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2022-Jan-15, Posted video of Dr. Kory being interviewed. The video is Dr. Pierre Kory, Huge Number of Vax Deaths and its Getting Worse. Posted on Rumble Jan 9, 2022. The Rumble link is:  To Rumble Link

Visit Also Huge Number of Deaths (Video)     Visit Also Huge Number of Deaths (Audio)

The Audio may be just as effective as there are no power point slides, illustrations, etc. It is a talking interview only. 59 minutes.

Summary of video: A good portion of the video is about the use of Ivermectin for treatment of Covid-19 and other varients of the ongoing coronavirus. It is an approved FDA drug and anti-parasitic. It is legally permissible for a licensed medical doctor (and I assume nurse practitioner and physician assistant (usually has a phD in related medical trade). This drug is widely used successfully in countries such as India (population 1.3 billion), Mexico, Turkey, and approximately 1/3 of the world. There are many published research articles on this very safe drug which you can find by using the search engine or and search on "invermectin."

There are 282 interesting comments at this link. A typical comment is"

Dirtyroot, 5 days ago
It is all due to the "State of emergency" The little Governors got more money than have ever seen. They had to push the vaccines for the money. They could not have doctors debunking their lies so they threatened to revoke their licenses. Doctors (most) care more about money than medicine. The state of "Emergency" has to end in all states not just Colorado. There are thousands of doctors and data telling the truth. The TV media does not cover it. You have to go to the source. Peace

noed, 4 days ago
unwaxxed people will be the salt of the earth after this whole thing collapses.... who is going to look after the sick and injured? who will take care of the orphans? young orphans and the older ones. many people traumatised and sad and lost ! Too sad

cz52jim, 5 days ago
I took Ivermectin horse paste when I got "rona" and not only was I sick with flu/cold but also felt like I was coming down with pneumonia. 12hrs after taking the horse paste I felt better and took homemade HCQ the next day. I took horse paste every other day and homemade HCQ every other day twice a day two tablespoons in lemon water and was fine after 3 days. That was even a record for me in my life to recuperate from a bad cold let alone cold/flu "rona" bordering pneumonia. We, as a people need to start taking more responsibility to take care of ourselves.


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