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Posted 2021-08-17, Tuesday

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2021-08016 All of the Evidence Is In - the Covid Vaccine Is a Failure, by Paul C. Roberts, Ph.D Economics, Reagan Assistant Treasury Secretary

Listen to me. It is very late but I wanted to get this posted to you. Tomorrow as time allows I will put it on a Dr. Malone webpage. We already have quite a few of his videos on this site. He has been patiently explaining what is happening as regared to the Covid-19 virus and now the Delta Variant.

In this presentation Dr. Malone is going to tell you what most likely WILL happen if the governments of the U.S. Canada, and Europe who are using the mRNA vaccine technology do not stop immediately the world wide vaccination project.

This is the warning issued by Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, Ph.D (Virologists) back in March of 2021 who warned that continuing the frantic effort to vaccinate every body in the nations that use the genetic modifying vaccine technology would result in world wide a world wide catastrophy with major population extinction. Many of the signs he said (and published in his scientific paper) that would come to pass ARE UPON US - and India is the "Canary in the mine." If he is right, and his recommendations and those of Dr. Malone and Dr. Peter McCullough are not followed - then none of you here in America will have to worry about your 401k, or your career or building your nest egg for the future. It will be THE FUTURE THAT NEVER CAME.

I don't feel there will be a need to post another warning of this nature and vividly expressed by Dr. Malone's presentation above. If the authorities ignore these internationally recognized and respected experts in the medical and virology field - then future posts will be as the town bullitin boards daily listed the casualties and deaths from the battle fields of the American Civil War and the Great War, the War to End All Wars.

Here for you is an approximate time line of what I thought was the key moments. In the video link above which you can download I have inserted a timing counter so you will be able to locate to times, I will get to work on a full transcript tomorrow and along with making video and audio sections of the presentation since learning is often best done by repetition.

If our great ship of state, America and its authorities do not move the rudder in the direction recommended by these experts and many more - well, it won't be as devastating for me and my wife as we are fortunate and have lived a long and prosperous life. Our end is near anyway. And Dr. Malone, and Dr. McCullough, and Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, Ph.D, and people such as physician Dr. Vladimire Zelenko, and Dr. Joseph Mercola, and Sucharit Bhakdi MD, "Most cited microbiologist in German academic history" and there are so many others - all urge the nations to change direction, stop the mass vaccinations, especially for the young, those 35 and younger, and never for children - DO IT BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. Or theirs will be the Future that Never Came,

0 to 35m The Noble Lie "That is what we are dealing with and it must change."

37.48 The four components of the Noble Lie.

47.0 TrialSiteNews and Dr. Malone

48.5 Peter Navaro and Dr. Malone on Steve Bannon's War Room (BitChute I believe)

50.0 !! If we continue with the mass vaccinations it will kill us all.

51 - 51.10 Geert predictions. What will happen. Big problems. Israel ADE, another prediction of Geert.

52,25 Limit vaccinations to the elderly.

53.24 Delta varient

57.46 Herd immunity

1h 03 Policy options

1h 04 Some drugs recommended. Alternate use drugs for early intervention.

1h 5 Antivirals.

1h 8 Must listen here. Make a separate video. I believe this is the section where the most famous British epidemic authority issues his warnings in the face of new facts.

1h 11m 57s Dr. Malone Presentation ends here

Q&A Begins. Very interesting and educational and I will time line it tomorrow.

In conclusion. If we do not listen to these recongized experts then our constant companions for the future will be




Posted 2021-08-09 Monday

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Dr Robert Malone Discusses the mRNA Technology, Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) and the Possible Dangers it Poses to Everyone and His Concurrence with Dr. Geert Vaden Bossche and Dr. Peter McCullough On the High Risk to Vast Populations if ADE Results in Production of

Mutant Viruses

Dr. Robert Malone (37:35) and that if we don't listen to Gert and the warnings about escape mutants, we are at high-risk for generating super mutant viruses that will infect all of us, probably with very high titers in, in significant disease risk; because what's happening with vaccinating the whole world is that we're focusing all of our immune responses on one particular protein with natural infection, you generate immune responses against a broad range of proteins. And this is part of why we have the genetic diversity we have in our immune systems is that people that have this particular gene versus that particular gene, they may get taken out by a given pathogen.

Dr. Robert Malone (38:26):
This is, this is big population stuff. Okay. Remember, this is how come the native Americans got wiped out was infectious disease. A good case can be the reason why we beat the British was because they didn't have good immune responses against some of the native north American pathogens talking about the revolutionary war.

Dr. Robert Malone (38:45) So it is, it is absolutely a risk that we focus every everybody's immune response on one protein. And then the virus learns how to escape that specific immune response. And then it'll just rip through the population as opposed to only targeting those that have very high risk to protect them, protect our old people, for example and then making it so the rest of us have, you know, perhaps get natural infection, better, supported by drugs and develop a more broad-based immune response. That's diverse so that if, if a super pathogen does evolve, it doesn't take all of us out.



Posted 2021-08-05 Sunday

mRNA Expert Speaks Out on the COVID Crisis

There's a concept called Plato's noble lie, which says it's acceptable for public leaders to lie if the lie is made in the interest of the common good.

Interview with

Robert Malone, M.D.


Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA and DNA vaccine core platform technology, expressed his concerns about the spike protein used in COVID-19 vaccines to the FDA last fall, but was dismissed

To Watch Video Click this Link

Full audio and 20 minute segmented sections of the video & audio along with time stamped transcript will soon be posted. This interview conducted by Aga Wilson of NewsVoice, Sweden, will set your ears back.