"To sin by silence when they should protest -

makes cowards of men"

by Ella Wheeler Wilcox, (Nov. 5, 1850 - Oct. 30, 1919) 1914 from her poem, "The Protest"



Posted 2021-08-19, Thursday

A Pathologist Summary

of What These Jabs Do

To Brain & Other Organs

Dr Ryan Cole, M.D. . American Front Line Doctors


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You've heard about the "Spike Protein." Now it is time to let a highly experienced pathologist show you in detail just what this "spike protein" [1] can do to various organs of your body, Because this "vaccine" is all experiemental and no long term studies have been done - the doctor points out that there is no way to know whether you will get cancer, heart failure, kidney or liver disease or many other life threatening diseases due to the "spike protein." The Pathologist is Dr. Ryan Cole, M.D., with Front Line Doctors.





A person should also read the CDC explanation of the mRNA vaccine, where the Spike Protein is the essential part - to understand view viewpoint.