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Ukraine on Fie - Oliver Stone Documentary (2016) HD.  1h 37m  Video     Audio  For video use the youtube link below.  You can also download the youtube video.

Ukraine on Fire via full 1h 37 min Note. The 2022-03-16 publication of stated that

A few days ago, YouTube removed the 2016 documentary, 'Ukraine on Fire', because it had suddenly violated their Terms of Service against "violent or graphic content", despite being posted on the platform for over four years. LewRockwell.

As of 2022-03-16 the link worked just fine.

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Posted 2022-03-16, Wednesday (USA)

2022-03-16 Steve Bannon WarRoom 14.51m war video showing bombing and devistation from a russian assault. Ukranian president gives address on situation in his country. Speech gives situation from Ukrainian president perspective. Posted on Rumble approvimately 2022-03-16

From a Russian perspective video has not yet been located.

This is for information purposes. Pray for the peace of Ukraine and Russia.

General William Tecumseh Sherman said, "War is Hell." Full General of the Army, Ulysses S. Grant, replied, "It sure is Bill (added)"

Video of above. 14.51 min (mp4 video format)

Starting at time 9:38, Steve Bannon starts his personal commentary. 

Here is the AUDIO of that 5 minute segment.

After the transcript there follows a new clip from the Peaceroom regarding a threats by senator Graham Negative to have Vladimir Putin assassinated by Proxy.

Here is the transcript of that short segment, approx. 5 minutes.

Okay. Here's the point I wanna get to you're in the war room, Wednesday 16, March year of our Lord, 2020, um, Lindsay Graham, everybody in this audience understands something. Lindsay, Graham's making you and us government actions is making you a combatant because he couldn't be clear there. They're trying to over throw a regime and they're using offensive weapons on economic warfare, which are more powerful than the tank shells are going in as, as brutal and as cruel as the tank shells, going into some of these cities, the economic warfare to take down the Russian people. He says, it's not about the Russian people. Know it is at the Russian people. You're using the Russian people as an instrument to take down Putin. Hey, that's okay. If you, I would like to have a Biden instead of calling a guy war criminal, come before Congress. And particularly all you can serve is out there that, that, that love the constitution.

Why isn't that movement? Please come forward and kick in the war powers act, please come in. Which I'm not so sure is constitution of first place, but Hey, that's a start or come in and make an address to Congress and make your case for economic warfare for regime change. If that's who you're talking and Lindsey Graham could not be more irresponsible and people in South Carolina, please understand he represents you okay. Of all the great Maga warriors down there and all the great folks in South Carolina and South Carolina is one of our strongest mega states. One of the strongest America, first states with Patriots on the entire, from Charleston, all the way up country, right? He's representing you. And this is irresponsible and it's dangerous and it's loose talk. And for Joe Biden and Lindsey Graham, I don't think we said to Hitler before he went down, he was a war criminal.

I don't think we said to Mo Salini he was a war criminal. I'm not so sure. We said to Tojo, there were war criminals. Uh, and the reason was I'm not so sure we actually called Paul poppy for game. The reason is is that then those guys fight to the bitter end, right? Uh, let let's win or get an accommodation the entire time. This is happening, correct me if I'm wrong. There's a, the fourth or fifth round of this negotiation. There's a 15 point. Uh, there's a 15 point plan. It hasn't been all accepted. It's being negotiated. There's something says, you gotta be like Switzerland. They're saying we're not gonna do that, but we understand NATO's not gonna come here. So maybe you don't wanna take NATO. There's a negotiation going on. There's a bit in the answer. And, and they're going back and forth. Who knows if they ever come to agreement, who knows that they can ever enforce an agreement, but there is discussion and Zelinsky. Let me be Frank. I, I, I take offensive cons comparing this. I think that, and I did it having another, I did have another appointment this morning that I was tied up. So I couldn't spend time with as much as I wanted to with the standup comic to hear the entire churchi his Churchill moment, uh, in the house.

But I think it compared it to Pearl Harbor or nine 11, pardon me? I just find that a little over the top. Okay. I just find that a little over top as bad and brutal as this and it's bad and brutal, but it's been instigated by NATO and EU that led these people on. And I'm not saying that the people in Ukraine are saying that every day, like, where are you guys? Where are you with him? Once again, we need the air. We need the air close. We need, we need, we need a no fly zone, which Joe Biden says, call him. He called Putin a war criminal, but he's not prepared to give a, a, a no fly zone because he knows that'll trigger world war I three or a shooting war at the rushing. He doesn't wanna do that. I of confused. So Lindsay Graham instead going up there and having a couple of cocktails and running your mouth, why don't we get serious and force the administration to come forward, to even gimme a golf of ton, king at least have enough respect to come forward and make your case.

Don't say it at a cocktail part, Joe Biden on a flipping thing. He, Joe Biden spends more time talking about what is he talking about this afternoon, the porno tapes? What is he talking about? That the revenge porn, a commander in chief, in the middle, supposedly of a war with the war criminal that Lindsay Graham sayings gotta be taken down more than ever. I don't hear she. And wahi Sean's name in that people that are actually designated as Jenna hardcore genocide. We actually have that in the Chinese county party with the Uighurs. Oh, but the Uighurs are Muslim. So they don't count. And it's Chinese. They don't count. Isn't that what we're saying? This is a disgrace. If you're gonna come forward, come forward and make the case. People are big boys and girls make your case. Maybe your case is pretty compelling. I assume it's not that compelling at least now because you're not coming forward to making it Biden. Make your case. Lindsay Graham just shut up. You're a disgrace and calling out John, John McCain is not exactly a way to people that think that John McCain is a war hero for a service in Vietnam. After that an unmet gate disaster, including his lack of focus, just spend, spend, spend on an outta control defense budget.



When confronted by authorities that Murder by Proxy was a criminal offense and that if Russia had extradition treaty with U.S. he, Graham Negative, could be extradited to Russia. Realizing that the squeeze could be put on him, Graham Negative quickly went the psychiatric defense route (Graham Negative knew a bit of criminal law having gotten an associate law degree through night school in Zimbabwe through the internet. Since the Zimbabweans are always looking for friends in high places - the fix was in.)

Graham Negative claimed he had suffered, even as a child, from Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy. It seems that a previous psychiatric examination when he was a rebellious boy (or girl), it is unclear without further psychiatric treatment, revealed that Graham Negative had identified as a woman and saw "herself" taking care of the child, Vladimir, whom Graham Negative thought was mentally ill - because Vladimir seemed to behave aggressively at times. Graham Negative had always been passive except when confronted with some sort of conflict.

The ruse seemed to work because Graham Negative was released from possible senate censure on promise he would seek further psychiatric treatment. That report of the psychiatric analysis was released to thehighwire through an FOI action by a Del Bigree. But then it was also "leaked" to  American Pravda, previously known as New York at Times. What the leak revealed was that Graham Negative suffered from extreme penis envy when he was in his stage of identifying as a woman; but when he thought he might actually still be a boy - he collapsed into a catatonic state thinking that he had been castrated. What to do.

The senate, wishing not to lose one of their own -- appropriated another trillion dollars, only this time for the purchase of large artificial penises [purchased from and designed by China] to be distributed to all members of both houses, regardless of sex, male, female or neutered - for all members to grasp and to hold in moments of their anxiety when they had fantisies of having Vladimir Putin assassinated.

A very recent report has revealed that Graham Negative has legally had his name changed to Graham Positive as he has been threatening Murder by Proxy of Premier Jerkoff  Truedodo of Canada another confused little boy or possibly girl or neutered - he will not reveal what he really is. Both houses of congress have refused to take any action as this recent fantasy of Graham Positive seems entirely appropriate.