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Posted 2021-Dec-16, Thursday

The following video was broadcast in Novemeber, 2021 by COVID REVEALED

Covid Revealed Episode 11 with

Dr. Richard Fleming, Ph.D (Physics), M.D. (Cardiology), JD (Doctor of Law)

Where We Are with the Covid Vaccines, Some Background Information, Do the mRNA Vaccines Diminish or Damage the Bodies Natural Immune System

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Covid Revealed Episode 11 with Richard Fleming, PhD (Physics) MD, JD

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In the words of Covid Revealed Series

And the experts (that aren't bought and paid for) can't speak up!

They fear what will happen if they reveal the TRUTH.

Big Pharma REALLY doesn't want this to get out. Pfizer is the 5th most owned stock by Congress…

Can you see what's happening yet? The evidence is overwhelming!

The level of Censorship is UNREAL! (and it's only going to increase…)

Why is it so difficult to have a civilized conversation WITHOUT being de-platformed?

‍Cancel Culture from the tech giants: Google, Facebook, YouTube...

Is already here.

They're frantically scrubbing ANY TRACE of critical information that violates "The Narrative."

We're Taking A HUGE RISK

Because you DESERVE the Truth.

Help Us Spread This Docu-Series NOW...

Because The Threat of Mandatory Vaccines is Here!

You Won't Find This Controversial Information Anywhere Else!

Covid Revealed Review: Exposing the Whole Global Pandemic Truth
Saturday, December 4, 2021


Covid Revealed Review: Exposing the Whole Global Pandemic Truth
Saturday, December 4, 2021

The coronavirus outbreak led to several human problems globally. It also posed an unprecedented challenge to the health sector in several countries. Most countries were found unprepared and faced many challenges in curbing its spread. It caused massive disruption in the economic and social sectors. According to WHO, millions of people were at the risk of falling into extreme poverty due to the pandemic. It also established that malnourished populations would rise by 132 million due to the pandemic.

Most governments worldwide failed to provide complete information about the pandemic to citizens. Several rumors about how the government lies to their citizens about the pandemic are spreading fast. It is not easy to differentiate between what is real and what is not. The government is blocking social media channels and blogs trying to expose the truth about the pandemic. Several parties claim that more truth exists than what the government says to its people.

What is the Covid Revealed Film?
The Covid Revealed is a film premiering online that claims to expose the whole truth about the virus and the pandemic. It tries to explain the facts behind the Covid 19 virus to people and its risks to your family. It answers several questions about the measures to help reduce the spread of the virus and their effectiveness.

What Does Covid Revealed try to Expose?
The film tries to show people that the decisions made by the government and international organizations to curb the spread of the virus are not working. Some of these measures in questions include:

Covid-19 Vaccine
The film is also questioning the safety of the Covid-19 vaccine. After the first trials of the Covid 19 vaccine, there were many speculations. Most people believe that the vaccine is ineffective because medical experts rushed to create it without proper research. Other myths around the vaccine include:

The vaccine affects women's fertility
The vaccine has intense side effects on the body
The vaccine alters the DNA
The vaccine contains several controversial chemicals
It is difficult to confirm whether all this is true. The government, CDC, and the World Health Organization are aware of the effects of the vaccine but still insist that everyone should take the jab. Watching the video will help you understand the whole truth about the vaccine and the confidential information.

Curfews and Lockdowns
The governments put in place several radical measures such as lockdowns and curfews. Did these measures work? They only created more restrictions. People are still not aware of the reasons for these lockdowns. It tells that the government and responsible organizations hide more than we can see.

The media is now under the influence of powerful bodies. Anyone who tries to expose the truth receives threats and interdiction letters threatening their employment status. These actions make more people afraid of questioning or speaking the truth.

Who Features in Covid Revealed?
The film features several medical experts who took a broad step to expose the truth behind the covid-19 pandemic. Here is a list of medical experts and their findings regarding the Covid-19 pandemic:

Dr. Peter McCullough states that they received a letter not to use hydroxychloroquine, but it has been used for 65 years.
Dr. Robert Malone claims that the vaccines affect gene therapy, and they needed to perform further tests. That did not happen.
Del Bigtree says that the MMR vaccine is responsible for the increased rate of autism and no online or mainstream media dared to cover the story.
Megan Redshaw says that all the vaccines were about making money. She gives an example of the projected profit from the Pfizer vaccine.
Robert Kennedy says that it is essential to follow the science
Dr. Jack Kruse says he is not anti-vax but against this vaccine. He says that the authorities are not telling the whole truth about it.
Dr. Levy Thomas says that people need a cheap and readily available cure even without visiting a doctor. He claims that the only substance that meets these criteria is Hydrogen Peroxide Nebulization.
Dr. David Martin claims that the testing kit was not specific for measuring the Covid virus.
Dr. Elias Paul says that more than 600,000 people who died in the U.S could have been saved, but the government insisted on no cure for that. The CDC and the NIH misled the citizens of the United States.
Above are a few examples of what to expect in the film. The film has more experts talking about the conspiracy behind the Covid-19 Pandemic, the vaccine, and the measures to curb the spread. Many countries protest against the regulations while the government still passes stricter regulations and insists on the vaccine.

Most companies are on the verge of closure if they do not pressure employees to take the vaccine. People with no vaccination proof are not able to seek government services. In short, you no longer have complete control of your body, and soon they will ask children to get the vaccine.

Where can you watch Covid Revealed?
Save your seat and get the whole truth by subscribing to the official website. The film will enable you to understand the entire truth behind the pandemic. The official trailer is available free on the official website to give you a preview of what to expect. Once you sign in, you will receive an email confirmation.

Covid Revealed Final Verdict
Covid Reveal creators aim to bring you the truth behind the Covid 19 virus. The film's primary purpose is to empower people to get the facts that the media does not air. A team of scientists, researchers, and doctors risk their profession to share their discoveries. Everything they say will shock you, but you deserve to know the truth. Sign up today on the official website and learn more about the Corona Virus pandemic.

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Posted 2021-09-14. Tuesday

"The Vaccine is the Weapon" Dr. Fleming"

Ph.D (Particle Physics), Cardiologist, Nuclear Cardiologist; Juris Prudence Doctor of Law
Watch Video  Audio PDF ...Dr. Fleming Home Page

Mike Adams interviews Dr. Richard Fleming. Aug 12, 2021. Brighteon Conversations. 1hr 5min.

Dr. Richard Fleming warns the "vaccine is the bioweapon" in bombshell interview with Mike Adams

This video above features Dr. Fleming's comments about the mRNA spike proteins introduced to humans by the bioweapon vaccines. He discusses how the vaccines were manufactured to create spike proteins in humans that were "exquisitely designed" to enter the brain tissues. If what Dr. Fleming claims is true — the people who receive the vaccines are in dire trouble. Published by 2021-06-15

The mass vaccination protocol being pushed by the likes of Tony Fauci is having a disastrous impact on public health, Fleming explained. This thing would have been long gone had the virus simply been allowed to run its course without Donald "father of the vaccine" Trump's "Operation Warp Speed" injections, which are fueling the mutation and spread of new Chinese Virus "variants."

To truly understand why the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) is still being reported as a problem almost two years after it was first announced, look no further than the "vaccines," which Dr. Richard Fleming says are the true bioweapon.


PLAY AUDIO 16 minutes. Dr. Fleming goes into detail with colored illustrations about the spike protein, immunity, and in particular the PRIONS which he calls "THE ULTIMATE BIO-WEAPON" He then tells how the common drug called Heparin will BLOCK the prion (which causes Mad Cow Disease) - will block the prion from ATTACHING TO YOUR CELLS. Starts at exactly 12:59. A counter has been inserted into the video to allow you to see the times of various sections. You will want to call on your MD to make sure HEPARIN is the correct drug (used under the skin for one condition).

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, Hosea 4:6