"To sin by silence when they should protest -

makes cowards of men"

by Ella Wheeler Wilcox, (Nov. 5, 1850 - Oct. 30, 1919) 1914 from her poem, "The Protest"

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Posted 2021-10-09, Sunday

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Have the Vaccines Killed Anywhere Near 200,000 Americans

Video, Audio, PDF Transcript

The False Narrative Takedown (TFNT) Series, Episode 1
COVID vaccines have killed ~ 200,000 Americans. Watch the video in its entirety, Single file. Audio Available below with each segment.
[1] Show me your analysis. I don't want to be bought by youtube [1] Audio [Transcript 1]
[2] We did a thorough analysis using professional polling to determine how legitimate the VAERS numbers were. If you disagree - let us post your summary of methods and tell us where we are mistaken. Let's have an honest dialog, an honest debate with the goal being to help save lives. See Note 2 for additional comments. [2] Audio [Transcript 2]
[3] The Inconvenient Truths. It is happening. Look at Israel then look at India How do you explain it? It looks to me like what Israel is doing, booster, boster, booster, IS NOT WORKING. [3] Audio [Transcript 3]
[4] Whatever The Lord High Protector, Herr Doktar Fauci says to do You Do as Simple Simon Says, You Do! [4] Audio [Transcript 4]
[5] Congress is completely snowed by Herr Dr. Fauci. MEDICAL FREEDOM HAS GONE AWAY IN THE U.S.A. IF YOU MUST TAKE THE VACCINE - THERE ARE THINGS YOU MAY BE ABLE TO DO. [5] Audio [Transcript 5]

Note 1: The master video includes a timer window which will allow you to synchronize features in the 2 hr 12 minute with each segment above as these segments are created from the master with ITS timer showing. All videos and audios are downloadable as .mp4 (video) and .mp3 (audio) It is possible to provide older formats such as .avi, mov, etc., on request to Steve Kirsh for those areas where the older visual and audio standards are still in common use. The entire master video, The False Narrative Takedown (TFNT) Series, Episode 1 may be provided for those regions such as in India and Asia which use PAL video standard for their television broadcasts. Contact Steve Kirsh associates to determine how this may be facilitated.

Note 2: Steve provides a quick summary tutorial of the covid virus mRNA vaccine which will give you a better understanding of what all the technical terms really mean. It starts in segment 2 [2] at 33min 25 seconds. The poster looks like this: & the VideoInstruct is about this:

Covid and how people such as Herr Dr Fauci and various governors and even our Placebo President Joey Biden want you to be afraid and think that there is nothing you can do but hide from the virus, the new created boogy man to frighten children and adults. The reality is that there are things YOU CAN DO! to significantly reduce your risk of getting infected and actions to take if you do see signs of a possible infection with covid. These include examining the various protocols of such groups as the FLCCC , Rabbi Dr Vladimir Zelenko, M.D., America's Front-Line Doctors ; The Canadian HealthAlliance ( CHA ) our good friends and neighbors just north of us; We are certain that we also have friends South of the Border, down Mexico Way who also have front line doctors - who diagnose Covid using CLINICAL DIAGNOSIS methods and not the "majic PCR" test which its very own Nobel Prize winner scientists said not only that the PCR was not a diagnostic tool for virus detection, but that the PCR test was useless for detecting ANY virus. Herr Dokar, Lord High Defender of the Faith, Fauci, - yet it appears to be Dr. Fauci's STANDARD. Why is this? Does he even know what a CLINICAL DIAGNOSIS is used for? Or has fifty years of pushing paper made him forget basic medicine, perhaps even forgetting how to test for an enlarged prostate. We are safe with the Lord High Protector:

Friends in Mexico and South of the porous U.S. border, let us know of organizations similar to FLCCC, etc., so that we may inform others who want to take the initiative in their treatment if the get "the virus" and who know that at the very first sign and indication of an infection - THAT IS THE TIME TO BEGIN one of the protocols. Don't wait for the Fauci "Let your lips turn blue - then come unto us - all ye who are heavy laden with infection, and sup with us the Blessed Fauci and we will give you the breath of life with our finest ventillators - tuned to your special needs.

Note 3: This video of Steven Kirish was posted today on Mercola.com health website. There is more, much more on the posting that I am going to include witht his posting inasmuch as Dr. Mercola, DO (Same as an M.D.) has pulled his copywrites on all of his material because of the Censor


2021-10-09 COVID VACCINES HAVE KILLED APPROX. 200,000 AMERICANS, Steve Kirsch, Cov id-19 Early Treatment Fund. 2hrs 12 minutes

Note 3: This video of Steven Kirish was posted today on Mercola.com health website. There is more, much more on the Mercola posting that I am going to include with this posting inasmuch as Dr. Mercola, DO (Same as an M.D.) has pulled his copywrites on all of his material because of the Big Tech Censors such as Youtube.com (what a shame - they could be doing so much good as they have for so many years. What a shame to be so afraid of the Placebo Pro Forma President that you tarnish and undermine such a great resource for doing good for this nation, the U.S.A.).


Editorial by a human who identifies as a man - for Mankind

NOTE: What follows is in essence an editorial of sorts that expresses the opinion of one person and no claims of fact are asserted. This Opinion Piece is NOT a product Steve Kirsch. Being put on his page is temorary and a blog type page will be created to allow such extemporaneous writings.

It is the musings of an old person (pronoun yet to be decided due to old age and the delay in cognitive response). No conclusions should be reached. No judgements should be made. It is no more than comic book obiter dictum suitable to be read on the John as time allows.

The Nomenklatura of the late Soviet Union has been remodeled into the Censor-klatura [I wonder if that will get past the censors?] who have taken the place in the U.S.A. of this former Soviet Nomenklatura. If you want to know why this is important to all freedom loving people who value liberty, be sure to get a copy of Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn's Nobel Prize winning prize masterpiece, The Gulag Archipelago. You can view excellent video summaries, typically 50 minutes, on Youtube.com and in fact, the entire three volumes can be heard on Youtube.com though you best plan to do it during vacation time. Be sure also, while you are at it - to listen to Ayn Rand's We the Living, or go to Abebooks.com and get the paperback version for probably under $5.00 with free shipping. You can also listen to the audio by, again, going to Youtube.com. If you start with reading or listening to We the Living (based on true actual circumstances) go then and watch the videos on Solzhenitsyn's The Gulag Archipelago.

You will finally grasp what is happening to this country, U.S.A., and how Covid has been and is being used as a device to essentially overthrow the United States system of government which derives all of its power from the people starting at the county level. That too is being actively subverted and toppled by the same subversive forces who also manufactured Covid-19 (funded by Dr Fauci's organization) to create fear and havoc throughout the country.
The first step in this 5th columnф active strategy has been to disrupt the economy in a massive way - bringing suffering to millions - thus inducing severe depression and feelings of hopelessness in not only the adults but the children. Phase two is to penetrate the COUNTIES, the thousands of counties that each state has - and they are doing this through infesting the school systems by undermining the curriculum (what is being taught) with salacious (vulgar, despicable) and subversive material and doctrine in order to fester descension, discord and hate between the races and classes. Oh yes, we do have economic classes – only not the kind you get in your freshman year if you can afford to go to college without incurring huge loans.

ф  Wikepedia
Fifth Column was the name MI5, the British Security Service, gave to a World War II operation run from 1942 until at least 1947. It was initially intended to identify people who would be willing to assist Germany in the event of an invasion of the United Kingdom, but as it developed, it also acted to divert its targets away from harmful activities
  ф  Wikepedia
World War II poster from the United States denouncing fifth columnists

A fifth column is any group of people who undermine a larger group from within, usually in favor of an enemy group or nation. The activities of a fifth column can be overt or clandestine. Forces gathered in secret can mobilize openly to assist an external attack. This term is also extended to organized actions by military personnel. Clandestine fifth column activities can involve acts of sabotage, disinformation, or espionage executed within defense lines by secret sympathizers with an external force.

But think for a moment. When in history has there NOT been economic and power classes? The former Soviet Union? Chuckle, chuckle. China? "To be Rich is Glorious." Supreme Leader, Deng Xiaoping set China on the great Economic Tsunami that China has become. That economic tsunami may well flow in reverse if the world economy does not shape up. It was never to their advantage when you think about it – to launch a bioweapon at the U.S. The Chinese are not impulsive, a going for broke mentality as the Japanese were with Pearl Harbor attack. If anything, their was a release by accident. But it is just as reasonable to conjecture that the U.S.A. launched the bioweapon (actually carrying it into Wuhan) to disrupt and destroy the growing economic and military threat that China posed. Couldn't happen? Why, because god is on "our side." Because we "value human life much more than 'they'" Or, it is not in our 'nature' to be barbaric.

Neither was it barbaric to douse the Vietnam farming lands with agent orange defoliant and destroy the soil for crop growning for many decades into the future. But god in on our side. Right. Ask yourself, which side would have gained he most if the "virus" had not boomeranged in the form of mutations and variations? Who is hurt the most by a destroyed American and Western Europe economy? But for now, by all appearances, China is Number 1, Ichiban, economically, and most likely near Number 1 militarily.

For one thing, the Chinese will fight to win! Chairman Xi Jinping (He is President Xi to the outside world of barbarians. To the Middle Kingdom now forming - he is the new Chairman of China.) Who does he emulate? Who said "In war, there is no substitute for victory". Hint: He left the army wearing five stars on his shoulders. From World War II there were five Army generals, noting that Hap Arnold was the head of Army Airforce. There were four Navy Admiral of the Fleet, with Chester Nimitz certainly a humble, and most admired and respected flag officer and who, through his individual but quiet brilliance and his strategic teams - did, at the high levels of power - do more to win the war than, well certainly than Five Star prima donna, General Douglas McArthur singing his way to the top over the bodies of his soldiers that "I have returned in glory though 'gory' was the cost." IMHO

Who said, "Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win?" Ans: author of The Art of War (Sun Tzu)" Who said, "We will fight wars to win!" Who puts The Art of War on the top of the stack of required reading for anyone who wants to get ahead in China? Chairman Mao Tse Tung and Chairman Deng Xiaoping. Who will cross the Rubicon First? Know that answer and you know who the future winner will be.

Understand this. What has been happening – is this: The movement is continuing, advancing and thus gaining strength. It is engaged in a vast subterfugeβ which is necessary in order to keep blinders over your eyes so that you will not see the obvious: the step-by-step movement to over-throw the Constitutional System devised by our Founding Fathers and replaced by a new constitution with Pelosi- characteristics.

β  Subterfuge Has Latin Roots
Though "subterfuge" is a synonym of "deception," "fraud," "double-dealing," and "trickery," there's nothing tricky about the word's etymology. We borrowed the word and meaning from Late Latin subterfugium. That word contains the Latin prefix subter-, meaning "secretly," which derives from the adverb subter, meaning "underneath." The "-fuge" portion comes from the Latin verb fugere, which means "to flee" and which is also the source of words such as "fugitive" and "refuge," among others

The Founding Father's system decreed that all the power of the government comes from the people of the nation and is exercised first at the country level – then on into the state houses and from there the election of the two state senators. Having the two senators elected by the state legislators bound the two senators firmly to the will of the people whom they directly represented. That is, the state legislative members chose carefully the senators that they themselves would be re-elected in the next election. It really was a quid pro quo¥ where there was mutuality.

¥  Quid pro quo: Something that is given in return for something else or accepted as a reciprocal part of an exchange.

What you really have now, under the present system of the general populace electing the senators, is an illusion of being represented, the appearance that the senators are truly serving your interests. In reality, if one thinks about it – who gets the senators reciprocating favors – rewards – payoffs? That's what it is.

The giant corporations such as the large pharmaceuticals are the really big donors to both parties. Every senator gets a slice of the payoff pie. And that is why the proven (in the rest of the world) early treatment alternatives for the Covid virus, such as Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, and many other "Re-purposed drugs" are suppressed and smashed and plowed underground lest they take away the lucre (green liquor in a bottle sometimes called Heaven Hill) that feeds the monstrous beast – the large number of senators and congressmen who quickly snatch the morsels while they can. Sometimes it is called "being on the take."

The 17th Amendment in 1911 took away the power of the people to truly assert their will upon their elected senators. Prior to the 17th Amendment, people at the local level had very strong reason to know just whom their state house and senate leaders were as those representatives would elect the states' two senators who would directly assert local will in the senate. At least it would be a force much greater than what we have today.
Today the senators represent no one other than those who fund the senator's re-election the most. It is all a perfunctory performance, an affair – a sham – and a subterfuge on the people. And inasmuch as Civic class in schools is fast disappearing – is it any wonder that our legislative bodies in Washington DC are vessels of corruption?

And the first step for these people, these 5th Column agents, those taking over the school boards, the pansy mayors of large cities, prosecutors of crime in name only - is to grasp power at the county level in each state and then move on up and grab the mayor positions, an alderman (in that type of government), a city councilman (in that type of city government), etc.

The are 5th column traitors, who spread their subversive doctrines - such as Critical Race Theory - which is constructed to be a divisive force to indoctrinate your children with totalitarian ideology and doctrine in the tradition of Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky and Joseph Stalin.

Forget pointing fingers at Karl Marx. Marx' great contribution to the world was his "working man's bible" called Das Kapital (The Capital. Not Washington D.C., that would have been a disaster in perpetuity). Marx believed his "bible" was ammunition from which the working man would overthrow the capitalist bourgeoisie [middle class, well to do] and then the STATE WOULD WITHER AWAY like uneaten bunch of grapes on a vine, and the proletariat [the working man, the wage earner] would take over all power and what you would get is "a worker's paradise."

How did it turn out for Soviet Russia? Karl Marx was driven by a concern for the terrible conditions of the working person in the mid-19th century, particularly those in London. Marx' partner, Frederick Engels, a very successful capitalist and textile factory owner, wrote one of the best papers describing the poverty and plight of the poor in the London of that time.

Marx' concern and Engels, was basically humanitarian in his nature, a man's being, his person, his being a human being. (In my opinion. All of what I write is my opinion as is most everything written by economists (absolutely not a science), historians (all opinion), lawyers, (opinion sold to the highest bidder as the customer (woops, client) wants it), etc.

These people who are taking over your children's school boards, and working to undermine, to weaken by tearing away a base or foundation, county and also city government. They are NOT, repeat, NOT Marxist.

These people wear the cloaks of Bolsheviks, not Marxist. Marxism is a term appropriated by these subversive 5th column people to hide their true intent. That intent is the overthrow of our country, the U.S.A. and its original Constitution based government. And for this to be replaced by a constitution with Polosi Characteristics. Polosi is the prick delegated to pop the economic bubble when the time becomes the moment to bring a rollover of the U.S. government and institute a new modern and more equitable constitution for all the people. Driving the economy into a deep dive will be the starting gun to rapidly bring about the necessary crisis and collapse that will justify "extreme measure." Thus Polosi's role as the prick to pop the bubble is essential.

The problem with understanding Karl Marx is that his main book, The Capital (and that is all Marx really did - was to write The Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital Vol. 1. The other two volumes were the result of the many years of effort by Marx' loyal friend and collaborator, Frederick Engels, to compile Marx vast notes into a readable form. Marx' serious writing, not his extemporaneous writing such as is the Grundrisse, is that reading Marx (with the exception of The Grundrisse, which in German means floor plan, is torturous experience (except for the Communist Manifesto which I think Frederick Engels mainly wrote and certainly set the style) because of the way it is written - such that it makes better toilet paper than academic enlightenment. If you want to understand what Marx was really saying, expressing his true feeling, then (assuming you care to) you ought to read his notes in the form now of the book, The Grundrisse. Be aware, however, that Marx once referred to his The Grundrisse as "that shit" But it is a delight to read, IMHO.


Please be aware, the above was written extemporaneously in the last 16 hours and become of the spontaneous writing – some rearrangements of paragraphs, etc., will be needed.

To continue when the fallout shelters are finished being built. Or should we use 90% de-natured alcohol to wash away the virus, the germs and the doubts?



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