"To sin by silence when they should protest -

makes cowards of men"

by Ella Wheeler Wilcox, (Nov. 5, 1850 - Oct. 30, 1919) 1914 from her poem, "The Protest"

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Note: This posting is not an endorsement or the advocating not taking the "vaccines" offered today in the United States. It is provided to give the opposing views by competent qualified experts. Censorship by the Main Stream Media (MSM) is massive. It leads to the question of WHY, in a country that prides itself on the right of free speech, there is so much suppression of other people's views. This suppression of opposing ideas and opinions was typical in the old Soviet Union. For it to continue in our country can only lead to tyranny in this country, and like the Soviet Union, eventual collapse as government and media lose all credibility that still remain.

At 75 I decided that there was greater risk in not taking this experimental, genetic code modifying "vaccine" than taking the jab. At age less than 65, I would seriously consider otherwise. But in a supposedly free country, all opinions should be allowed to be heard. Otherwise, it begs the question "what is being hidden from the American public?"

Posted 2021-07-20

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Ron Unz, American Pravda Covid As a Lab Leak or Biowarefare.pdf

Ron Unz, American Pravda Covid-19, Its Impact & Origins After One Year March 15, 2021.pdf

Ron Unz, American Pravda, George Orwell's Virus Lab Leak.pdf

The Fauci Covid -19 Dossier.pdf


Chinese Media Coverage, Biowarfare, and My Covid EBook

RON UNZ • JULY 18, 2021 • 2,700 WORDS • 146 COMMENTS

The above book length article by Ron Unz, is one of quite a few published by Ron Unz in early 2020 and continuing. He lays the basis for the theory that the Covid-19 outbreak was not the result of either an errant bat or an accidental lab leak from the Wuhan Lab in China. His published material is extensive and his reasoning is solid.

One reason that you may not have come Ron Unz and unz.com uponwork is that shortly after posting the first article on his website, u.z.com he was immediatly deplatformed from Facebook and expunged from Twitter, and all search references on Google.com were deleted and new references were blocked by Google.com search engine.

Read what Ron Unz has to say in the above link:

I don’t use social media much myself, but I try to monitor the activity on my own articles. About ten days ago, my most recent Covid piece suddenly caught fire on Twitter, with many dozens of Tweets that day, almost all of them from Chinese people. Most of these Tweeters had relatively few Followers, suggesting that they were far more active on Weibo than any of our own social networks and therefore probably lived in China rather than were immigrants to the West.

Entitled American Pravda: George Orwell’s Virus Lab-Leak, this article had been published more than a month earlier and had gotten the usual handful of Tweets plus some Retweets of its release announcement, with the activity soon tailing off to almost nothing. But the new wave of Tweeters came in a flood and continued for many days, soon totaling around 200, many times more than any of my other recent pieces. Something was obviously stirring up the Chinese Internet.

The article itself might certainly interest the Chinese. It came as the latest installment in my fourteen month series strongly arguing that the worldwide Covid epidemic had been the unintended blowback of an American biowarfare attack against China (and Iran). With the mainstream American media these days so heavily vilifying China for the alleged Wuhan lab-leak that unleashed a virus killing millions, my own writings stood virtually alone in making the contrary case. My evidence seemed strong even overwhelming, but how had those Chinese citizens discovered my work?

I soon learned that China’s second largest official news agency had run a brief summary of my controversial views on its English-language website:

U.S. publisher rejects random lab-leak theory of COVID-19 (from Chinese News Agency)

The outbreak of COVID-19 is less likely to be the result of a lab leak than a biowarfare attack, a U.S. publisher has said in a recent article.

Existential evidence suggested the possibility of a coronavirus biowarfare attack launched by Washington more than the lab-leak theory, said Ron Unz in a review article published on the Unz Review website in late May.

China had been hit by various viruses right when the country was locked in a growing conflict with America for years, noted Unz, the website’s editor-in-chief and publisher.

Additionally, the outbreak of COVID-19 “appeared at the worst time and place for China,” referring to the Lunar New Year holiday with a travel rush, and the major transit hub of Wuhan in central China with a huge volume of passengers, said Unz, who believes the timing of the emergence of COVID-19 is “suspicious.”

“300 American military servicemen had just visited Wuhan as part of the Military World Games, providing a perfect opportunity for releasing a viral weapon,” he noted, calling the scenario “a strange coincidence.”

“The characteristics of COVID-19, including high communicability and low lethality, are absolutely ideal in an anti-economy bioweapon,” Unz said, adding it’s odd to speculate that a Chinese lab would release a virus perfectly designed to damage the Chinese economy.


Article continues in link.

Read the rest of Ron Unz complete series of articles, especially his American Pravda series.

American Pravda: Covid Epidemic as Lab-Leak or Biowarfare?

Short biographical sketch of Dr. Unz

Summary Biography of Ron Unz


A theoretical physicist by training, Mr. Unz serves as founder and chairman of UNZ.org, a content-archiving website providing free access to many hundreds of thousands of articles from prominent periodicals of the last hundred and fifty years.  He also served as publisher of The American Conservative, a small opinion magazine, from 2006 to 2013 and had previously served as chairman of Wall Street Analytics, Inc., a financial services software company which he founded in New York City in 1987. 

He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from Harvard University, Cambridge University, and Stanford University, and is a past first-place winner in the Intel/Westinghouse Science Talent Search.  He was born in Los Angeles in 1961.

He has long been deeply interested in public policy issues, and his writings on issues of immigration, race, ethnicity, and social policy have appeared in The New York TimesThe Wall Street JournalCommentaryThe Nation, and numerous other publications.

In 1994, he launched a surprise Republican primary challenge to incumbent Gov. Pete Wilson of California, running on a conservative, pro-immigrant platform against the prevailing political sentiment, and received 34% of the vote.  Later that year, he campaigned as a leading opponent of Prop. 187, the anti-immigration initiative, and was a top featured speaker at a 70,000 person pro-immigrant march in Los Angeles, the largest political rally in California history to that date.

In 1997, Mr. Unz began his “English for the Children” initiative campaign to dismantle bilingual education in California.  He drafted Prop. 227 and led the campaign to qualify and pass the measure, culminating in a landslide 61% victory in June 1998, effectively eliminating over one-third of America’s bilingual programs.  Within less than three years of the new English immersion curriculum, the mean percentile test scores of over a million immigrant students in California rose by an average of 70%.  He later organized and led similar initiative campaigns in other states, winning with 63% in the 2000 Arizona vote and a remarkable 68% in the 2002 Massachusetts vote without spending a single dollar on advertising.

After spending most of the 2000s focused on software projects, he has recently become much more active in his public policy writings, most of which have appeared in his own magazine.  Major recent articles include: