Audio Joe Rogan Dr. Peter McCullough Interview

Go to Dr. Peter McCullough Page 3  with additional material


Posted 2021-dec-20, Monday. Posted on Twitter by Dr. Bossche 2021-dec-16

Watch Dr. Geert Bossche lastest warning to parents, DO NOT VACCINATE YOUR CHILREN WITH THE mRNA VACCINE, and the reason.

Go to Dr. Geert Page 1 to Watch

Posted 2021-dec-19, Sunday



From news source, INDIA, (see above) and from initial links and information on December 19 issue of 

class="txtblk16pex">TB For Breakfast (See also news article - next link about emerging cases of Tuberculosis, this time at Goldman Sacks, in New York City, and read

Market-Ticker commentary by Karl Denninger of the sudden emergence of infectious Tuberculosis, possibly resulting from the near million, and millions more to come, of unfortunates from 3rd world and emerging countries where health care is not always available to everyone./p>

Picture from

From Article: "Bill Gates, Dr Fauci And Big Pharma Accused Of

Crimes Against Humanity In Complaint To International Court December 6, 2021.

Activists are charging UK officials and the world's most powerful health figures like Bill Gates and Dr Fauci with crimes against humanity and genocide, citing a range of statistics on the effects of COVID "vaccines" and policies.

To read the 48 page complaint submitted to THE INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT and watch The Inaugural PARLIAMENTARY COMMISSION OF INQUIRY, with Dr. Reiner Fullmich, Attorney at Law, Germany and California (U.S.A.)

Click on this link

Posted 2021-Dec-19, Sunday

Mass Psychosis and Delusional Thinking

in the Age of Coronavirus

How and Why this Leads to Tyranny, Suppression of People's Freedom


State Terrorism as is Now Being Practiced in Former Democratic Australia

The best explanation of the why and the how is perhaps the recent work of Belgium Psychologist, Dr. Mattias Desmet. His work has been succinctly summarized by Dr. Robert Malone, M.D., the original inventor of the mRNA technology which is the basis of the new genetic altering gene therapy which appears now, according to such medical experts as Dr. Richard Fleming, M.D. (Cardiology), Ph.D (Physics), JD (Doctor of Law), Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Peter McCullough, M.D. (Cardiology) MS (Public Health and Epidemiology),(McCullough Pg 2) and quite frankly, many others, [Dr. Michael Yeadon, Dr. Peter Weinstein, Dr. Pierre Kory, Steve Kirsch (Medical Philanthropist], Dr. Geert V. Bossche, Dr. Elizabeth Eads, Rabbi Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, M.D., Dr. Ryan, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, Dr. David Martin, Dr.Judy Mikovits, Dr. Joseph Mercola, and there are many more] ... the "vaccine" to be a complete failure.

Dr. Desmet explains his theory of Mass Formation in an hour long interview with Dr. Chris Martenson of the website Peak Prosperity.

You can watch this revealing but somewhat depressing interview at this link:

which was posted December 3, 2021.The interview is depressing in as much as the conclusion is depressing. The conclusion is that tyranny in the present circumstances, that being The Age of Corovavirus and Government Response, throughout the Western World - WILL PREVAIL. This is exemplified by the Stalinist World now being created in Australia, down under, certainly down and certainly under - replete with its own Gulag Archipelago, now constructed and being expanded to house the Unvaccinated, and the Impure, and those caught not wearing a mask when outdoors.

This mass stupidity, infecting Australia - which is the EPITOME of this stupidity, has also infected most of Europe, and sadly Germany and Austria - where history shows that great men of science, literature, music and culture once cultivated these lands. Pillars of greatness such as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Mozart, Beethoven, Hegel, Mises, Einstein, Max Plank, to name just a very few of the great cast, must now be cringing in their graves in utter dismay at the madness now sweeping across their lands.

Germany, Austria, and Europe in general are not the only places where madness of the crowds now dominate. There is France of course, also part of the mad crowd, whose former greatness and cultural refinement is on display at the Louvre Museum in Paris, the most visited museum in the world with good reason.

And this madness, this hysterical response to the coronavirus as though it were the Black Plague come back, has become imbued, shall we say soaked into the French people by their equally stupid French government's unilateral and dictatorial actions which have only made things much much worse and totally out of proportion to the actual threat of the coronavirus or now its mutants.

Who better to describe The Madness of Crowds than the great 19th Century French sociologist, Gustave Le Bon.

Can this truth have been said any better?  The French language is known as the world's most exact and precise language and therefore, formerly the universal language of diplomacy. (French language took second place after World War II when the U.S. came to dominate with its military might the freedom loving nations of the world). In this translation into English it has not fumbled as is so often the case when English language is used for diplomacy instead of the more error free French language. The world might have fewer wars if it returned to French as the language of diplomacy. You think?

A crowd thinks in images, and the image itself calls up a series of other images, having no logical connection with the first...A crowd scarcely distinguishes between the subjective and the objective. It accepts as real the images invoked in its mind, though they most often have only a very distant relation with the observed facts....Crowds being only capable of thinking in images are only to be impressed by images.
Gustave Le Bon

This is precisely how propaganda works! And it is also how the mass media, TV, cable TV, news papers, etc. are able to manipulate the people, the masses. It is by the process above described by Le Bon - that the media has been able to twist and distort the true facts and realities of the coronavirus and its mutants in order to invoke mass fear and terror and thus push the masses toward these ghouls personal agendas.

You the people are being played upon, used and manipulated by tyrannical governments and their political ilk in order to control you and make you obediant in a new world which they envision will be utopia. Don't be the sucker and fall into their diabolical traps.

The French brought us french fries - but they also brought us the French Revolution. And with that revolution - the tools to defeat tyranny and bring back liberty. Lets continue with Le Bon's brilliant words.

We see, then, that the disappearance of the conscious personality, the predominance of the unconscious personality, the turning by means of suggestion and contagion of feelings and ideas in an identical direction, the tendency to immediately transform the suggested ideas into acts; these, we see, are the principal characteristics of the individual forming part of a crowd. He is no longer himself, but has become an automaton who has ceased to be guided by his will.
Gustave Le Bon

One of the most constant characteristics of beliefs is their intolerance. The stronger the belief, the greater its intolerance. Men dominated by a certitude cannot tolerate those who do not accept it.
Gustave Le Bon

Men dominated by a certitude[that is to say, those who are certain of what they think beyond rational debate and logical discussion]cannot tolerate those who do not accept it. Is this not what is happening now throughout the Western world where "the jab" has become the holy grail?

Lets go on and see how the mass media, TV, cable TV, news papers and lying politicians do their dirty work of manipulating you by distorting reality and truth in order to bend you to their will (that is, WHAT THEY WANT).

Crowds are influenced mainly by images produced by the judicious employment of words and formulas
Gustave Le Bon

Here is the bottom line. Here Gustave Le Bon summarized what is happening in Western Europe, The United States, and that very Down Under country, former Free Australia, and many other parts of the world.

The real cause of the great upheavals which precede changes of civilizations, such as the fall of the Roman Empire and the rise of the Arabian Empire, is a profound modification in the ideas of the peoples .... The memorable events of history are the visible effects of the invisible changes of human thought .... The present epoch is one of these critical moments in which the thought of mankind is undergoing a process of transformation.
Gustave Le Bon

In other words,"The present epoch" that's the hear and now, that's TODAY, your thoughts, beliefs and ideals are ... "undergoing a process of transformation" that is, you are being manipulated through the tools of mass media, TV, cable TV, newspapers and the lies of politicians into believing their lies and distortions of the truth and reality in order to focus you away from truth and reality and push you into their concept of the PERFECT SOCIETY with its equality and equity for all, and mold you and fabricate you into their concept of the IDEAL PERSON to fit into THEIR idea of what makes for a perfect world.  Don't be a sucker and fool and fall for it.

Note: All quotes by Le Bon come from this website:

It also has quotes from many other great thinkers of the past.

Posted 2021-dec-16, Thursday

Dr. Richard Fleming, M.D. (Cardiology), Ph.D (Physics), JD (Doctor of Law)

An 1hr 20 minute interview by Covid Reveal, Episode 11. Doctor Fleming discuses many topic including the fact that vaccines damage your innate immune system. The entire interview is segmented into five sections, including video, audio and transcripts for each section.

Go to Dr. Richard Fleming Page 1


Posted 2021-dec-14 Shown first on Rumble 2021-DEC-12

Dr. Robert Malone Page 1

If You Are a Parent, Grand-Parent, Foster-Parent Then you might want to watch this short video and read the transcript BEFORE you vaccinate the child.







2012-DEC-12 Dr. Malone - Before You Inject Your Child Listen to me 4m32s

Video, 4m 32s  ..... Audio 

Audio is 4.26 mb Small enough for you to email to all of your friends with children. Many of the facts Dr. Malone reports are also valid for adult. In a free country you decide for yourself and your children.

Full Text of Dr. Malone, M.D., Statement

My name is Robert Malone, and I am speaking to you as a parent, grandparent, physician and scientist. I don't usually read from a prepared speech, but this is so important that I wanted to make sure that I get every single word and scientific fact correct.
I stand by this statement with a career dedicated to vaccine research and development. I'm vaccinated for COVID and I'm generally pro-vaccination. I have devoted my entire career to developing safe and effective ways to prevent and treat infectious diseases.
After this, I will be posting the text of this statement so you can share it with your friends and family.
Before you inject your child - a decision that is irreversible - I wanted to let you know the scientific facts about this genetic vaccine, which is based on the mRNA vaccine technology I created:
There are three issues parents need to understand:

● The first is that a viral gene will be injected into your children's cells. This gene forces your child's body to make toxic spike proteins. These proteins often cause permanent damage in children's critical organs, including
○ Their brain and nervous system
○ Their heart and blood vessels, including blood clots
○ Their reproductive system
○ And this vaccine can trigger fundamental changes to their immune system

● The most alarming point about this is that once these damages have occurred, they are irreparable
○ You can't fix the lesions within their brain
○ You can't repair heart tissue scarring
○ You can't repair a genetically reset immune system, and
○ This vaccine can cause reproductive damage that could affect future generations of your family
● The second thing you need to know about is the fact that this novel technology has not been adequately tested.
○ We need at least 5 years of testing/research before we can really understand the risks
○ Harms and risks from new medicines often become revealed many years later

● Ask yourself if you want your own child to be part of the most radical medical experiment in human history
● One final point: the reason they're giving you to vaccinate your child is a lie.
○ Your children represent no danger to their parents or grandparents
○ It's actually the opposite. Their immunity, after getting COVID, is critical to save your family if not the world from this disease

In summary: there is no benefit for your children or your family to be vaccinating your children against the small risks of the virus, given the known health risks of the vaccine that as a parent, you and your children may have to live with for the rest of their lives.

The risk/benefit analysis isn't even close.

As a parent and grandparent, my recommendation to you is to resist and fight to protect your children.

The statement was delivered at a livestream event on December 12 for which Unity Project partnered with the Global Covid Summit. Dr. Robert Malone and other leading physicians discussed their recent Physicians' Declaration update, why healthy children should not be vaccinated and the associated risks.



Posted 2021-DEC-14, Tuesday Morning

Listen/Watch this 7 minute segment with Dr. Robert Malone talking with Steve Bannon (The War Room) about this sudden emergence of the Omicron (letters also spell MORONIC). South Africa, and in fact most of Darkest Africa has virtually NO Covid outbreaks. Newspaper reports say the government told Pfizer to take back its mRNA "vaccines" or, metaphorically, "Take your vaccine and shove it - we don't want it no more" and then the next day suddenly the NU (correct designation) Omicron (sounds more Hollywood) appeared.

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Here is the Transcript:

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S. Bannon (00:01):
We got Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Malone, uh, Omnichron you got fear PO you got the, the fear porn all over total meltdown. We're gonna have Fauci in a second talking about, uh, boosters, w H O all that, but first I gotta ask you what is going on? What came outta Africa? What do we know about it? You they'd had such great statistics for so long as, as Europe and the United States reeled on this. Uh, tell us what what's what's fact and what's fiction, sir.

Dr. Robert Malone (00:34):
So the cascade of events is first, uh, there's this press about how Africa's doing so great. Uh, and their case fatality rate is far better than the United States. Then in local press, there was, uh, reveal that South Africa was telling Pfizer to take its vaccines back because they weren't needing him. The next day, we suddenly had this huge curfuffle about this new virus strain. Um, and, uh, the press announced that this was coming outta South Africa. There was an immediate reaction from great Britain to shut down, travel for most of the whole Southern aspect of Africa. Then the reveal that in fact, it was first detected and bought Swan in four fully vaccinated travelers, unknown where the they were from or where they were going to. Interesting that Botswana has close ties to China. And, uh, then, then we hear, start to hear from physicians in South Africa.

Dr. Robert Malone (01:35):
Yeah, we've got it in Johannesburg, but we're not seeing significant disease. Then, then we had all of this, uh, press and fear porn being pushed out at us. Often attributing this to South Africa, talking about how this has evolved in aids, patients, everything except for the obvious, which is that this is a vaccine escape unit, uh, or, or is certainly highly vaccine resistant. Now we're in a situation where you've got this guy a mean, can you believe that this is the guy that is our COVID 19 response coordinator. I'm shocked. Uh, this is not a mental giant that we're dealing with, but right on the heels of that announcement in morning, Joe, we've got the w H O saying, don't stop the stop, the rollout of the boosters and gets to my point that I've been saying the boosters are a perfect way to basically bias our immune system. So we're even less able to respond to this new variant. This is jabbing everybody with a flu vaccine from three seasons ago and expecting it to have a vaccine against the current vaccine.

S. Bannon (02:45):
Okay. Before I play, we're gonna play Fauci hangover. We're gonna, we're gonna play Fauci and we're gonna play w H O but I got a question just to get people up to speed. Is it your belief as a vaccinologist that has worked on this, and, and you've been very close to Navarro and, and, and, and, uh, Dr. Hatfield and the other people that worked early on on the vaccine in the white house is your belief that this was Dr. Is this your theory of the case that this is driven somehow by this blunt force, everybody gets vaccinated one size fits all. Why did this happen? Now? The 50 mutations around spike protein, what has caused this in your mind?

Dr. Robert Malone (03:24):
So, uh, the question of what is this particular virus and what's its origin. It has the hallmarks of an, of a viral agent that is undergone, uh, tight genetic selection for evolution to escape the vaccine responses against the receptor binding domain. Uh, the question that is outstanding right now is because this is so different from the other strains that are being tracked. It's, it's like in its own separate little evolutionary branch. Um, how did this happen is, is, and why is this suddenly popped up with all these new mutations? That's the big unknown. And, uh, you know, as you know, there are, are, is a lot of speculation and discussion among scientists that are able to speak or willing to speak about these things about whether or not this is of natural origin. It is something that is just fermented in an aids patient, uh, whether it is something that is the consequence of Africa not being vaccinated. And that's, what's being pushed is to inha, you know, make the case that somehow we have to carpet bomb, uh, Africa, which isn't having problems with disease from COVID for the most part, compared to the rest of the world, whether we have to carpet bomb and with vaccines and above all of this is the looming specter of whether or not this thing might have been further engineered in some way. Okay. Okay.

S. Bannon (04:55):
Okay. Okay. Hang on. Uh, there, because there's a theory of the case that this came outta Wuhan, in fact, were advocates of this not purposely inadvertently came outta Wuhan as a, as manufacture. It wasn't found in nature. It didn't come through a cave in, uh, with a bat, a thousand miles to the south of Wuhan mysteriously, get up to the wet market without going through any animal they've ever found. Right. It's absurd. Particularly if you've been to the interior chamber. Yeah. You're speaking

Dr. Robert Malone (05:20):
Up the original

S. Bannon (05:20):
Isolate original, but, but why original? Because we're having the diaspora, the Chinese people miles grow GTV. All the anti CCP forces throughout the world are saying that Botswana is very close to CCP. I think tiger yang, the, the, the overall vice premier for foreign was actually in Africa, in South Africa, people are talking about it. It, and we don't want to drive any kind of just base rumors, but this thing looks more manufactured from a scientific point of view, the 50 mutations, what case could you make for it, uh, being manufactured and on the other hand, not being manufactured.

Dr. Robert Malone (05:59):
So I'm, I'm not, uh, one of those that is carefully tracking all of these mutations, and I'm not qualified to speak on this, but those that are, there is a sub cohort that are raising red flags that this genetically doesn't look like. It's a part of the prior evolutionary process that we're seeing with many other strains. And they're raising the prospect. I mean, we have to live in a world of multiple working hypotheses. We don't know what the answer is, and we shouldn't take anything off the table. And one of the things that is on the table, when you see some, something like this, that is genetically when, when people are applying algorithms to it and saying, what is, where is this coming from? What is the precursor and are raising concerns about this being an engineered pathogen? Also, I think we have to include that in our list of possibilities. That's all I'm willing to say right now.

"Don't criticize what you can't understand" "You Don't Need a Weather Man to Know The Way The Wind Blows" "The Times They Are A-Changing" Bob Dyland.


Posted 2021-Dec-13, Monday

Dr. Michael Yeadon, Ph.D., Pharmacology, former president of Pfizer in Great Britain. Video: 53 minutes. "They are lying to you. Vaccines are not needed. The virus is no threat to people anymore than common flu. The vaccines are dangerous.  They are designed to kill you on purpose. (36:52 min) Purpose is Mass Depopulation (45:55). Situation is now hopeless. (47 min). They leave us (discenting scientists) alone because we are ineffective and will be able to reach few people. They control all the media avenues. Children? Why would you vaccinate them with an experimental unapproved vaccine? (53:10 min). If vaccine passports are permitted then it is all over. Tyranny will prevail and you will loose your freedom.

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Posted 2021-dec-12, Sunday

2021-DEC-12 Outpatient Treatments for Covid-19 Reviewed. With Dr. Pierre Kory, M.D. [ also Pierre Kory ]& Dr. Joseph Mercola, DO

What You Need to Know About Early Treatment for COVID
COVID-19 has evolved since the early days of the pandemic, and what may have worked back then to treat it is not necessarily what's the most effective now. Be in the know - this up-to-date information from a leader in the movement to provide early treatment could save lives.

This is a 1hr 33 min video interview with Covid treatment expert and Board Certified Pulmonary Specialty and three other specialties. Dr. Pierre Kory goes into detail on home treatments you can do at the very first sign of possible covid, including the Delta strain. He is president of the FLCCC, a world wide organization of doctors specializing in treatment of Covid and its strains. He discusses in full home and hosptial treatments using Ivermectin with FLCCC protocols

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Posted 2021-dec-11 Saturday. Video interview with Dr. Peter McCullough

Toxic Spike Proteins in Blood, Regrets of the Vaxxed.

Dr. Peter McCullough Page


Posted 2021-Dec-09, Friday

Q&A 2hr 10m Zoom Session Sponsored by Steve Kirsch withSpecial Guest Dr. Robert Malone, M.D., Discoverer of the mRNA and DNA Vaccine Technology Methodology, Expert Virologist and Vaccine Designer. 30 Years Experience in Medicine, Virology and Microbiology.

Tonights Zoom Q&A interview with Dr. Malone, sponsored by high tech entrepreneur and medical research philanthropist, Steve Kirsch, covered a broad range of topics regarding such things as covid treatment, some inside information regarding Dr. Fauci, Rabbi Dr. Vladimir Zelenko's pressing concern that the next lethal pathogen to be released willl be small box, Bill Gates role in what appears to be, but not yet proven, a rather broad conspiracy of the largest finance hedge funds, Gates, perhaps Fauci and others for the purpose of among other things making everyone totally dependent on vaccines for all possible emerging virus, bacteria and pathogens. This is also somewhat what Dr. David Martin theorizes.  As he says, "It is all about the money." Well, it usually is when it is a criminal activity.

Much of the material discussed has its foundation in the New York Times, Amazon, & Walstreet Journal best selling book by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. The Real Anthony Fauci. Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health449 pages, hard back, Skyhorse Publishing, and developed under the auspices of Children's Health Defense.

This evening I have just posted the entire 2hr 10min video & audio as single files in order to get it quickly posted. But I will be sectioning it - perhaps tomorrow.

To View and Listen to the Zoom Q&A go to Steve Kirsch Page

Steve Kirsch Page

Some of what these gentlemen reveal in the Zoom call is somewhat shocking, if true. We don't know frankly what is truly going on.  It is certainly a world wide phenomena. And mass delusional thinking and hysteria is happening in many countries such as in Austria and Germany and Australia. In Australia there is ourright tyranny. One really has to wonder when the Australian police will start opening fire with live bullets on protestors who are caught not wearing their masks. The Australian government has already errected a number of concentration camps, euphemistically called Quarantine Camps. And I have heard on social media that a few are called Purification Camps. Australia used to be known as one of the real bastions of freedom.  But insane hysteria over what is essentially a mild virus has overtaken the country. Pure madness reigns in the Outback. Dr. Malone does address this world wide madness in the Q&A and he does have a theory.

We hope that one day the truth will come out.  Right now whatever the truth is - it is somewhat muddled.

When this Q&A Zoom call gets on either Rumble or Bitchute we will post the address so that you can pass it along to other freedom loving persons.


Posted 2021-Dec-05 (Originally broadcast Nov 27, 2021 to Philippians Doctors for Life Organization.  Dr. Geert V. Bossche, PhD {virology, microbiology & vaccine technology)

The entire presentation is 1 hr lecture by Dr. Bossche and then1hr 45 min Q&A which is qutie good and informative. The full video is posted tonight for anyone wanting to view it right away. The presentatio is now segmented into five parts, from about 5 minutes to 30 minute video parts along with audio and transcripts which can all be downloaded.

Note: {2021-Dec-06} The Q&A section has not yet been uploaded. Where feasable it will be edited by the significant questions so that you can listen to each question and answer. Where a question is of real value the audio will be provided.

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2021-dec-04 Posted on Dr Elizabeth Eads Page

Dr. Eads is witnessing the horror stories of treating the unvaxed who have been made sick by the "Fully Vaccinated." The carnage continued after the vaxed and unvaxed got together for Thanksgiving. They showed up in her North Florida emergency rooms the next day with all sorts of trouble from the injections that Eads simply calls "bioweapons." Dr. Eads explains: 

Dr. Eads also contends,:

"You are setting up the patients who got the shots to have an immune deficiency and get viruses. By definition, those are the mutations. It's the people who have been vaccinated."

Now, the globalist Deep State is frantically pushing a third CV19 "booster" injection. Eads' advice:

Don't get the booster, absolutely not, and I do not recommend a flu shot because Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) will be worsened by getting a flu shot.

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2021-dec-03 Posted on Steve Bannon War Room Episode 1,221 with Dr. Robert Malone, M.D., and Peter Navarro, PhD (Economics) with Steve Bannon. Discuss the new situation with the NU (African virus), what it may mean and how it may escape the vaccnines and becomes a very serious matter, especially for children.  Dr. Malone also explains how this newest variant conforms to the predictions of Dr. Geert V. Bossche made in March of 2021 and states that if governments do not stop mass vaccinations quickly then the NU virus or possibly another more deadly virus will emerge.  He is very pessimistic that any of the Western governments, including particualy the U.S. will do that. As a consequence, he antipates conditions will arise resulting in mass infections of all ages with its consequences.  These pandemics will be uncontrollable unless governments produce in massive amounts alternatvie drugs such as hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin (which are widely used successfully throughout the world) and many other "re-purposed" drugs. But neither Peter Navarro or Robert Malone expect that will happen because of the financial interests of the pharmaceuticals, FDA, CDA and Fauci.  As a result - the near future will be a dead end street for many, possibly millions of Americans.

In addition, you can watch:

2021-aug-23 The Vaccine Mandates Are Here, Episode 1,196 S. Bannon 49 min

Go to Steve Bannon War Room link below

2021-nov-06 11 minutes. South African Physician Dr. Shankara Chetty Talks About "The Bigger Plan" 

The Bigger Plan Video

Basically, Dr. Chetty has a "grand conspiracy" theory which does sound very plausable. He has put all the pieces together and they do fit. Whether what he says turns out to be true - time will tell.

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, Hosea 4:6