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2021-DEC-12 Outpatient Treatments for Covid-19 Reviewed. With Dr. Pierre Kory, M.D. & Dr. Joseph Mercola, DO
What You Need to Know About Early Treatment for COVID
COVID-19 has evolved since the early days of the pandemic, and what may have worked back then to treat it is not necessarily what's the most effective now. Be in the know - this up-to-date information from a leader in the movement to provide early treatment could save lives.

• From the start of the COVID pandemic, doctors were told they could not use any treatment that had not undergone randomized controlled trials. Most all clinical successes have been ignored and vehemently opposed
• The Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) was among the first to publish COVID treatment guidance. They have since developed protocols for prevention, early at-home treatment, in-hospital treatment and maintenance guidance for long-haul COVID syndrome that are updated as more becomes known
• Corticosteroids can be an effective tool for reducing inflammation in general, but they appear particularly important for advanced COVID infection. Steroids should not be used early on, but can be lifesaving after you develop signs of lung dysfunction and increased oxygen requirement
• Ivermectin has antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties and is beneficial in all stages of COVID-19, from prevention to advanced illness
• Other effective protocols include the AAPS protocol, Tess Laurie's World Council for Health protocol and the America's Frontline Doctors' protocol
Dr. Pierre Kory is one of the leaders in the movement to provide early treatment for COVID infection. Kory is a critical care physician (ICU specialist), triple board certified in internal medicine, critical care and pulmonary medicine, and is part of the Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC), which was among the first to publish COVID treatment guidance.
Kory spent most of his career at the Beth Israel Medical Center in Manhattan, New York, where he helped run the intensive care unit. He also had a busy outpatient practice. About six years ago, he was recruited to the St. Luke's Aurora Medical Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he led the critical care service. "When COVID hit, I was in a leadership position," he says. "I resigned, because of the way they were handling the pandemic."
Treatment Options Have Been Vehemently Opposed
St. Luke's, like most hospitals across the U.S., insisted on providing supportive care only, and Kory refused to remain in a leadership position under those circumstances. Patients were, for the first time in modern medical history, told to just suffer at home until they were near death, then go to the hospital where they were placed on deadly ventilator treatment.
"I knew there was a variety of treatments that we could use [yet] we were using nothing," he says. Doctors were even told to not use anticoagulants, even though blood clotting was "through the roof" in many patients. "You could draw blood and actually see the blood clotting very quickly in the tubes," he says.
Since those early days, the disease seems to have changed considerably. We don't see the high rates of blood clotting anymore, for example, which is good news.
But for some reason, from the very start, "they were literally telling us that we needed randomized controlled trials to do anything," Kory says, and to this day, health authorities are refusing to acknowledge any treatment protocol outside of the incredibly dangerous experimental drug remdesivir, and the experimental COVID jabs.
"People were dying, [yet] all of my ideas were getting shouted down. My superiors were showing up [to my clinical meetings] and getting me to stand down, because I was entertaining the idea that we should do this, that and the other thing, and they didn't want anything to be done.
And so, I said, 'I'm done.' I resigned mid-April 2020. I then went to New York for five weeks and ran my old ICU in New York."
The Importance of Steroids in the Treatment of COVID-19
In May 2020, Kory testified before the U.S. Senate, stressing how critical it was to use steroids during the hospital phase of this infection. At that time, he was still employed by the University of Wisconsin. His resignation date had not yet happened, and they "were livid that I was speaking in public, giving my opinion."
This is remarkable, because when you're an expert in a field, "you're actually responsible to share your insight and expertise," Kory says. "Yet they were very unhappy that I was doing that."
Seven weeks later, Kory was vindicated when the British Recovery trial results came out, showing the benefits of corticosteroids. Since then, steroids have become part of standard of care in the hospital phase.
Steroids are an effective tool for reducing inflammation in general, but they appear particularly important for advanced COVID infection. I had a close friend who contracted a very serious case of COVID-19 and kept worsening despite taking everything I suggested.
He knew Dr. Peter McCullough, so he texted him and was told to add prednisone and aspirin to his current regimen. As soon as he took the prednisone, he started getting better.
As explained by Kory, this is a common experience. Importantly, the evidence shows that when used early, during mild infection, corticosteroids do more harm than good. But once you are entering into moderate illness, as soon as you start to see lung dysfunction or the need for oxygen, steroids are critical and are clearly lifesaving.
Steroids Must Be Used at the Correct Time
One of the reasons for this is because SARS-CoV-2 infection triggers a very complex cascade of inflammation. More specifically, Kory says, severe COVID-19 is a macrophage activation syndrome. It's the hyperinflammatory macrophages (a subtype of macrophages) that end up causing organ damage. So, you want to use medicines that either suppress their activity or repolarize them into hypoinflammatory macrophages.
The key is to use the steroids at the correct time — not too early and not too late, the "Goldilocks" window. There are no hard and fast rules for that, as each patient is different, but as a rule of thumb, do NOT use it until or unless you are seeing a significant worsening of symptoms to where breathing is getting more difficult.
Kory's outpatient protocol includes prednisone on Day 7, 8 or 9, if you're still going downhill. It is important to NOT use it early in the course of the illness as it will actually worsen the infection by increasing viral replication.
The suggested dosage is 1 milligram of prednisone or methylprednisolone per kilogram of bodyweight. When using methylprednisolone (Medrol) (which Kory prefers, in part because lung tissue concentrations are higher than prednisone), he divides it into two daily doses. Kory does not recommend the use of dexamethasone, as it doesn't work as well for lung disease. Yet, most doctors in the U.S. use dexamethasone if they're using steroids at all.
The dose may be increased depending on the severity and trajectory of the infection. "I probably will either double or triple the [dose] until I can get them stable," he says.
"Once they're off oxygen, then I taper off [the steroid] over about a week to 10 days, sometimes shorter. Depends how long they were on oxygen. If they were on it for a short time, I do a fast taper; if they were on oxygen for a longer time, I'll do a slower taper. But I don't start fully tapering until they're off oxygen."
Anticoagulants — When to Use Them
As mentioned earlier, while early COVID-19 cases often involved severe blood clotting, that feature of the infection appears to have receded. Even when clotting occurs, it's typically much milder than what we saw in the beginning. Still, anticoagulants can be an important component in these cases.
"What I do with coagulation is, I generally follow the D dimer on admission. D dimer is a marker of endothelial injury and clotting. In patients with normal D dimers, I'll just do routine prophylaxis doses. If it's moderately elevated, I do moderate [doses] and if it's severely elevated, I'll do full dose anticoagulants," Kory explains.
He typically uses an anticoagulant called Lovenox. Patients are also given full-dose aspirin, unless there's a contraindication. I suspect fibrolytic enzymes like lumbrokinase and nattokinase, which help degrade fibrin, may be a better alternative to aspirin. N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) is another potential candidate. Kory is not convinced, however:
"We have used NAC in different disease models over the years. It's a standard treatment for acetaminophen overdose, but not for pulmonary fibrosis. In pulmonary medicine, of which I'm an expert, we had decades where we studied NAC for that. None of those studies panned out. In sepsis, it didn't really pan out.
And so, for severe disease, we think it's an effective drug and it's a good antioxidant. I think it does have anticoagulation [effects], but our opinion is that it's generally weak. So, for the hospital phase, we think it's too weak."
Vitamin C
Another important component is intravenous vitamin C. While some university hospitals may carry IV vitamin C, most don't but might be able to get it from another local hospital. Importantly, the vitamin C needs to be administered within the first six hours of admittance to the ICU in order to work, and it may be similar for COVID.
This is especially true for the relatively low doses recommended by the Math+ protocol of 1,500 mg or 1.5 grams. Many outpatient natural medicine physicians will use 25 grams to 50 grams of IV vitamin C, but most hospitals will not allow this high a dose, even though it is likely that higher doses will work if you missed the early treatment window (the first six hours). So pragmatic logistics is why the Math+ protocol uses relatively low doses.
One suggestion would be to call the hospital you're thinking of using if you ever had to be admitted for COVID and ask if they have it. If not, you can ask your doctor to order it for you and bring it to the hospital, if you or a family member are admitted for COVID or sepsis. The key, of course, is having a doctor who is willing to use it. Some aren't.
"You should've seen the resistance I got. At one point, I was the director of the main ICU at the University of Wisconsin and the data was so overwhelming, I said, 'Hey, guys, can't we just start a protocol where we just give everybody on admission IV vitamin C? What's the downside?'
Everyone started talking about kidney stones and all of this nonsense, and we have so much data to show that doesn't happen in acute illness, or in IV formulations ... I feel like I live in a cartoon of medicine, because every time I discuss something with someone, they just don't believe anything works. Because if it worked, they would be doing it. It's bizarre."
The FLCC Protocol
Sadly, the willful ignorance of many doctors is literally killing many COVID patients who could have, and should have, been saved. There's just no doubt that protocols such as the one developed by the FLCC and the other groups listed below could have saved many, had it been widely implemented. Yet despite its success, many hospitals to this day do not use it.
"Our protocol is always evolving," he notes. "We're not saying that this is the only way to treat it. This is how we decided to treat it. We reserve the right to deprioritize or change the dose, or substitute a new medicine.
We want to follow the data, the experience and the knowledge of this disease. That's No. 1. No. 2, all of our protocols are combination therapy protocols.
And by the way, that gives doctors fits. You know why? Because they want to know, how do you know that this is necessary? There are trials of each individual component showing that they're effective. We believe they're synergistic, but we're never going to do a trial to test every component on our protocols.
But there are a number of other protocols. The AAPS has a protocol.1 The World Council for Health,2 they have a number of options. So there are many doctors who might emphasize or de-emphasize a medicine on our protocol. And we do not pretend that ours is the only way. But we do put a lot of thought into it.
Most of our medicines are repurposed, so they're not novel. They're very well-known over decades, their safety profiles are well known, they tend to be generally low cost, and their mechanisms are well-known. A central medicine to all of our protocols — prevention, early treatment, hospital, and late phase like long-haul [syndrome] is ivermectin, for many reasons."
Why Ivermectin?
As noted by Kory, ivermectin is a potent antiviral. "That's been demonstrated for 10 years now in the lab on a number of viruses," he says. "They've shown that it interrupts replication of Zika, Dengue, West Nile, even HIV. And then the clinical studies are just overwhelming." He continues:
"Can I just take one minute to say that if anyone wants to call ivermectin a controversial medicine, I just want to call out it is absolutely not controversial.
It is a medicine that is buried in corruption, and the corruption is in the suppressing of its efficacy. There are immense powers that do not want the efficacy of that drug to be known because, if it is known and becomes standard of care, it will obliterate the market for a number of novel pharmaceutical products.
When you look at the actions taken against ivermectin, it can only be understood that it's threatening something big and powerful, because boy has it been attacked [even though it's been used in] 64 controlled trials, almost every single one of them showing benefit, many of them large benefits.
Yet they distort it to make it seem like it's controversial. It's absurd. We know it works. We know it from in vitro, in vivo animal studies, and case series."
One of the first case series, from the Dominican Republic, was published in June 2020. They treated 3,300 consecutive emergency room COVID patients with ivermectin. Of those, only 16 went on to be hospitalized and one died. That's pretty profound, considering these were severely ill individuals.
Importantly though, there is a dose-response relationship to the viral load. The Delta variant has been shown to produce viral loads that are 250 times higher than Alpha, and as Delta became predominant, breakthrough cases in the prevention protocol started happening.
"I'm one of them. I got COVID while I was taking it weekly," Kory says. "Now we're doing it twice weekly. Is it the right dose? We're not sure. But we're seeing much fewer breakthroughs now on a higher dose. Could it be higher? Maybe. But, but we know it works as prevention."
Higher doses of ivermectin are also used for treatment of Delta. In more advanced stages, the drug is useful thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. Contrary to many other drugs, ivermectin is beneficial in all stages of the infection.
Vitamin D Optimization Is Crucial
Other components of the FLCC's prevention and treatment protocols include products that have either antiviral or anti-inflammatory properties, or a combination thereof, such as melatonin, quercetin and zinc, and anticoagulants such as aspirin.
If you haven't done so already, check your vitamin D blood level and if it's below 40 ng/mL, start taking an oral supplement. Don't wait until you're sick.
Ideally, everyone would optimize their vitamin D level before ever needing treatment for COVID. If you haven't done so already, check your vitamin D blood level and if it's below 40 ng/mL, start taking an oral supplement. Don't wait until you're sick. The medical literature suggests population-wide vitamin D optimization, to a level above 40 ng/mL, could have reduced COVID morbidity and mortality by about 80%.
"No question," Kory says. "In fact ... there was a study that came out, a huge database of patients, where they looked at patients who tested their vitamin D levels before they got ill. They estimated — and they did no fancy statistical modeling logistic regression — that at 50 ng/mL, there was zero mortality.
The federal government knows that vitamin D deficiency ... is ubiquitous in nursing homes [and minorities] ... So, that we didn't have a vitamin D protocol nationally is criminal. Literally, it's criminal."
In the hospital treatment protocol, the FLCCC recommends using calcitriol, 0.5 micrograms on Day 1 and 0.25 mcg daily thereafter for six days. Calcitriol is the active form of vitamin D typically produced in your kidneys.
This is because merely taking regular oral vitamin D fails in acute conditions as it takes weeks to be metabolized to its active form. Calcitriol is the active form, so it will start to work immediately. One can also take the vitamin D, though, as eventually adequate blood levels will be reached and the calcitriol can be discontinued.
Why Men Do Worse than Women in COVID
As mentioned earlier, the protocol also includes a number of nutraceuticals, such as quercetin and zinc. Another drug that looks promising is fluvoxamine, an antidepressant. Kory says:
"The studies continue to pan out, and even clinically, some of my colleagues who incorporated ivermectin with fluvoxamine saw much less treatment failures. I rank it as highly effective, but it doesn't cure everybody. They saw an occasional treatment fail and they said it really disappeared once they use the combo.
For someone older or with more advanced disease, more comorbidities, obese patients, diabetics, I tend to throw the kitchen sink at those folks. I try to use as many elements in the protocol as I can. So there, I'll add fluvoxamine.
The game changer now is antiandrogens. We use spironolactone, which is a potassium-sparing diuretic, at doses above 100 mg a day. It has potent antiandrogen properties, as well as dutasteride, a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor, which also suppresses testosterone.
Androgens seem to be a huge potential driver of this illness, not only in terms of driving viral replication, but also in potentially aiding inflammation ... The trials on that are really, really potent ... so, we have an antiandrogen aspect. I've been using that on some of my older or more advanced disease patients. I'll add that on pretty quick."
Home Treatment Recommendations for COVID
While it can be difficult to find a doctor who is willing to actually treat COVID-19 with the FLCCC protocol (or any other for that matter), many of those who are willing are making full use of telemedicine.
You can find a listing of doctors who can prescribe ivermectin and other necessary medicines on the FLCCC website. There, you can also find downloadable PDFs in several languages for prevention and early at-home treatment, the in-hospital protocol and long-term management guidance for long-haul COVID-19 syndrome. Three other protocols that have great success are:
• The AAPS protocol
• Tess Laurie's World Council for Health protocol
• America's Frontline Doctors
• Dr. Peter McCullough

This is a load of information to review, especially if you are fatigued and sick with COVID or have a family member struggling. So, I reviewed all the protocols and believe the FLCCC one is the easiest and most effective to follow. I've posted it below.
However, I've altered some of the dosages, and added a few more therapies that they have yet to include, such as:

Go to:
And drill down from there to the various topics and treatments
Watch this video to see what MATH+PROTOCOLS can do for you.

COVID-19 Patient-Survivors on the MATH+ Protocol Dr. Paul Marik Temporary Restraining Order Motion
November 9th, 2021


Note: This video was produced as evidence in a legal case to obtain a temporary restraining order against Sentara Healthcare System. That is where Dr. Paul Marik, the most highly published Critical Care Intensivist in the world, is being prohibited from giving his critically ill ICU patients the medicines in the MATH+ Protocol he believes will save their lives—and for which mountains of scientific evidence exists. The video presents four brief synopses of the experiences of critically ill COVID-19 patients who survived after receiving components of the MATH+ Hospital Protocol in the ICU.

The son of one of the patients in the video had to file a court order compelling the hospital to provide his mother with ivermectin. Another patient was life-flighted to a MATH+ hospital in Houston after being denied the protocol at his local hospital. The story of a man—who was nearly placed on a ventilator but was given MATH+ components instead— is featured; as well as the story of a rapidly deteriorating COVID patient whose attending physician gave his patient ivermectin— and ultimately saved his life.
Here is the link for the Early Treatment Protocols shown below. It is a pdf file.

Here is a link for free Microsoft pdf reader. Also, be aware that in the browser Edge, it will often open up a pdf reader by double clicking on the pdf file.


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2/2 The FLCCC do not understand that immune cells need 50ng/ml 25-hydroxyvitamin D to run their autocrine (inside each cell) and paracrine (to nearby cells) signaling systems. These systems play a crucial role in how individual cells respond to their circumstances. They are mistaken to prescribe prescription-only calcitriol (1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D): . This does not raise 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels at all, and it may upset calcium, phosphorus and bone metabolism. This criticism of the FLCCC is specific to this use of calcitriol and is not just mine. Prof Wimalawansa and other researchers support this view and have written to the FLCCC about it. To understand 25-hydroxyvitamin D based autocrine signaling: .

Joined On 6/30/2008 1:05:17 PM
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Yes, thank you Mr. Whittle. The link you gave to your article on this vitamin is the only one I've ever read that tries to make sense of the whole confusing mess. I am saving it to peruse at different times in the future and to recommend to others. Some may think it is too deep but this subject is deep and overtime has become more confused as different writers use different terms for the same three forms of the vitamin. But not only have you clarified the confusion of the names, you have clarified a lot of confusion about the functions of this vitamin in the body. Never before have I read such good information as in your article on the autocrine, paracrine and intercrine functions ( none of them HORMONAL !) of Vitamin D. Yes it truly is a vitamin and only in one way functions as a hormone.

Joined On 8/21/2020 11:49:38 PM
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1/2 Most people - who do not properly supplement vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) and who have not had lots of UV-B skin exposure in the last month or so - have 25-hydroxyvitamin D (calcifediol, AKA "calcdidiol") levels far below the 50ng/ml 125ng/ml their immune system needs to function properly. (See the Quraishi et al 2014 graph at https/.../ ). The most important step, before being infected with COVID-19, is to raise 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels over months to at least 50ng/ml with proper daily to weekly D3 intakes, such as (70kg 154lb bodyweight) 0.125mg 5000IU/day: .
To raise levels faster - such as over days to a week - take a larger (bolus) amount of D3 over the first few days, such as two months worth. (It takes some days for D3 to be hydroxylated to 25-hydroxyvitamin D in the liver.) For those who are infected, but have not done any of this, the best way to raise 25-hydroxyvitamin D, in 4 hours or so, is a single oral dose of calcifediol: ~1mg for 70kg bodyweight: Prof. Sunil Wimalawansa and . This is non-prescription but it needs to be on hand to use like this. If you don't already have it, there is no point waiting for delivery - the best approach then is bolus D3.


Joined On 4/12/2020 4:51:21 PM
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Again, very valuable information; thank you. Most people think that "Vit D3" works like Vit C, which is rapidly absorbed. They procrastinate, and think to start taking it if they get infected... Surprisingly, many doctors think that taking 5,000 IU of D3 will harm the liver. Believe it or not, NONE OF THE FIVE PHYSICIANS we have seen for routine check ups, has ordered any of my family members to test for vit D levels (but ordered general blood work) IN THE MIDDLE OF A PANDEMIC. SCARY. AND THESE ARE GOOD DOCTORS.

Joined On 10/16/2007 4:23:09 PM
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If we cure "smoker's cough" by stopping smoking... It's not important because there are no clinical trials that prove stopping smoking can cure smoker's cough. Our current system, without any theory of cure, cannot validate most cases of cured. As a result, we have over 240 million cases (at present) of RECOVERED and not a single case of CURED for COVID-19. But, perhaps the most important item to understand is that - although there are over seven thousand clinical studies of COVID-19 listed in, a search for COVID-19 CURE lists just over one hundred, and not one of them has a testable definition of CURED. A few defined "cured patients' for purposes of entry into the trial, but there is no definition of COVID-19 CURE SUCCESS. We are suffering from a medical system that had no theory of cure, no definition of cured, and no interest in studying causes of cures - inside or outside of clinical trials. to your health, tracy

Joined On 6/27/2014 7:00:58 AM
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That very argument, that something like vitamin C or vitamin D or ivermectin have not undergone clinical trials in the COVID setting (what has, pray tell?) struck me from the get-go as one more "excuse" to not treat patients. It struck me as a very criminal act, a way to underscore vaccine sales, from Moment 1. As for "Excuses" and "reasons", there are none. It is criminal to not treat ill patients, end of story. Fauci has to be life-imprisoned. It is just absolutely incredible that he is getting away with this and that doctors are complying. As for doctors' beliefs that these have not been researched, they are purely ignorant. And all they have to do is walk their fingers down the buttons of Pubmed to do their research. They have an ethical and legal obligation to do their research. People really ought to sue these doctors and hospitals refusing to treat ill people based on such "excuses" or any other "Excuse" in the book. How can they rest easily at night? I don't get it.

Joined On 2/21/2011 9:51:43 AM
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Isn't it ironic, like the medical establishment just wants to kill patients through an overabundance of caution.. and stupidity? Depths of inflammation require proportionality and appropriate frequency/application in treatment. Be it megadose/IV C, Vit D, NAC or H2O2. Nebulizing peroxide/iodine solutions should be at least 1% H2O2, every few hours if needed...Oral Vitamin C every 3hrs to bowel tolerance, more like 3-10 grams/dose. See this NAC study where doses orally are ramped-up w severity and nebulized NAC is particularly fast and effective in stimulating a productive cough to clear the lungs....Similar treatments are widely effective in many conditions reproving the validity of inherent deficiencies and redox applications.
Steroids, Z-Pacs and "human" ivermectin are not over the counter items, where one must pay the monopoly to obtain them, so I can't rely on obtaining them in a timely fashion...But Vitamins, minerals, peroxide, iodine, NAC and baking soda are safe and effective when knowledgeably applied...unfortunately that information is forbidden to the public and for YOU to obtain. Nothing makes me happier than to tip-off people suffering for lack of these proven facts...and when they find healing they tell two others who tell two others.....

Joined On 8/26/2013 8:44:35 AM
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Dianna - chickens are the best! 75? Must be a heady experience! :))) I had forgotten I wanted to take Black Seed Oil during this time period! Thanks for mentioning it! My son, who got the vax, has nothing but chest and sinus problems these days. I keep shaking my head - he'll never connect it to the vax and if I say boo about it, he'll get defensive. So I shake my head and send a tiny positive thought his way that, eventually, he'll ask me for help. You've got some good neighbors there! Lucky!

Here is a link on "9 Proven Black Seed Oil Benefits that Boost Your Health" by Josh Axe, DC, Feb 10,2020

You will find MANY excellent research articles that are free, from the NIH Library (link above). Here is an NIH on Black Seed Oil articles.,contains,black%20seed%20oil&tab=NIHCampus&search_scope=NIHAll&sortby=rank&vid=01NIH_INST:NIH&offset=0

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Dianna1189 farmers are very strong people and do rigorous physical work. This changes the response of the body to dosages and its needs vary accordingly. Regardless of physical activity level, 20,000 iu of vitamin D daily is DANGEROUS. The right amount of vitamin D is very helpful, however excess dosages can cause calcification of the kidneys, ie kidney stones. Even 5,000 iu is a fairly high dose but doctors often do recommend it as a way to build up vitamin D levels, then to taper down to a lower dose thereafter. Everything in nutrition needs to be in balance.

Note: Mirandola's comments are not supported by extensive literature available but are a common misconception. Go you and its search engine and enter "vitamin D" and learn for yourself. Also, go to Dr. Berg articles on Vitamin D and overdose and you will learn that you must take the supplement K2 MenaQ7 (Amazon) at 100 mg per day and then you will not have a situation of calcification. Investigate Mayo Clinic articles on vitamin D dosage and you will find out that 30 minutes in the sun (the thing up in the sky) during the summer will give you far more vitamin D than you think is dangerous. Also, go to the NIH library and learn the subject in depth.
Joined On 1/17/2008 7:05:47 PM
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DIANA— in my experience regarding Vitamin D early in the spring I started taking what I thought was only 10,000 IU of vitamin D daily but it ended up being 20,000 with a pill that has ox bile. for awhile I felt great!!!….. then I started to feel nauseous almost every day and just unwell. I went to the doctor and my vitamin D level (I'm in Canada) was over 350 which is toxic— and my doctor happen to say I was the only patient he's ever seen that had a toxic level and vitamin D. (good is 100-150 in Canadian measurements) I am saying this to reiterate what Mirandola is saying is to be very careful with vitamin D and what that vitamin D is mixed with in pill form because it can become toxic and make you sick. I had to stop taking vitamin D completely for the next three months to get my level down and I do feel better so I believe it has decreased and I've started taking 5000ui of Dr. Mercola''s formula mixed with calcium and K2 and I'm feeling much better. I'm getting my level re-tested next week.

Note: Indeed that is toxic level. Dr. Mercola and many others who have published recommend a range between 60 and 100 ng/mL. If you are taking "high doses" of D3 then you should have your blood tested regularly, perhaps every 6 months. If your doctor won't prescribe the test – then if you live in one of the Liberty states, such as Texas, TN, FLA, KY, etc., you can go online to either Lab Corporation of America or Quest Diagnostics and order either a kit sent to you or go to one of their test centers and find out for yourself your level. Going again to Mayo clinic articles and others, you will find that the limit of concern is around 120. Take time to learn the subject. It could save your life.

Joined On 5/28/2009 10:48:57 AM
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I still do not understand why pycnogenol is being ignored, given its success in resolving Rouleaux.
Zinc recommendations do not take into account that the patient may have pyroluria and be significantly deficient in zinc. Pyroluria is easily tested for via a urine test. It also results in a B6 deficiency.
Fluvoxamine contains Fluorine, which is HIGHLY toxic and MUST be avoided by those who already have been "floxed" by a fluoroquinolone antibiotic (FQAD.)

Joined On 5/5/2021 10:08:34 AM
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Our good Doc has some issues with this totally useless and harmful article. First, the title is on Home Treatment and then talks about using steroids if you have already developed serious breathing difficulty but be careful because if not applied exactly so many days after first exposure symptoms could cause viral replication. Not to mention in Meroclas own home protocol he amazingly now suggests IV ozone?? What is going on? Mixed messages will kill our support. Secondly, and this should have been fact checked on Kory, but no clotting? That should be Natl news. You should please check before publishing with source and specifics. Is Kory saying no clotting based on new info from thousands of patients or a few he has personally treated. Facts please!

Note: I agree with much of what Lionel11 is saying. The video is about HOME treatments, what you can do as a preventive. So you get, as Lionel says, mixed message. You might check the papers and videos (on Rumble and Bitchute) of Dr. Peter McCullough who also gives advice for home treatment protocols. They do do a better job of keeping on the subject matter. As for where you can get Ivermectin? It is over the counter in Mexico (prescription grade in same boxes as you will get in U.S. pharmacies). Typically the pills come in 3mg sizes. They are mailed direct to you. Dosing is per your weight. See FLCCC protocols on this issue.

Joined On 8/27/2011 4:00:01 PM
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The article goes into detail on how to calculate the ivermectin dose, but does not say the frequency. It's active covid, is it once per day? Or still only once or twice per week as with prophylactic ivermectin?

Note: You are right, but you will find what you are looking for via the hundreds of articles addressing IVM and dosing by using a good search engine such as Bing or When I use google search I always am directed to articles about IVM being used for horses and cows. That tells you a lot about how really useful google search has become.

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As usual Dr. Mercola provides what Big Phama and the AMA, CDC, FDA does not. Get vaccinated and keep getting vaccinated until your off switch in activated is what this is all about. This is biological warfare period. This is not the first nor the last time population control will be enacted. BTW I hear nothing about disinfecting such as washing your hands, disinfecting door handles etc. Proper hygiene is something that is sorely lacking. If we are to follow the advice of Dr. Doom aka Fauci and daffy Joe then why not just put your head in a plastic bag and tie it real tight. I am beyond disgust with my country and the overall idiocy regarding this Wuhan Virus. Practice proper hygiene, get Vitamin D, C, Zinc and follow the advice of Mercola and others who are trying to save lives not cancel lives.

Note: The U.S.A. has become a 3rd world country on the brink of economic collapse. It is already past the bring of being in total moral decay and degeneracy. You want to learn the truth about what the U.S.A. has become and where it is going? Go to Amazon and look up author Andrei Martyanov and be prepared for a real eye opener and shock.

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Hospitals are killing zones. There's a hospital here in Texas that puts plastic bags over Covid patients heads to take them from one room to another. This is insane. What the hell is wrong with doctors. Are they so brainwashed that they're stupid now. I used to have an old school osteopathic doctor and he was a great doctor.
I also have a comment about Walmart employees. The last 3 times I have ordered groceries to be delivered, there have been several items missing. When I call to let them know they don't care. This used to never happen. Most of these employees got the jab a few months ago. I really believe that it has affected their brains. I guess if I want things done right I have to do it myself.

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Totally logical. People are dying because the treatment hospitals are using isn't working. Can't try any other treatments because they haven't been proven to work, even though these treatments have been safely used for decades, and they might harm people who are dying anyway. Take healthy people and inject them with an experimental substance because it "might" reduce the severity of symptoms, or it might do more harm than good. And then after little benefit and much harm, force people to be injected with this substance because it will lead to herd immunity, even though it only reduces the severity of symptoms. And yet there are people, a LOT of people, who look at this and see nothing wrong. Useful idiots.

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Surely, unless I've missed something, you can't have an emergency use vaccine unless there are no available treatments - the whole premise of this pandemic is built upon that one dogma - 'only the vaccine can save us'. So no one who wants to remain within the clique and keep their job, can dare to suggest these treatments even exist. By the way here in France there was a 24 hour 'Doctothon' streamed on the 10th December, I watched quite a section of it, there was also a post doctoral research fellow from Imperial London on it speaking in English (Imperial is also home to 'Professor Lockdown' aka Neil Ferguson of the dodgy maths this whole pandemic was built upon).
In the main though it was French doctors and scientists explaining what they had done and how they had either lost their jobs or been censured but carried on regardless. I'm afraid only the comments are left as the stream recording is amazingly unavailable but here's some encouraging figures: 154,606 people watched the live stream with 9,300 likes and no dislikes and 300+ medical professionals gave their 3 minutes testimony. That, even though YT cut it off and have now banned it. Read the comments, they are worth it: I believe
Just some interesting comparisons, I read a couple of days ago, that it would only take 650 people in key positions per country to be blackmailed or bought for the whole country to be compromised and under control of one entity - compare that with 300 doctors in France who are prepared to put their names, faces and credentials up on YouTube and imagine how many more are of like mind but keeping their heads down and I would suggest we are near tipping point. Here also is an interesting film from India's - the biggest Covid centre in the World with no masks, no drugs. no PPE, no fees, no deaths.

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Dr. Kory mentions a study about Corona and Vitamin D levels which concluded that "... at 50 ng/mL, there was zero mortality". Perhaps he is referring to "COVID-19 Mortality Risk Correlates Inversely with Vitamin D3 Status, and a Mortality Rate Close to Zero Could Theoretically Be Achieved at 50 ng/mL 25(OH)D3: Results of a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis" by Lorenz Borsche, Bernd Glauner, and Julian von Mendel? Maybe Dr. Mercola could interview Lorenz Borsche, he certainly sounds knowledgeable about Vitamin D and Corona:


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I would agree with Dr Kory that steroids should be used in Covid19 only when lung becomes involved or in those who have a late manifestation of the Covid19 rash, or Covid19 toes. However , I would take issue with the steroid recommended. Taking a recommendation from Dr. Richard Bartlett out of Texas , I've used NEBULIZED BUDESONIDE 1mg/2cc via nebulizer three to 4 times a day for patients with Covid19 pneumonia. High dose nebulized Budesonide is superior. First it does not suppress the adrenals and is removed by first pass in liver if it gets in the blood stream. It will improve oxygen status and prevent respiratory failure if used.
Let me note that Dr. Kory recommends methylprednisolone 1mg per kg. The majority of hospitals in the United States are not using this dosing! Hospitals are dictating to doctors the protocols. You can't go outside this agenda driven protocol. You do, and you hospital privileges, your board certification, your medical license are all threatened. Medical tyranny.

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This information is excellent and of high quality, but it suffers from a common misconception that leads to much confusion. COVID-19, the so-called "disease caused by SARS-CoV-2" is not one illness. COVID-19 is a large set of illness elements under a single disease name. This becomes clear when we study the theory of cure. An element of illness has a single cure cause. Each element is cured by successfully addressing that single cause. Several illness elements of COVID-19 are discussed in this article. Many are not. Their individual causes are largely ignored. COVID-19 is defined as the disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. This leads to an obvious cure approach, stop the growth of the virus. There are many treatments to stop the viral growth. Unfortunately all are considered illegal or immoral by many of our current medical bureaucracies.
From the perspective of the physical terrain, COVID-19 is caused by bodily unhealthiness. The virus does not reproduce in healthy children, preferring weak and unhealthy adults. In many cases, where the patient's unhealthiness is minor, the illness can be cured simply by improving healthiness, supplemental Vitamin D to improve Vitamin D healthiness, supplemental zinc to improve zinc healthiness, and so on. These cures, however, are easily missed and easily ignored when we focus on treatments, not cures.

When the infection grows more severe, it creates other elements of illness. Inflammation is not just a symptom, it is also a cause of further damage. It is possible to have COVID-19 inflammation even after the SARS-CoV-2 infection has been cured. We need to "cure" the inflammation illness element by addressing the inflammation as well as its viral cause. There are many more "elements of COVID-19 illness, ranging from loss of smell to deadly infections, to isolation, to COVID-19 treatment PTSD. Each cured by addressing it's individual cause. As we learn from the theory of cure.


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Very interesting article Dr. Mercola! The treatments I've caught wind of by friends are fascinating to me and echo a bit of what is here. I know different areas are finding success using different treatments - which means this thing has plenty of ways to treat it and should not be EUA anymore! Or mandated! My PT caught 'the lung kind' and she was given the nebulizer/steroid combo - and felt like she was going to die, it lasted 12 days. Longest 12 days of my life, I was even thinking hospital for her. An older male was given the nebulizer/HP treatment, minus the iodine, and he was better in 2 days - he had diagnosed covid pneumonia - his co-workers were thinking hospital with him, too - that makes me feel like the Brownstein method shouldn't be ignored.
I'm pretty sad about the battery operated nebulizer not being as effective - I read reviews and everything - shucks! Back to the drawing board! "I feel like I live in a cartoon of medicine, because every time I discuss something with someone, they just don't believe anything works. Because if it worked, they would be doing it. It's bizarre." (Yup, I know this good and well!) I told my cousin, who has pancreatitis bouts quite frequently, about IV Vit C (up in Michigan) - they won't even consider it. I think AZ is more open to positive treatments like this. Back to the dark ages of medicine - when will 'they' treat to heal? For a person two days in, my close friend was being taken wayyy down by it - and fast! The local doc got her both ivermectin/hydroxy/and Zpack... she said it was 24 hours and they had killed it. Now that's something to think about! Yeah!!!

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You let them know that many people have died from these vaccines! The latest VAERS statistics exceed 900,000 adverse events, including deaths, and where the CDC says that only 1% are reported! The FDA says 1-10%! And that is only since the "vaccines" have been rolled out! Ask them if they think that *adding to the deaths* is helpful! And show them this Pfizer document coughed up under subpoena, see at the end the very lengthy list of so many side effects as admitted by Pfizer it is not funny! Why did they try to have the courts approve holding this under seal for 55 years? You ask the people that, and look them straight in the eye and tell them this is not any joke at all! Court-Ordered Pfizer Documents They Tried To Have Sealed For 55 years Show 1223 Deaths, 158,000 Adverse Events in 90 Days Post EUA Release
And then show them this film, do they think any of this is acted? If yes, tell them to get their heads examined! this is real ICU and hospital footage of people post vaccine and it is shell shocking! And last but not least, tell them that if the government has the power to mandate a shot which has not been tested adequately or to mandate anything else, they have excess power and we all will suffer under their thumbs! Ask them if they think it will stop with "just" the if that is not enough! They are really really ignorant. Yeah it was the law for the police to shoot the protestors at Tianenmen Square too! "It will never happen here" ??? Are they kidding? The mandates are on, people are being told to "Submit or else!" as in, lose housing, jobs, food if they don't take the untested kill they don't think it will happen here? What fools these mortals be. It is time for people to WAKE UP!

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Yep they got that 'argument' off the TV here it is: so that says it all really. It's a classic manipulation technique. I long ago reached the point where I don't engage - it is pointless because this is about an agenda on one side and a cult on the other. The whole of allopathy is on trial here, which in a way is a very good thing because it is showing itself for what it is. There is no argument, the covid pandemic has not one single piece of logic in it, WHO even had to change the definition of pandemic to get it off the ground. Here's just a few ideas if you really feel you need to argue: Has the virus ever been isolated? Why are the vaccine companies immune from prosecution? What is in the vaccine? How many of the vaccines are placebos? Can you explain the technology used in these vaccines? Why are humans being treated as guinea pigs - did you know this vaccine is still in trial? Why do we need a vaccine for something that has a 97% to 99.9% recovery rate depending on age? What is the meaning of the word mandate?... And if all else fails to get through: 'so I've got to be vaccinated to stop you who have been vaccinated from getting something you've been vaccinated against?' My advice would be stay away from such sad illogical people, they are depressingly in self-destruct mode and nothing you can say will save them.

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Seatbelts save. Shots kill. Its that simple. We are in a bad place because of ignorant, compliant slaves. We all need the Africa protocol that yields the healthiest people worldwide...for now.

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This is a ridiculous argument. It's like comparing apples & oranges! Without getting into details about the vaccine, I keep it simple and just comment that once you exit a vehicle you are no longer wearing a seatbelt. It stays in the car. However the "vaccine" once injected is inside of you forever.

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Sue12Cross You are right, too, it does no good to argue! I just hope there's just one that reads my reply even if it's not written to them that will get them to stop and think and to stop listening to the pro jab media!
All anyone has to do is listen to the scientists and well respected doctors, some of them even for vaccinations before this one that is totally against this one. If they cared about their body even if they don't care about anyone else they would do that.


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Meanwhile the Children's Health Defense just sent an email of concern. Please see the action alert and please pass this around. Very important. Thank you. A) "Dear Friend, On November 30, H.R. 550, a federal bill passed in the U.S. House of Representatives. The bill, "Immunization Infrastructure Modernization Act of 2021," would expand state and local health department vaccine-tracking systems to monitor the vaccination status of American citizens. States would provide the information to the federal government". (Read more above and see action alert) B) If these shots can possibly kill, evidently the politicians want that eh? Why not ask them that question and show them this hair raising film footage from the ICU and hospitals post vaccine.

C) And show them this subpoena'd Pfizer document hyperlinked in this article Court-Ordered Pfizer Documents They Tried To Have Sealed For 55 years Show 1223 Deaths, 158,000 Adverse Events in 90 Days Post EUA Release Maybe we should be pressing charges against these politicians who pass such laws as put citizens at risk. An idea whose time has come?

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They've updated their request to 75 years now per reports by Epoch Times. If that doesn't scream, I'M GUILTY! I don't know what else could?! I sent a no vote to my state reps last week. It's astounding that our elected servants don't comprehend separation of state and federal governance. Yet, we all know it's not actual ignorance of the law, it's about funding, aka bribery and the greedy mucks who accept it on behalf of their constituents LOL yah, right-

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This is a very medical doctor oriented article. It speaks of treatments as things I guess that a doctor can prescribe. So I assume it is advise that can be used by a doctor when a patient presents with symptoms of SARS-CoV-2. It's a little confusing though because most of the readers here are not doctors and possibly some, like myself, are looking for treatments we could do at home as soon as we suspected we had symptoms of this virus. I would think that at-home treatment by the patient themself would include starting, or increasing, often mentioned vitamins and minerals that we take to make sure our immunine system is able to handle the attack.
For example, intravenous vitamin C is mentioned. Oral administration of ascorbic acid is not mentioned, yet it is much quicker and yields much higher serum levels of ascorbic acid than you will get from an IV that uses sodium ascorbate so that the dripped solution is acid neutral. You can get your serum level of ascorbate up to Optimum within two or three minutes of taking it orally, and you probably can't even get an appointment with a doctor in 2 minutes to start talking about getting a prescription for the IV. Still, this article is very good so that the potential patient can make sure that their doctor is informed of all the best possibilities for treatment, as most doctors won't be.
What I think would be most valuable in this article would be some guidelines on where is the borderline at which symptoms dictate getting to a doctor for some of these treatments. What are the symptoms, or what is the level of severity that is an absolute warning that you are close to needing hospitalization. This is the time that people need to know that whatever they did at home is proving to be insufficient. For instance, how much fever, how much cough? Or is the guideline to be just, if you've done everything you know about and your symptoms are getting worse then that is the time for the professional to take over.


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Morning Stone! I was thinking about my friends who actually use the horse paste version with excellent results - as well as the nebulizer/saline (add a little sea salt)/3% HP ...treatment. We can raise our D levels, we have natural antivirals - potent ones! - and if we can conquer 'the lung kind' of covid - and reduce inflammation, which I was using curcumin to do ... and then the zinc and quercetin, etc. ... I mean, some of us have been exposed and have stayed strong this long - maybe natural immunity should be explored. I had type A flu 2/2020 - maybe it was close enough to this that my body says, "Yeah, I got this, no worries!" - because I've felt myself go down and I'd think - oh no, I'm getting sick. But then, I wake up feeling great again. So who the heck knows???! Right?