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Watch the Video then perhaps use an unbiased search engine such as  or to research the pros and cons, decide for your self who is telling the truth then make a decision. If you chose NO to vaccines remember that Covid-19 and its variants are not like getting the plague. You still stand a better than 95% chance of recovery if you don't also have some other disease such as cancer, serious heart disease, etc. There are alternative to taking an experimental drug whose long term side effects are simply unknown. "Re-purposed" drugs such as Ivermectin, hydrochloroquine, and many others are successfully used throughout the world and they are available in the U.S. though for political reasons they may be hard to get. Ivermectin is the primary drug of choice for treating the coronavirus when in the early stage of infection. In Mexico and India and Turkey and many many other countries Ivermectin is over the counter.

As yourself why the U.S. FDA and CDC and many state governors (who now seem compelled to practice medicine) are hostile to these FDA approved drugs but instead want to FORCE you, to COMPELL you to take the "jab". Which is NOT a vaccine, does NOT confer immunity, and DOES NOT prevent the spread of the virus.

This material comes from this website:   The video is from a new website called  This website is another of quite a few now, alternatives to which censors anything that does not comply with their narrative. So, suppression of other peoples ideas is often what happens when you use youtube. Other alternatives now to is and many others.



more later. have to go get a vaccine. food.