"To sin by silence when they should protest -

makes cowards of men"

by Ella Wheeler Wilcox, (Nov. 5, 1850 - Oct. 30, 1919) 1914 from her poem, "The Protest"

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Posted 2021-dec-20, Posted on Twitter Dec 16, 2021

Dr. Geert V. Bossche latest warning


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Posted 2021-Dec-05. Originally broadcast Nov. 27, 2021 in Philippines to Doctors for Life.

The Implications of Massive Vaccination

During the Pandemic, with Dr. Geert  V. Bossche


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Entire Video is 2hr 49 min. The QA session starts at about 1hr.

Note: {2021-Dec-06} The Q&A section has not yet been uploaded. Where feasable it will be edited by the significant questions so that you can listen to each question and answer. Where a question is of real value the audio will be provided. Also, this page will be styled a little better as time allows.


1. 0 to 08_30.078 Introduction to Dr. Geert V. Bossche with display of credentials and short bio. Duration 8:30 minutes.

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2. 8_30.078 to 26_38.628 Dr. Bossche introduction. It is important for people to realize that a vaccine is very different from taking a drug > So why does innate immunity not protect against all viral diseases? I want to stress, I am NOT against vaccines. They have saved millions of lives. BUT IT IS NOT TRUE THAT FOR EVERY SINGLE VIRUS WE NEED A VACCINE. A clear example of this is the kind of virus we are dealing with right now causing this epidemic. Duration 18:08 minutes.

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3. 26_38.628 to 49_25.514 But why then do some of our children get C-19 disease? "What we are seeing right now is that a number of our children are getting the disease." 27:45min. Very important. Why now, when initially the children were not getting the disease, now they are? > 49:04m We are dealing with a virus where innate immunity can do a fantastic job and we have picked completely THE WRONG APPROACH which is to induce ACQUIRED ANTIBODIES that DO NOT HAVE THE CAPACITY that innate antibodies have. Duration 22:46 minutes

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4. 49_25.514 to 1_06_12.187 What happens with innate immunity when children grow up? And so, why is covid-19 vaccination and say this NOT IN A PROVOKING WAY, that is what I call "AN UNFORGIVABLE SIN." So why? > These people should definitely have access to early treatment. But again, THEY SHOULD NOT GET THE INJECTION – 1_06 min BECAUSE THE VACCINE IS GOING TO FURTHER SUPPRESS THEIR ANTIBODIES and the antibodies from the vaccines do not recognize the variants that are circulating right now. Duration 16_46.673 minutes.

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5. 1_06_12.187 to 1_11_31.088 Vaccination does NOT improve your protection against severe disease or hospitalization. Very Important: There is NO REASON FOR FEAR. Stress and fear weakens your innate immunity. 1:06 The current measures being used are insane. > 1_11.25 I am open to any questions you may have. Duration 5_18.901

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Part 2 Text

Thank you. Thank you so much for your kind introductory words. Uh, uh, I'm extending a very warm welcome to all of you. And I feel honored to have the opportunity to speak to you. Uh, I will present a number of slides, but, uh, I will, of course be available for questions that you may have. So there's a few things that before I share my screen to walk you through the slides, there is a few things that I would like to say in advance. First of all, I think it's very important that people realize that a vaccine is very, very different from a drug. Getting vaccinated is like getting a software program on your computer that you cannot erase. So it's like installing a software that is certainly not easy to erase. It's not like a direct that can be eliminated within a few days from your body.

A vaccine is a message that imprints your immune system and that the immune system will remember in fact for the rest of your life. So it's not a decision to be taken a light to get vaccinated. That is one thing I would like to say. The second thing I would like to say is that nobody, nobody should be afraid of becoming ill or becoming the disease as long as it is not severe disease. All of us have contracted diseases have been mildly or moderately ill have been in bed for a number of days. None of these is very resolved. What is worrisome is to get severe disease, to need to be hospitalized, et cetera. And the third thing I would like to say is that all I will present you is based on my long standing career as a vaccinologist and primarily, and in fact, exclusively on science, but not a and nothing else, but the science. So with that, I would like to share my screen and, um, uh, so that we can start a presentation. Uh, let me have, yeah. That's oh, okay. So can, uh, can everybody see my, uh, my screen? Yes. Yeah. Okay. So the title of my presentation is, as I was saying, everything I'm going to tell you is based on the signs and according to the signs, it is really not justifiable to

Issue vaccine mandates. Those vaccine mandates can not be, cannot be justified on the contrary. I know this is a very strong statement that I will explain you. Why is it? Well, first of all, uh, let me have a look at the slides. Uh, some of the slides are very busy, but no worries. We will take our time to walk you through them. I just wanted, first of all, to spend a few words on innate immunity, innate immunity is something you may not even have heard of during this whole pandemic crisis, because it is a type of immunity that we have from the very beginning of our life that we have already as of birth, that is very, very powerful, but that is something that we have been given from nature that is not induced by vaccines. So when you hear about vaccines, there is never ever a talk about innate immunity because the innate immunity is something that you get naturally as from birth, whereas vaccines in use what we call acquired immunity or adaptive immunity.

So why is innate immunity so precious? Well, first of all, as I said, innate immunity is present at birth and it protects children from a multitude of different diseases. So these are essentially antibodies that you have already a birth without having seen any pathogen. We don't having seen any vaccine and it protects children from a multitude of diseases, including a number of viral diseases. For example, Corona virus. I'm not even talking about SARS COVID too, because that is automatically included. It's not just a source code. We do. It's all Corona viruses. You know, we have a number of Corona viruses that are responsible for common colds and, um, the innate immunity protects against all this, uh, all these viruses, but also for example, against influenza virus. And remember we never ever vaccinate our children against the flu let alone that we would do mass vaccination across all age groups against the influenza virus.

We typically, we typically immunize people who are vulnerable against this disease. So then fill the role means that their innate immunity is compromised. Their innate immunity is compromised because they have, for example, underlying diseases. Or we know that also with aging, the innate immunity is weakened, but very often also with aging people start to get some underlying diseases, which of course is then we can in that innate immunity. And remember, as the pandemic started, when we had two hand that was circulating, we didn't have young and healthy people. And even also, uh, elderly people who were in, in, in good health didn't suffer from, from this virus, maybe they got mild or moderate illness, but the people who overeat this suffering were essentially people, uh, older ages above 70, 75, 80, et cetera. And of course also people with underlying diseases. So innate immunity, I'm not saying that it protects you against all kinds of different disease and all kinds of different pathogens, but definitely there are a number of viruses like the grownup virus, like influenza virus, and also some other inspiratory viruses that you get protected against.

Thanks to innate immunity provided innate immunity is in good shape. That means people are in good health. That is very, very important to understand. Innate immunity is generally acknowledged as our first line of immune defense. And it has just like acquired immunity. It has an antibody component that antibody component B called innate antibodies. And it has a cellular component, an innate component that is based on a cellular defense. That is largely, that is largely in fact, you to natural killer cells. And this innate immunity is fantastic because it not only protects you against diseases, it can even prevent infection or it can abrogate infection. What means abrogate infection? That means that when the virus infects a cell NK cells, natural killer cells can kill that virus infected cell. And by doing so, the infection is abrogate. So in contrast to vaccine and used immunity, innate immunity enables what we call sterilizing immunity.

It can sterilize the virus, it can kill the virus. It can eliminate the virus, make dividers disappears, and therefore it is a key pillar of herd immunity. I'm sure you've all heard, heard about herd immunity and herd immunity is in fact, the property of a population to protect people who have no immunity or who have very bad immunity, because the vast majority of people or protected have some kind of immunity that prevents them from transmitting the virus. And if the virus doesn't get transmitted in high frequency, then the likelihood of somebody who is not protected to be protected, thanks to this low, low degree of transmission or lack of transmission becomes very, very hard. And that is what is hurt immunity. If there is one thing that all experts, regardless of whether they are Peru, mass vaccination or against max mass vaccination agree up, and right now is that the current vaccine and the current COVID-19 mass vaccination campaigns do not contribute, do not contribute whatsoever to herd immunity because these vaccines or not capable of preventing the transmission of the virus.

And that is something which is now published everywhere that people were vaccinated can shed the virus can transmit the virus. So there is no hope that with this mass vaccination, we will ever have herd immunity and without a herd immunity, it is impossible, impossible to obtain a pandemic because the only way you can tame a pandemic is by cutting curtailing transmission of the virus. Okay? So as innate immunities in the evening, it can also operate immediately when you get attacked by a pathogen, as you know, with the vaccines, for example, it takes a lot of time before the full fledged antibody response is established very often with vaccines. You need even two doses. And after each dose, you, you need to wait for a number of days or weeks before you have, uh, an antibody response that is sufficient. And that will, to some extent, at least protect you against the disease.

So that is a process that takes time in anything unity is ready to go. This is like a Bri primed immune defense that can immediately operate upon attack, better pathogen. So it does not need to mature, uh, before full-fledged protection is provided. And because innate immunity, as I just mentioned, protects against the broad and diversified spectrum of respiratory viruses, such as Corona virus, flu virus, most likely also a respiratory syncytial virus or as V virus well solve school V two for that reason is typically not a childhood disease. Of course, just like for flu children get infected, but today can fight this infection. They can clear the virus bureau provided they are in good health. So it's not a childhood disease. And of course, with aging, as I mentioned, the titles of the innate antibodies they wane, and that may therefore result in enhanced susceptibility of older age groups.

So innate immunity is waning with age, but not necessarily. There are even people 85, 90 years old who still have managed to not have underlying diseases or in good shape, have a healthy lifestyle. And even these people will not get the disease. They can be protected against the disease, but of course, in general, if you talk about averages, you will see indeed that the frequency of underlying diseases will increase with age. And of course there is an aging process also of the immune system. So the likelihood indeed that at an older age, you can get not only the infection, but also the disease, uh, becomes higher. But the protection, especially from children is such that there have been early on in the pandemic publications, even that I'm citing here, uh, which were pointing to the immune system of children to really understand what is, what we call the correlate of protection.

What is it really that protects people from SASCO V2? And what is it that prevents them from having the disease? Because remember, nobody, nobody seems to realize, at least from our public health experts, that at the beginning of this pandemic, we go to war and strain that was really rapidly spreading. And this was a virus that was completely new to our populations. So we call this in our terminology, immunologically naive. So the population was immunologically naive to this virus. So had no antibodies and guess what, nobody except for vulnerable people or people with underlying diseases was getting the disease or at most, some mild, or maybe some moderate illness, a few days in bed, et cetera. So how can that be for El? The explanation is that people in good health or protected by, by their innate immune system. And that is what is what got explored in children.

And what got also published that this is the key to understanding SASCO V2 susceptibility. If your innate immune system gets compromised, then of course your immune defense against a number of these viruses will also be compromised. So the question is then, so why does innate immunity not protect against all viral diseases? So that would be easy. Then we could completely forget about vaccines and just rely on our innate immune system. Unfortunately, that is not the case, but definitely what I'm telling you is that here we are dealing with the virus that can be eliminated by our innate immune system. So here we are definitely with the virus, for which innate immunity is very important. It's not a case for all viruses because some viruses have a very high affinity for their receptors. And even before they can be captured by the innate antibodies that would otherwise neutralize the virus, the virus has already bound to the receptors.

So the affinity of the receptive for the virus is much higher than the affinity of the innate antibodies for the virus. And that of course causes a number of diseases for which it needs antibodies come too late, or they are not sufficiently strong to bind a new derives device. So that is one, uh, one case where we of course still need vaccines. Another case is for example, in case viruses or a highly infectious, when you're highly infectious, they can easily break through the host innate immune defense. So they can easily grate through this barrier of antibodies and in case cells and in order to prevent them. That is the case, for example, with measles, uh, I mean, I'm sure you all have heard about epidemics of measles. That can be very devastating and that spread very, very rapidly, highly infectious disease.

We have no choice, but to vaccinate in order to make sure that children, for example, have high tides of antibodies against measles that can protect them. So that by the time they get infected by the vibes, dividers gets neutralized immediately by the antibodies that are in the blocks. So these are then also viruses would also be bacteria. Of course, that typically cause childhood diseases. It's not that they're infected children. They can also cause disease in children. That is not the case. As I was saying with our school, we do it with COVID-19 disease. So that is why we definitely need vaccines. For example, to fight chronic diseases or a number of these diseases like HIV, like hepatitis C, et cetera, belong to this category may have really strong affinity between the virus and the receptor and insufficient capacity of the innate antibodies. Unfortunately, for these type of diseases, we still don't have standalone vaccines. Unfortunately then there are the older vaccine, the other pathogens that are highly infectious, that cause childhood diseases. And for which we do have actions, and I want to stress that I'm certainly not, not

Against vaccines. Vaccines have saved hundreds of millions of lives, but it's not true for every single virus. We need a vaccine. And a clear example is the kind of infection that kind of virus we are dealing with right now. And that is causing this epidemic.

Part 3 Text

So that still, what we are seeing right now is that a member of our children are getting the disease. So isn't that contradictory on one hand side and say, you know, don't worry too much about the children because they are really very, well-protected provided they are in good health because they have that innate immunity. And then on the other hand, what you're seeing right now is that there is a number of children that are getting the disease. So is that contradictory? So here comes a very important point that it is critical to understand. And I will take my time to explain it to you in detail, because this is one of the most important things to understand, to get a sense of how this pandemic is evolving and why now all of a sudden our children who were at the beginning of the pandemic completely protected, didn't even develop any signs, signs of disease that now all of a sudden, some children start to develop disease.

So how can that happen? Well, the reason why this happens is the following when children or a person, any person that has asymptomatic disease. So asymptomatic disease may, uh, well, asymptomatic infection, you'll see, is it another disease? Because that is a contradiction in terms. So an asymptomatic infection is you get infected by the virus, but you don't develop symptoms or you develop maybe mild symptoms. You're not in bed, but you're not feeling well for maybe a day or so. It's not even preventing you from going to school or from, from doing your job. But it's, it's, it's very much so in that case, your immune system has seen the virus, but it has not really been primed to be called. Priming is when the, the immune system got the really well imprinted with the pathogen and the antigen so that it will remember this encounter basically for the rest of your life.

If there is only an asymptomatic infection that contact that encountered has been too superficial to induce this type of immunologically immunological memory. But what will happen is that nevertheless, your immune system will Mount antibodies. So I'm no longer talking about innate immunity right now, I'm talking about a kind of acquired immunity. So you Mount antibodies and those antibodies are amongst other, primarily directed against the spike protein. So, but because these encountered is very superficial, these antibodies or short-lived, they will disappear after a few weeks from your blocks. Basically, there are a number of publications that describe that after eight weeks, these antibodies are even no longer detectable. So that is one thing. Second thing, there is no memory, as I just said, and turn these antibodies have low affinity for the virus and they are not functional. They have not the capacity of neutralizing the virus, but there is a big, but here, but these antibodies can still bind to the virus.

And by binding to the virus, they can, to some extent, prevent your innate antibodies from binding to the virus. So in other words, your innate immune system is to some extent, because the short lift antibodies that you acquired as a result from a previous asymptomatic infection, these antibodies will compete with your innate antibodies. And to some extent, suppress those innate. So why is this so important? Now, this is important because during that very periods where this is happening, your innate immunity is suppressed. And as I was saying, the antibodies that you acquired or shortlist and not functional. So at that very moment in time, you are vulnerable because you're in immunity and the antibodies that you acquired or not functional. But I will say this is a situation that normally does not last for a long time, because after six or eight weeks, these antibodies have even disappeared from your blogs.

So normally for example, when the one stream was circling, I think a strain, which was not very infectious, that was not a problem. Why not? Well, what was the likelihood? What was the likelihood that you got infected with [inaudible] and that within six weeks thereafter, during the periods where you were vulnerable, you got re-exposed to that very same [inaudible] vibes. That likelihood was very, very low. Why? Because the strain was not very infectious. No, we are having, we are dealing right now with another completely different situation. We are now dealing with another pandemic, a pandemic of highly infectious variants. So the Delta Valiant in most countries, which is highly infectious, is the dominant strain. So highly infectious means, you know, that the likelihood that you get reinfected over and over again with this variant is much higher than in case of the original Bullhorn street. So now, if you are sitting on some short lift antibodies, as a result from a briefest asymptomatic infection, the likelihood that, you know, become very infected with this highly infectious variant within six weeks after your brief is exclusion.

That is to say during the periods where you're completely vulnerable, this likelihood becomes now significantly high. So that means is this Delta strain more virulent? Some people say, well, Delta three is more Vivian because milk, our children are getting the disease. No, no, no, no, no, no. The Delta, there is no selection of vigilant G there is no positive selection, according to genomic analysis of virulence genes. So it's not like the Delta variant has no selected, or it has mutations that enhance that increase the virulence of this virus. It is simply because people are reentering, are getting re-exposed to the virus. Do you bring this period of vulnerability? And that the likelihood becomes no very realistic and very high because per definition, almost of Delta value is a highly infectious strain. And that is very, very important to understand. And then I talked to my third bullet here, why is this well, the highly infectious Delta virgins, and also the gamma and the alpha and the beta existed already before the mass vaccination.

That is true. But what did change since the mass vaccination, whereas is the following medicine before the vaccination, these strains, these variants were not dominant. It was the [inaudible] was dominant, but they popped up and they were isolated from time to time, but they were not dominant. Now, all of a sudden you have the mass vaccination and what is the mass vaccination? The mass vaccination causes in fact, people to have antibodies, to have antibodies against the virus, but, and this causes, that is what we call immune pressure. So the immune system of not only one individual, but of the whole population get vaccinated, this immune pressure becomes higher and higher. And this immune pressure, however, is not sufficient to eliminate the virus because we know that these vaccines have not sterilizing capacity. They cannot block the transmission, but they put three men this pressure on the virus.

So now all of a sudden, of course, the virus is encountering a very harsh environment, an environment where the immune pressure is very high and not just in a few people, but in more and more people. That is what happens when we do mass vaccination across several different age groups. So now all of a sudden there's variants that were sporadically found an isolated or no, having a competitive advantage in comparison to the hand strain, why do they have a competitor and comp a competitive advantage? They have a competitive advantage because they are more infectious. In other words, they can more easily overcome the immune pressure that is exerted by the population. So they have a fitness advantage. And because of this fitness advantage, they can now start to dominate the [inaudible] strain and they become more and more prevalent. So their expansion in prevalence becomes now more and more important.

So that is what mass vaccination does. Mass vaccination did not generate this, this variants, or it was not responsible for generating these variants. That what mass vaccination did is that it gave to these variants a tremendous competitive advantage. And because all of the population of large part of the population, uh, is involved of was involved the virus, this Delta variants managed to add that to the population. That's what we call adaptation. And because mass vaccination cost dominance of the more infectious Delta value and because a higher infection rates due to this dominant dominance of more infectious strains is of course increasing the likelihood that people after their first infection get to reinfected. And the re-exposed within a short term timeframe thereafter you during the time where you're still sitting on antibodies, that to some extent, out-compete the innate immunity, that is why they become vulnerable.

And that is very important to understand. So there is a number of, of, there is a dynamic that we know, uh, and, um, so it's not that innate immunity is failing. The innate immunity gets out competed by antibodies that are worthless because these function, these antibodies are not functional antibodies that they result from a previous, uh, uh, asymptomatic infection. So now luckily enough healthy children, they have high titers of dysfunctional innate antibodies. So there are antibodies despite the competition from the short lift, uh, no affinity and despite antibodies, despite this competition, they are still, they have still some capacity to resist this, this pressure from the specific antibodies. And, uh, that is the reason why, in most cases, children will, you know, despite despite the situation, despite the Delta, very uncertainty, I think we'll either, you know, still not have any symptoms or they may, they may, because of this partial suppression develop mild infection, uh, multi disease, and sometimes even moderate disease.

But nevertheless, when children are healthy, the likelihood that they are going to get severe disease, even with circulating Delta Valiant, when they have no underlying diseases is very, very remote. And that is why I'm saying why I was saying at the beginning of my talk, don't be afraid of, you know, of getting you, I mean, what's the point you, you are for one or two or three, or maybe maximum one week in bed. In the worst case, it is still normal. Uh, what is not acceptable, of course it's severe disease. So it is through that because of high infection rates, the cost by the Delta children may not develop mild or sometimes even moderate disease. However, provided they're in good health and have no underlying disease. It's highly unlikely for them to develop severe disease. Of course, it can always happen maybe one in 100,000.

I don't know exactly, but this is not a scenario that need to be taken into account. Uh, when, when considering the huge advantage, uh, of innate, uh, of innate immunity, individuals who recover from, uh, COVID-19 disease. Because even if children, but not, not only children, but any anybody, when you then still get the disease, but you recover from that disease. Well, then you have lifelong immunity also towards source code V2. So you have, you have acquired immunity, but a type of immunity of adaptive acquired immunity that is way better, more functional and covers a broader spectrum of variance than the vaccine antibodies do. And this is not just my interpretation. This has been published a number of times in, in peer review journals that naturally acquired antibodies that you obtained as a result or on the recovery from disease, do a better job than the vaccine, all antibodies in a sense that they are, have better functionality and that they can cover a number of different values.

So, uh, last with regard to this slide, children that are at risk because they do have, for some kids, children do, of course have underlying diseases. They must receive early multidrug treatment. I mean, there is no doubt about is how can you, somebody who you know, is at risk, not provide with appropriate medication, which is, uh, which is which exists right now, which, which is well known, which is safe, et cetera. I'm not going to expand on this, but, but, uh, people like Peter McConnell, et cetera, I've done extensive work on this together with a number of colleagues that make it very, very clear that this is a disease that can be treated and people who are at risk or children, for example, what at risk they should receive, uh, this, uh, this treatment when needed. So now what happens with innate immunity when children grow up, can they still rely on it?

Well, there is now, and this is also something which is fantastic news, but again, this is not new. It just that this type of science got completely ignored because vaccinologist, they're not interested in innate immunity because they vaccinate. And when you vaccinate, you immediately start to induce acquired immunity. You bypass this whole chapter of innate immunity where it is now since many years unambiguous evidence that innate immunity can on top be three-inch. So what does that mean? Well, it means that children at birth, for example, they have a lot of innate antibodies and these innate antibodies also to say naive, they can recognize several different pathogens, but they are not split. They have little, little, very little, or almost no specificity. So what happens is that when children, for example, get infected, their innate immune system can start to some extent to remember this infection, because especially when they get mild disease.

So what does that mean? The virus can be neutralized right away by innate antibodies at the portal of entry. When that happens, it's like the innate immune system or the immune system has not even seen the virus. You had innate antibodies, the virus, you know, came into your body and it got immediately neutralized. But, uh, in when that is not the case, the virus can still get into the epithelial cells. And when the innate immune response is sufficient, these cells, as I initially, will be killed by natural killer cells. But that is a kind of signal to the innate immune system to do better. Next time around it's like innate immune system is saying, wow, I was lucky that I had my encase cells because otherwise the virus would have broken through my innate in unity. So the antibodies now get trained in a sense that the cells that are secreting these innate antibodies, they are now trained to, to produce antibodies that have a little bit higher affinity for this particular virus.

So that next time around the neutralizing antibodies can do a better job because they bind with higher affinity to the virus. And hence the likelihood that this virus will now get into cells. So that, uh, as last resort, you have to commit in case cells to eliminate the virus infected cells that this will no longer happen. That is to really so open the re-exposure to the same, or even a similar pathogen, the cells called drained and they know produce protective, innate antibodies, that acquire memory. So they can remember the virus. So you could say, well, if that is the case, if they have become more specific and they, the cells, these are B cells have now acquired memory, then it's the same, like the adaptive immune system, like the acquired antibodies. No, it's not the same. It's still like, uh, in between the naive innate antibodies and the adaptive immunity in a sense that the antibodies that cook trained, we will still, and that is important.

We will still be able to recognize also other viruses, other pathogens. So they got somewhat higher affinity for the pathogen that they were challenged by. But it's not that this is if this city is now so specific that they will not recognize other pathogens. So they, they conserve what we call the poly reactivity. It just that they are better trained when next time around this virus gets into their body, that it can more readily be neutralized thanks to the innate trained antibodies. So thanks to their higher affinity, the straightened eight antibodies will be more effective at neutralizing soft skull V2, while still able to recognize a multitude of different other Corona virus, including all the variants. So see, that is the beauty of the innate immune system. The innate immune system not only recognizes all kinds of different variants of [inaudible] to recognize all the Corona viruses.

So thanks to the innate immune training, the unvaccinated healthy subject, of course, including children will improve their protection from SASCO. We do. And also other Corona viruses, they are trained in it. Antibodies will better resist competition from this low affinity spikes specific antibodies that were acquired a previous infection. So remember, I will say the previous slide. Well, there is still these threats from the Delta arrogance that's children or anybody who got previously asymptomatic infection get now reinfected within a short period of time. Well, if your antibody scoped range, your innate antibody scopes range, they have higher affinity for the violence. So that means they will more easily embedded with stents, that competition from the shortlist antibodies that were acquired as a result of previous asymptomatic infection. So that is why we are gonna see that as the pandemic evolves, we are going to see that more and more children and more and more people who got previously symptomatic infectious and maybe mild disease are now going to be completely protected against all these kinds of variants.

And, and because this is a system that has memory, this is in fact something that will apply for the rest of their life. So this is, this is quite revolutionary. Well, I, I wouldn't say news. This is something we know that this is the way innate immunity works. It just that innate immunity does not protect you. It is all kinds of different viruses, but here we were dealing and we are dealing with a virus where the innate immune system can do a fantastic job. And we just picked the completely wrong approach, which is to induce acquired antibodies. That by far have not the capacity that innate antibodies has.

Part 4 Text

And so why is COVID-19 vaccination? And, you know, I say this not in a provoking way, not at all, but that is what I call an unforgivable sin. So why, well, I just told you that a specific spikes, specific antibodies that are acquired upon asymptomatic infection, they can exert some weak pressure on this innate antibody, the vaccine antibodies for God's sake. I mean, vaccinate antibodies, that that is the purpose of vaccination is to strongly prime your immune system so that this vaccine, all antibodies recognize. So to say the virus with a high affinity and they strongly bind to the virus, for sure they are going to exert a very strong suppression of your innate antibodies. Whereas the short-lived antibodies that you acquired to complete this asymptomatic infection, exert a weak pressure. This pressure from the factional antibodies is going to be very, very high. And you could say, well, that is always the case.

When you vaccinate, of course, this is always the case. And in general, it's not a problem at all. It could even be fantastic news, but it's of course not fantastic news. If this vaccine all antibodies do not match the virus that is circulating because this vaccine of antibodies resulted from a vaccination that use the vaccines that has the spike protein of the original uhand stray and the antibodies that are induced by that vaccine do no longer match the circulating variant that we have right now, which is the Delta, for example. So we are dealing with another pandemic. We are now dealing with a pandemic of a highly infectious variant, and the antibodies that we are generating are still the antibodies that match the ones straight. So if you have vaccine all antibodies that do not, that are very, very specific, but only recognize a strain that is no longer relevant that has basically disappeared.

Then it is completely useless. Of course. And you could say, well, okay then, yeah, I'm still having my innate antibodies. No, I guess what I'm saying is that no, because that is the price you pay. The price that you pay is that these antibodies will suppress your innate immune antibodies. So that is very problematic. So you do the higher infection rates because of Delta variant. This vaccine, all antibodies are now continuously boosted. So this is the other than you could say, well, I'm just going to wait until my antibodies wane. And then my innate antibodies, my innate immunity will be completely restored and that I'll be finding it. That is not the case. Why not? The Delta variate is circulating all the time. You get re-exposed all over, but each time you get re-exposed to the virus, it's like you get the boost like you get the boost chop.

So this vaccine, all antibodies are continuously boost and the relevant innate antibodies. So the innate antibodies that could protect you from south school, we do. And even from all other Corona viruses are constantly suppressed. So that is very problematic. So because of this sustained suppression by the vaccine, all antibodies kids may no longer be naturally protected against a number of childhood infections that do not usually result in disease. So I was saying these innate antibodies that for example, recognize our school. We too are also the type of innate antibodies that will recognize, for example, influenza, that we will recognize a number of other Corona viruses. And therefore these viruses that I mentioned do never cause childhood diseases that cause childhood infection that who cares. If the, if, if the child doesn't get the disease, but now all of a sudden this type of innate antibodies gets suppressed by the vaccine, all antibodies.

For sure, you're going to see a number of childhood infections that are now turned into childhood diseases because of the suppression. So on top the innate antibodies, and this is a very serious thing. What I'm saying right now, uh, I cannot go in the immunologically in the immunological detail of this, but it is very well known and documented. And when I say documented, I need publications that innate antibodies or protective of self. So that means that these innate antibodies also, uh, a role, uh, to prevent, although immunity in a sense that they prevent that they prevent self components from being recognized by the, by the immune system, when self components are recognized by the immune system, of course, that, that, that means that you have auto reactivity, that you have autoimmune disease. So in it, antibodies can prevent that. But of course, if you suppress these innate antibodies, this protective function is no longer there.

And therefore I'm sure. And to some extent it has already been documented that this is highly likely to raise the incidence of how the immune diseases, uh, also in, in, in children, particularly in, in, in older children, I would say as of the age of, uh, a, uh, between eight and 14, whereas in the lower age groups, the younger children, you will primarily see if there's mass vaccination continues in children, that you will have an increased incidents in a number of childhood diseases that are not normally childhood diseases, as I just mentioned. So vaccinating children against soft school with two deprives them from their capacity to standardize this virus, as well as a number of other viruses that do not usually cause harm to children. So in the meantime, of course, as I previously said, in vaccinated children, yeah, they may get mild or moderate disease, uh, but the resulting training of their innate immune system or the acquisition of natural spikes, specific antibodies, which happens in case they get a disease, we'll provide them with sustained protective, innate, or acquired immunity.

And that is not only very critical for their individual health, but these are also the cornerstones for herd immunity, this type of immunity, the innate immunity and the acquired immunity as a result from natural disease. So much better than factional antibodies. There is all the types of immunity that will eliminate the virus that will reduce transmission. And that will ultimately contribute to herd immunity. And we are simply destroying it by vaccinating our people. So vaccination does not, not improve your protection against severe disease or hospitalization. So that, that is something very important because right now what you hear, at least in my country and in a number of European countries is that, uh, officials say, well, wait a minute, wait a minute. Yeah. We know that vaccination does no longer protect against transmission, et cetera, and, and, and no longer against disease, but it still protects you against severe disease or hospitalization.

So this is completely, completely wrong. There isn't an incredible confounder in this analysis. Why? Yeah, because of course they are just looking at people who get severe disease and get hospitalized. One has to know that as I was just saying, innate immunity protects you again very often against infections. So it protects you against mild disease and it protects you against moderate disease. All the unvaccinated people that do not land in the hospital, they are all protected, but they are not taken into account. Would any official dare to say, yeah, but wait a minute. I mean, these people have not been infected. This is impossible. I just said, we have the Delta variant circulating. You can wear masks. You can keep distance, social distancing, et cetera. This virus is so infectious. It is almost impossible to avoid exposure. So, so many people still get exposed to this virus and either develop no symptoms whatsoever, or they may be developed mild symptoms, or they develop maybe moderate disease.

There are a few days in bed. And so what they are never getting to the hospital. So none of these Earnin vaccinated individuals that are all protected against severe disease or counted. So that is, uh, an incredible under estimation of the protection that this provided to these people that are healthy, thanks to their innate immunity. So the vast majority of the infects native healthy individuals are protected against mild or moderate disease and are of course much, much less likely to contract severe disease. I mean, they are protected against severe disease. However, some healthy un-vaccinated individuals may develop moderate disease as a result of sustained empty spike antibody titers. So remember, I'm always repeating myself. Of course, it's still possible that even in vaccinated, people have some moderate disease because they are still sitting on some short lift antibodies, but as they recover, I'm repeating myself, they develop broadly functional, naturally acquired antibodies that protect them against the diversified spectrum of variants.

And that is going to contribute to herd immunity. So given the small supply, if we look who are now, the people that are in vaccinated get severe disease need to be hospitalized. Well, if you compare this as a, as a percentage of the total population that is only vaccinated, and that inevitably gets exposed to the virus, this is a very small subset. And because this is a small subset, and because in many countries, I don't know exactly what the measures are right now in the Philippines, but, uh, in, in several European countries, at least there's no resumption of the precautionary measures because, uh, the officials know, wow, the virus is spreading of being vaccinated is not going to protect the spread. So they are again recommending people to, to wear masks, et cetera. So there is more precautious stake. And again, the subset of this hospitalized and vaccinated individuals is shrinking.

And so what you will see is that fewer and fewer of these vulnerable and vaccinated people will land in the hospital. Whereas of course, the opposite will apply to vaccine is why is this? Well, of course, because we see that there is increasing resistance of the virus to the localizing antibodies. I think everybody has heard also the recent news about, you know, south African resistant mutants, et cetera, et cetera. And because also we continue this mass vaccination, so the mass vaccination and the boosters, or just going to enhance the resistance. So on the, on the side of the vaccine, is we, or just not doing the right thing and the subset of the in vaccinated people that, um, that landing the hospital will, will diminish. So you will see that within a few weeks. And it is already the case in some countries. Now the, uh, percentage I'm not talking about absolute numbers, I'm talking about percentage, the ratios of the vaccinated people that need to be hospitalized will exceed, will exceed the percentage, the ratio of the [inaudible] that needs to be hospitalized.

So you have to be very, very careful with this, uh, with this analysis. Uh, so vaccination, uh, this is a continuation of the previous slide. So the single best approach to protecting yourself and your children is to take excellent care of your health. I mean, I'm not going to dwell too long on this, but having a healthy lifestyle, healthy food, having exercise, uh, this is all very, very important. And, and also what, what comes to the, what else this is, has mental health, but that will come to this. So mild disease, as I was saying, it equals a lifelong protection. Why? Well, because it leads to draining of your innate immunity, a training that has memory. And of course, this can only be preserved provided you don't get any I'm saying any of this COVID-19 vaccines and you stay in good health. If nevertheless, the virus breaks you shouldn't be very because you are beyond unlikely to contract severe disease provided.

As I was saying that you are in good health once recovered, you should stay exposed to the virus. Why? Well, there is a lot of variants coming up and changing all over the time. So if you, if the virus broke through your innate immunity, you can no longer count on a broad protection because your innate immunity is, uh, what was not sufficient to resist the virus. So now you have to rely on your antibodies that were naturally acquired. This naturally acquired antibodies have not the same breadth of protection as the innate antibodies do. So it's important that in fact, you stay in contact, you, you don't isolate yourself because if you stay in contact, you will have regular dates of the circulating virus, which will then of course, uh, provide you with updated antibodies that have still, uh, brought, uh, that's still sufficient. Uh, I would say specificity to deal with new variants.

If you don't do this, let's say, as things are evolving very, very fast, and you would, you, you would get the disease, you would then recover. You would build antibodies, et cetera, and you would isolate for half a year. I do not rule out. I cannot prove this, that when you come out after the half a half a year later, that the variant that is circulating by then is no longer sufficiently recognized by the antibodies you acquired back six months ago. However, if you just continue to live a normal life in society, you will automatically get exposed to every single new variant that is circulating and your acquired immune system will get a regular update. So in vaccinated people with underlying diseases, these people are, of course at risk. They should still, I think, a deal to infection prevention measures. They should really be cautious with their contacts and avoid contexts with super spreaders.

My heart goes out to vaccinated people, and I will do whatever I can to help these people, uh, together with colleagues, et cetera, but it is true. And this is not to discriminate against anybody because many people got vaccinated without even knowing and thinking that this was the best thing that they could possibly do. But it is true that right now, somebody who got vaccinated, who got all these antibodies is prone to promote the propagation of a highly infectious variant, because the highly infectious variant can only flourish on a background of a high immune response. That is how it got selected, right? And, uh, these people should definitely have access to every treatment, but again, they should not get the injection because again, the, uh, the, the vaccine is just going to further suppress their innate antibodies. And again, the antibodies listed by the vaccine do not recognize the values that are circulator or sufficiently recognized. The variants that are circulating right now.

Part 5 Text

So very important. There is no reason for fears. It has been proven scientifically there are several publications, even specifically for soft SKO V2 that stress and fear we can see our innate immunity. So there is this modern discipline neurosciences where we are now getting increasing evidence that there are direct connections between the, uh, the brains, the neurological system and the immune system. So there is a communication and it is, it has been shown clearly in, in, in really by, by scientists that, uh, stress, fear, anxiety, et cetera, have a detrimental impact on your innate immunity. So there is no reason, any reason for discrimination, besides what I call discrimination against the current insane measure measures. And I don't use this word lightly insane. I don't use this word lightly, but I have to use it against current insane measures that are anything that based on sound scientific grounds, so that then people could say, and Bush, he has a nice curriculum, et cetera, but at the end of the day, what is his credibility?

Well, what I can say is that all my predictions so far have been based on science and nothing, but the science, that is one thing. The vast majority of my predictions have materials on or no on the verge of becoming reality. I was calling to the who and all public health authorities at the beginning of this year, telling them guys, if you don't stop this mass vaccination campaigns, we are going to drive the vibes in the resistance sort of backseat. See what's happening right now in the world. We or we are having already a number of these strains that are, uh, that are resistant to the vaccines and the remains to be seen what the impact will be. But what I'm saying is that if you have a sound scientific hypothesis and on top, it is, it gets confirmed really by data. And then you find out that no single experts or public health official, even theirs to openly debate with you, or to engage in a scientific discussion about what I call the single most ignored aspect of this pandemic, namely the critical role of innate immunity and how does innate immunity gets corrupted by the current vaccines?

And if you add to this, the fact that none of the scientists who are currently revealing the truth or having any conflict of interest, well, if you consider all of the, you should be seriously thinking about whom to believe, and you should be seriously thinking, you know, if what politicians and public health authorities tell you right now, whether this is really in the best interest of people's individual health and that of society at large. And that is what, why I also put in my title time for DIYers, do your own research. I know it's very unfortunate that people, you know, who are used like you and me to rely on our public health authorities to rely on global health authorities for our health. I mean, this was a given. This was for, you know, we, we, we took this for granted, you know, how else could you speak?

Yeah. W w what, uh, you, you could never, ever imagine that public health authorities would be taking measures that are not the best for your individual health and health of the society. Unfortunately, now we have come to a situation where almost every single individual needs to do his or her own research to find out what is this all about? And can I really accept this? And can I really afford and justify to take such an important decision? As I said, at the beginning of my, uh, of my talk, uh, getting a vaccine is something that should not be taken lightly because it puts the program on your immune system that is there for the rest of your life. And it's very unfortunate that we know half basically to recommend people to do their own research and to find out, and that is why we are doing all this. That is why we are raising awareness, that we are trying to make the science understandable to the people, so that at least they can take a, what we call an informed decision and do not feel coerced by a number of measures that I have no other words that are completely insane. And, and anything that based on, uh, on, on good sides. Yeah. And with that, I would like to thank you for your attention. And, um, I'm of course, open for any questions that you may have.



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